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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've Moved!


Being a food blog, i might just treat this blog as a personal blog, one for ranting about my days and nights, good or bad, happy or sad.

As for 3LayeredTummy, do show me ur utmost support alright?

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mango Flavoured Yoghurt topped with granola bits

Another one of God's awesome creations.

Its just so darn gooood.

How could anyone not enjoy it? Tell me dar, tell me. Haha

Just before we frolick-ed, dar and i had Claypot Chicken Rice for dinner. I never use to fancy claypot chicken rice at all, not till just recently. I guess the taste kinda grows on you?

Zhao Ji Claypot Chicken Rice, Smith Street FC, $8/2pax

Zhao Ji is one of those claypot chicken rice stalls highly frequented by my family. The other stall being Margaret Drive's. Both are good but i personally prefer Margaret Drive's. Firstly, Margerat Drive's lets you add your own black sauce and oil, the portion is slightly bigger, and it is more fragrant. And yes, i love Lup Cheongs.

On Saturday, after my 4 hour proj mtg, i drove down to pick dar up for lunch. Thank god we didnt ride as it started raining cats and dogs shortly after.

We had sandwiches from Quiznos, located at the ground level of Far East Square. Find Trully's Coffee and you will find Quiznos.

The concept is pretty similar to Subway. 6 or 12 inch sandwiches with varying ingredients. The only difference, you dont get to choose what goes inside the sandwich. The ingredients for each sandwich is fixed on the menu. You can have add-ons of course, but at an extra cost. Unlike Subway, Quiznos only has 2 different types of bread for you to choose from. One being wholemeal and the other being the RoseMary Parmesan Cheese. Obviously we chose the latter.

Smoked Chili Turkey with Bacon, $5++

Zesty Steak, $6++

The bread is awesomeness. Smells and looks like the cheddar cheese scones. I found the quality of sandwiches here higher than Subways'. But i doubt any of their sandwiches are low in calories. Especially so when almost every one of them are laden with lots of gooey cheese and bacon. It gets pretty messy too!

Dar and me are sandwich fanatics. I love bread, he loves bacon, bacon + bread, an explosion in your mouth, really. Gave Soupelicious a try just last week. Its an FNB outlet located opposite Carrefour, Suntec.

Cream of Mushroom, Tuna & Cheese, Peach Tea, Sandwich Combo, $11.50

Due to poor lighting, the sandwich picture didnt turn out too well. But for every sandwich combo, you get a regular sized bowl of soup, a sandwich and drink. They have quite a variety of soups for you to choose from. But for their sandwich selection, i'd have to say otherwise. Selection is only limited to 4 different sandwiches, Tuna and Cheese, Chicken Ham, Streaky Beef, and Veggie sth.

They are indeed very generous with their soup serving. I could hardly finish my bowl of mushroom soup. That's the problem with cream-based soups, it can get pretty nauseating after a while. The sandwiches cames served with foccacia bread and chilled marcaroni and ham. The ingredients in the sandwiches are miserable. The foccacia bread wasnt any good either. Tasteless and barely toasted. It gets me wondering whether $11.50 for a sandwich combo is worth it after all. But without a doubt, their soups are value for money and i'd certainly be back for thir soups, only.

Lastly, pasta from Piccolo. Its an italian stall located in the heartlands. Prices were rather steep for a stall operating within a coffee shop. We had ours from the Kopitiam Coffeeshop at Rochor Center Block 1.

Bacon Aglio Oilo, $7

Vongole, $7

Brochures claimed that the eatery is helmed by an Italian Celebrity Chef but he was nowhere to be found at all. The stall was helmed by Filiponos instead. Service was generally okie but the taste department requires some serious improvement. Its so bad i tot Pasta Mania was better. Hahah

Alrightey, its time to prep for school. After which i'm off to the gym and then its WatchMen with dar in the evening.

Pray for me, no, pray with me, will you, that i'd get a seat and get to dine at The Line this Friday.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'd be turning "double 2" in just another 27 more days. Didnt i just turn 21 quite some time back? Extremely bizarre, how time flies.

So here goes, my birthday wishlist, not in order of any prefernece:

- A Nikon D60
- Apple iPhone
- An Ice-Cream Maker (I think dar's getting this for me, LOL)
- A 2 in 1 griller (An open BBQ cum Sandwich grill)
- Kitchen-Aid (In light pink pleassse)
- Blow Torch! (Gawd i want this so badly)
- I wouldnt mind the entire book collection of the "Twilight" series
- Pierre Herme's Chocolate Recipe Book
- Japanese Tapas Buffet at 7atenine! (I've been dying to try this)
- Or perhaps we could go French at Le Bistrot
- Coach Wallet (Dar knows which design)
- A nice big bag that fits everything including my DSLR
- Gym outfit ( A sports bra or tank is fine by me =D )
- Anything Leather
- Ang Baos!

Haha that's about it i guess.

Right now, i'm at TTSH's Starbucks and can i just say one thing?

Their Green Tea Frapp, is simply AWESOME.
3:05 PM

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