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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hong Lim: CharKwayTeow & BaChorMee (Kinda prefer Margaret Drive's actually. Oilier but no doubt tastier. A healthy-less oil-no lard-more veggies CKT kinda defeats the purpose of it being a CKT)

Geylang Serai: ChengTng (Uber sweet but i LIKE! Told ya i have a very sweet-tooth)

Whampoa FC/MKT: GrilledFish + Chicken Chop + Orh Luat (I only eat the fried egg, LOL) + Fried Beehoon Goreng + Popiah

n i had them all in just one saturday afternoon. Popiah seems to be the only saving grace.

PS: The western at Whampoa FC sucks. If you're able to count the number of fries and baked beans on your plate, then something's definitely not right. If the chicken chop comes served without its skin and doesnt exude that chargrilled burnt smell and taste, then something's terribly wrong. For that amount i'm paying, i'd think thrice about patronizing this stall ever again.


I hate school and i hate exams.

I am so not study material, period.
11:31 PM


Friday, March 28, 2008

So burned out today. Not only did i manage to burn CALORIES from my 2-3 hours of cycling, i also came back with a terrible sun-burn on both my arms! They look extremely red and raw. Its so burnt i can feel heat radiating outta my pores. Urgh, so uncomfortable.

Cycled with Demi, my block neighbour, from home to Pasir Ris Park. Had a drink at Downtown East before riding back to TM for lunch.

And im very excited and looking forward to a "cooking class" with demi's dad! Was told that he's a CHEF! Perhaps my dream of becoming a patissier might transform into a reality after all. =)

Met demi later in the evening, together with Joel, my upstairs neighbour, for dinner. Wanted to have Ribs and Dessert from Tony Roma's actually but the queue was frigging long! N since demi was extremely hungry, we headed to NYDC for a fuss-free-no-queue dinner instead.

Shared some mushroom appetizer tingy. Its actually button mushrooms topped with ham and melted mozerella. Pretty good.

For mains, we all ordered baked pasta. Mine's a mushroom ham baked penne. Yum Yum. Look at how generous they are with the CHEESE! Love it. The down side? It can get a little nauseating after a while though. Especially considering the fact that mine's a cream-based penne.

Shared a cookie monster mudpie. The last time i had it was with sam and gang, and it was a square shaped mudpie, not triangular like this! Seriously, i tot the squared shaped one tasted so much better. Black Angus's mudpie being my ultimate favourite of them all of course. =P

N i got SHERYLCHO hooked onto J.Co's donuts! Muahaha.

N i got a VERY GOOD for my Legal Paper! It may not be excellent but its still VERY GOOD nonetheless. =)

N in closing, i've somehow learnt how to fight without getting offended. Ive learnt how to control my temper, emo-ness, temper, moodswings and temper. LOL. The wonders of praying in tongues indeed.

I live for a cause greater than myself

a cause, i live, for Jesus alone.

11:21 PM


Monday, March 24, 2008

After so so long, its finally another day out with fatty again! =)

Woke up really early, like 9ish in the morning, to meet dar for breakfast at East Coast Road - Chin Mee Chin. They serve a mean wicked kaya toast. Everything else there, from the interior to the exterior, from the buns to the toasts to the drinks are all so traditional.

Sadly, we dint get to have kaya toast for breakie at all as CMC was closed!!! Rode down to Parkway hoping to get breakfast from BK but by the time we got there, it was already 5 mins past 11am and that means no-more-breakfast. BOO.

Rode back to dar's place for an early lunch at Golden Mile instead as i was craving for Katsu Don from the Jap stall. Yeah, girls and there cravings. LOL. De best part? No queue today! =)

Walked back to dar's place after lunch. Printed stuff and headed to school ard 2pm for a proj mtg. Dar cleaned his bike whilst waiting for me. He Heh.

Had ice-cream dessert at Swensens, Suntec City. They're having a student promo - $9.80 for any 2 sundaes. I found it extremely value for money. Considering that one typical sundae can costs you $7++.

I had a cookie summit while dar had a nutty mighty or something like tt. I hate whip cream. N i think swensen's ice-cream is far too sweet for my liking. Strangely, for once, dar disagrees with me - the sweet tooth.

Dinner was at some Cze Char restaurant along Geylang Lor 3. We had claypot frog leg porridge, cereal prawns, veggies, omelette, steamed fish and some stewed pork i think. Everything was pretty good but quality wise, they aint very consistent.

N that's my day out with fatty! I wonder when's the next.

Desserts are love! So is hot pink for this season! =Pp
11:34 PM


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Caught Vantage Point at The Cathay. A 90 mins action packed showed filled with lotsa suspense, thrills and excitement. You just have to watch it.

Headed to Carrefour, Suntec City, to get our ingredients for tonight's "Sandwich Party". We got different types of cheese and ham, bread from Crystal Jade, pork cocktail sausages, bacon and fresh salad greens. Also had mushroom soup and chips from Marks & Spencers.

I kinda like the uniqueness of Crystal Jade's Cheddar Cheese Bread. I never knew the existence of EMMANTEL Cheese till today. They're so much creamier than krafts and make an even better and tastier melted cheese toast!

In fact, M&S mushroom soup smelled a little like that of Indulge's Bistro. I was quite excited about it bcoz Indulge's Bistro's mushroom soup is oh-so-yummilicious! One of the creamiest ive tried actually. But after taking a sip, to my dismay, it dint even hit the mark! It was super diluted. Campbell's so much better.

Some of the sandwich creations:

Am so uber full from all that carb consumption. I love carbs, especially when they're from buns, cakes and bread. I know its strange but there are times when i do have a very strong craving for CARBS.

Dar dar's been busy with work for the past 2 weeks. The time i last saw him felt like ages ago. I kinda miss those times when we were able to hang out and spend the entire day and even weekends together. Someone, anyone, please, buy a car? Ha Ha. So my baby can get three off days and be able to spend some quality time with me again. =)

Why does my arm look like a stick but my cheeks still so stuffed with baby fats? Grrr.
11:34 PM


Friday, March 21, 2008

Its Good Friday today! A day Jesus died on the cross 2000 years ago for all my past present and future sins. One sacrifice forever. A celebration it calls for indeed. =)

Anyway, i started my day off with brunch at Changi. Had yong tau foo from one of my fave roadside stalls - GoldHill Hakka YTF.

The ytf here's really good bcoz unlike other ytf stalls, this one over here uses real fish paste to make their ytfs. Every single item is made fresh on the spot and cooked upon every order. Hence, the long wait, especially during peak hours.

Ordered La La to share. The smell of chinese wine was overpowering. I'm wondering whether La La is another term for clams or are they two different items altogether? Hmm. If so, i still prefer my clams as they arent so raw in taste.

Drove down to Serangoon to visit Uncle's Godpa. He's 87 years old but still looks so healthy, strong and able bodied. You can tell he's a really wise man from the way he speaks. Amazing.

Headed to Town after that. Window shopped at Gucci, Prada, and all the other branded shops there. Tried on all their different styles of shades. Damn fun! Uncle even bought a tie from BVLgari! Muahaha. I like the color.

High-tead at Bakerzin. My Treat! Tot of having cakes from Canele but it was fully occupied. Ordered an Espresson Roulade, Profiteroles and a cup of steamed rose hazelnut flavour milk to share. Never before has milk smelled so good. Ha Ha

Drove back home after that. A feast awaits us. Grandma cooked her specialty mee siam. My bro baked chocolate fondant cakes and made honey glazed BBQ chic wings.

Looks like i had too much cakes for one day!

Neh mind, i still LOVE my desserts! A sweet way to end your b-e-a-u-tiful day! =)
11:07 PM


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love this. Read it. Kinda answers your question too baby. =p

A university professor challenged his students with this question.

"Did God create everything that exists? A student bravely replied,
"Yes, He did!"

"God created everything?" the professor asked. "Yes, sir," the student replied.

The professor answered, "If God created everything, then God created evil, since evil exists. And, according to the principal that our works define who we are, then God is evil." The student became quiet before such an answer.

The professor was quite pleased with himself, and boasted to the students that he had proven once more that the faith in God is a myth. Another student raised his hand and said, "Can I ask you a question,professor?"

"Of course," replied the professor. The student stood up and asked,
"Professor, does cold exist?"

"What kind of question is this? Of course it exists. Have you never been cold?" The students snickered at the young man's question.

The young man replied, "In fact, sir, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is, in reality, the absence of heat. Everybody or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy. Absolute zero (-460 degrees F) is the total absence of heat. All matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist. We have created this word to describe how we feel if we have no heat."

The student continued. "Professor, does darkness exist?" The professor responded, "Of course it does."

The student replied, "Once again you are wrong, sir. Darkness does not exist either. Darkness is, in reality, the absence of light. We can study light, but not darkness. In fact, we can use Newton's prism to break white light into many colors and study the various wave lengths of each color. You cannot measure darkness. A simple ray of light can break into a world of darkness and illuminate it. How can you know how dark a certain space is? You measure the amount of light present.
Isn't this correct? Darkness is a term used by man to describe what happens when there is no light present." Finally, the young man asked the professor, "Sir, does evil exist?"

Now uncertain, the professor responded, "Of course, as I have already said. We see it every day. It is in the daily example of man's inhumanity to man. It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These manifestations are nothing else but evil."

To this the student replied, "Evil does not exist, sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold -- a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is not like faith, or love, that exist just as does light and heat. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God'slove present in his heart. It's like the cold that comes when there is no heat, or the darkness that comes when there is no light."

The professor sat down.

The student is none other than Albert Einstein himself. Amazing revelation eh.

Sometimes i feel like everything in this world wide world, including you and me, are all part of God's Sim City game. Dont you think so? ha hah
10:44 PM


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dimsum'ed at Yan's Palace for lunch today.

Ordered quite alot to share. That's dimsum for u, always served in 3's, hence the tendency to over-order. The fried yam puff with lychee was my most favourite of them all. There's custard inside too! But i would have preferred it if it were salted egg yolk instead.

Desserts at Tong Shui, Chinatown. We shared a cup of peppermint red ruby and some blueberry shake tingy. Very refreshing for a warm saturday afternoon. Ta-baoed Hashima and cheng tng for mom, dad and grandma. =)

Ended my saturday with a simple home-cooked dinner + dvd session at Grandma's place. We watched Stephen Chow's CJ7. Its quite a silly unrealistic boring comedy. N im finally done with Season 2 of Prison Break. Looks like there's gonna be a season 3. N Part 2 of Heros Season 2 is taking forever.

Oh i bought heels this week. It was on sale. HeHeh! I've been eyeing this pair of heels for the longest time ever. Love the side ribbon details. Bought a top from Zara too.

Umm, I know this is random but i hate mumblers. If u have something to say/complain about, say it right into my face and stop all that murmuring and mumbling bcoz nobody can hear u.
11:48 PM


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Its my day out with fatty today!

After so so LONG, he finally got his well-deserved off day!

Im sucha happy spoilt brat today. HeHeh

Started our day with a really BIG breakfast. Hotel Buffet breakfast american style. YUM!

There were sausages, hashbrowns, pancakes, porridge, fried noodles, dimsum, japanese delights, cereal, soup, all kinds of eggs, all kinds of bread, buns and pastries, salad, ham, bacon and cheese, juice and many more.

Got to try the cheese omelette, highly raved by dar, today. Dar had it with ham, while i had it with mushrooms. It wasnt as nice as how dar described it to be. Tot the ones we did recently at my house was so much better and tastier. I'm serious okie. I mean what i said n i said what i mean! Muahaha.

Other than having an overdose of eggs (sunny-side ups, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and omelettes), i had a few slices of toasts too! Never knew how the simplicity of toasted plain white bread with butter/jam/cheese topped with ham and a sunny side up could taste so GOOD. And so satisfying too. Im a toast-addict now. Goodbye pancakes and waffles. =P

Tutorials in the afternoon. It was raining, so we took a bus. Snacked on roche's, chocolate flavoured hello panda, and chocolate flavoured yan yan sticks to see us through the long bus ride to school. Chocolates make my day!

Dinner at Sakae Sushi. Wanted to check out MOF but dar wasnt keen. Some of the sushi items we had:

I love softshellcrabs and Unagi! Had quite a few of those. I'm wondering why i didnt choose Ichi-Ban Boshi to have my sushi-fix instead. They have a wider variety there, and there're nicely decorated too! Next time!

2 more weeks till we meet again fatty! All it takes is a little love, understanding and patience. *smiles*

and its gonna be desserts and dimsum for our next meet up! Chocolate Fondant cakes, tiramisu, souffles, durian puffs, cheese-cakes, hazelnut praline tarts, apple struddels, ice-cream and even donuts! You name it we shall have it. HeHeh!

11:57 PM


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OMFG! I nearly suffered a panic attack as i couldnt find my completed legal term paper, which i painstakingly did 2 weeks ago, in my laptop! Searched through every single folder only to find it inside my trashbin! I seriosuly have no idea how it landed there. Perhaps word document grew legs overnight but whatever it is, im really glad ive found it.

PHEW!!! I've never felt this relieved before.

The morale of the story?

Never empty your trashbin!


K back to tutorials.
3:11 PM


Monday, March 10, 2008

Its been pouring cats and dogs for days! The weather's so good i couldnt even wake up for school for the last 2 days. But i made full use of my time to complete my assignments, lecture webcasts and reports. More productive than going to school actually. He Heh.

Got to have dinner with my baby today! Though it was only for a mere 15-30minutes, at least i got to see and give him my signature vermonster hug! Muahaha.

We had a simple dinner at the nearby Tampines Blk 201's foodcourt as dar had to report back to work at the roadshow right after. Shared chicken chop and fish & chips from the western stall.

Yum Yum. You dont know how starved i am as i only had a pathetic chicken and egg mayo sandwich for lunch!

Am so looking forward to dar's off day this coming THURSDAY! Whee! Hotel breakfast buffet and Japanese dinner after school!

OMG OMFG Cant wait la.
11:33 PM


Sunday, March 9, 2008

The mid-terms are finally over. OM was alright, i managed to do some last minute reading on the bus. Psych was a disaster. 60% of the questions looked so foreign. Forget about copying because 6 different versions of the test paper (same qsns but just in different order) were distributed. Meaning to say, the chances of you sitting next to (left and right) or sitting behind someone with the same test paper version is nearly 0%. MA was a greater nightmare. I was never good with accounting/finance in the first place. What a bummer...

Havent been getting much sleep lately. Have been running around to and fro back and forth from home and the hospital. Mom underwent a surgery for the removal of a cyst last friday at Gleneagles Hospital. She's recovering very quickly, being able to walk and consume solid food on the second day and the doctor might even discharge her a day earlier. This doctor, aka surgeon, was the same doctor who delivered me and my bro 21 and 20 years ago respectively. Looks like i might get him to deliver my kids in the future too. HaHa!

After having to take over my mom's duties, which includes taking care of the dogs, washing of clothes, and other day-to-day household chores, i now realise and value the importance of having my mom at home. Without her, me and my dad would still probably be cracking out heads over how to get the god-damn washing machine started. Well you see, on day 1, dad and i were standing in front of the washing machine, wondering why it wouldnt get started until we realised that the problem dint lie with the machine but US not closing the machine door properly. -_-! I applaud her for being able to single-handedly wash all of our clothes, take care of the dogs plus juggle her work at the same time. She is indeed my true role model.

Spent my entire day at the hospital on both fridays and saturdays. The food at the hospi foodcourt is terrible. My grandma couldnt stop complaining about her mee rebus. Haha! Dinner at the nearby Botanical Gardens. Average tasting but at least a hundred times better and tastier than those of this afternoon. Visited the Nursery at Gleneagles too! Babies are so adorable. Im hoping for TWINS! I've even thought about names for them. LOL.

On Saturday, me, kengy and uncle kenny walked over to Dempsey for lunch at Samy's. We had nasi briyani topped with chicken curry gravy, served with some dahl tingy, papadum, and greens.

Ordered masala chicken, butter chicken and fishhead curry. Papadum and briyani/plain white rice are free-flow.

I like the papadum and chicken curry very much. Had a Teh-Halia to digest the heavy lunch and ease the cramps away.

Periods suck! Because of that, i now have a HUGE fugly pimple on the tip of my nose. Its so HUGE and FUGLY i had to stick a small plaster to cover it.

And i'm surprised i didnt tear or develop a runny nose from consuming all those spicy stuff! It was spicy but endurable. Aint as bad as Aglio Olio's pastas. LOL

Took a very long stroll back to Gleneagles. I couldnt find Ben and Jerry's. Dempsey's indeed a very big area. Had tea-break with kengy at Delifrance before heading to the nearby Holland Village for dinner with Aunty Jo. We were contemplating between Crystal Jade La Mian XLB and Crystal Jade Restaurant but settled for the latter as aunt jo's craving for porridge superceeded/outweighed my cravings for redbean pancakes and XLBs. HaHa.

We shared seafood beehoon in thick gravy, drunken chicken wings and porridge. Everything's YUM. So so FULL too!

Shared a cab back thereafter. We're planning a BBQ, with me as the organizer, haha, at Aunty Woon's apartment too. Escargots! Yes a must have!

I still dont know how to celebrate my 21-st birthday. Is there really a need to? Its become a norm to ask how you would do so when you're turning 21 of age. Im kinda lazy to organize anything so anyone wants to volunteer do feel free to. LOL. Maybe getting car keys for an RX8 would be good.

Talking about cars, i havent seen dar dar for a very long time. Its one week actually, but it feels very long! Rah Rah Rah, i want to go shopping, do some baking and have desserts.

Feeling so Blue.
11:19 PM


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Terrible Horrigible Vomit Blood week.

Even my right eye has gone sore and it hurts terribly. I cant blink. It feels as though someone has punched my right eye. Reminds me of PE during my JC school days when a netball hit me right smack in the face. The result? A swollen brusied eye.

Might be meeting HIM after MA mid-term at 9pm-ish for supper. Its not a typo. Its really 9PM. What a fucked up timing indeed.

Cant wait for tommorow to be over. It wont be the-end of everything as there's still presentations and project drafts to be submitted the week after but at least tomorrow marks the end of all my mid-terms = misery.

A break from all these crap i really need. All these unnecessary stress is killing me.

Someone please buy me a bowl of chai chee pork porridge to ease my blues away.

Long day tomorrow. Nitey peeps, sleep early while you can else end up looking like me - a pityful fugly panda.
11:22 PM


Saturday, March 1, 2008

So baby went for his second job interview today and got the job right on the spot. Compared to the first interview, this was so much better, and easier. Do i get a treat for being your job-interview-skills trainer? HeHee.

Met dar at Cineleisure in the mid-afternoon. He was LATE by 35minutes! Got quite pissed off but resumed back to my happy self after buying a halter top + having my sweet treats.

Hell Yeah. We spent $21 ($19 after discount) on desserts and they were only for high-tea! HaHa. We are, no maybe I, am so C-R-A-Z-Y. Truth is, i LOVE desserts. I believe every girl loves her desserts. Desserts are a must-have for every meal and good desserts is what gets me coming back for more. Passion Fruit Meringue anyone?

Goodwood Park's currently having their Durian Delicacies Promotion at The Deli! Its only for a limtied period (1st March - 31st July) so hurry! They sell items which arent typically sold on normal days and also, during this promotional period, customers do not have to adhere to their minimum purchase policy. Which means you're allowed to buy one instead of the usual 10 durian puffs should u have a sudden craving for it.

GoodWood Park Hotel has always been known as a DURIAN specializer. Well, to me that is. This promotion, as well as mooncake festival, is something i will always keep a look out for. For today, we bought a Durian & Crunchy Hazelnut Tartlet, one slice of Durian Roll, a Durian Crepe and a Chocolate Rocher!

Savoured our sweet treats at Shaw's Mac. Thankfully, the smell of durian wasnt as over-whelming as i thought it would be. The durian takes quite a while to defrost though, dont be impatient like me cause these durian delicacies are at their best when eaten semi-cold. I found the crepe exceptionally good. Packed with a generous amount of real D24 durian. Awesome.

The chocolate rocher tingy wasnt to our liking. Filled with 80% cream and 20% cake, you know how much i hate custard and cream. Couldnt detect a slightest bit of rocher either. In fact, the outer chocolate layer's the only thing that helped redeem this dessert altogether.

Why didnt i buy their die-die-must-try signature durian puffs?! That's because i intend to make a purchase of 10-20 durian puffs on my next visit! I tell u, their durian puffs are so good 1, much less 10, is NEVER ENOUGH! With my other makan kaki dar, i fear 20's gonna be too little. LOL

Oh, we saw two ferraris - red and yellow - one behind the other in town today. The sound of the exhaust is so frigging HAUTE. Saw two Lamborghinis too. They're such an italian BEAUTY.

I felt quite productive today as well. Managed to complete my legal term paper whilst pigging out at Mac. Mac's a really bad place to study, the smell of fries and nuggets are just so distracting. Almost bought a box of nuggets to share but hey, no, i resisted as i wanted to have something good for dinner. Shokudo, the newly opened Japanese similar-to-Marche-concept restaurant at Raffles City was juts what i was hoping for.

BUT!!! The queue was frigging l-o-n-g! Seriously, i couldnt see any formation of a queue but there were tonnes and tonnes of people gathered/cramped outside the entrance! I believe easily more than 40 or so. Some guy told me i had to wait appx 45 mins just to get a table for 2. Terrible. Next time, reservations!

Rode off to Bedok Blk 85 for dinner instead. Had my favourite Chai Chee porridge. Dar too. I think despite the incident, the porridge's too good for dar to resist/ban. Haha. Yes we just so LOVE to ban hawkers.

Shared satay as well. Love Love Love the peanut gravy. Ummm.

Shared Sambal Stingray too! This took forever to arrive! Chose to purchase from this stall because their seafood comes served in a hot sizzling plate! He He.

After buying the stingray, dar kinda forbidded me from leaving the table as i'l always end up telling him that i feel that having this-and-that. Like how after ordering the porridge, i said i felt like having stingray and so, went to buy one, and when i came back, i said i felt like having satay too and similarly, left the table to make another order. And when i came back, i said i felt like having carrot cake and chicken wings because they smell so good! That's when dar thought enough was enough and hence made sure i never left my seat from then on. I felt so robbed of my freedom.

But it was an enjoyable dinner. In fact, given dar's working hours (mon-sun, 10am-8pm, sths later on weekends), i doubt i'd be able to see him for the next week, and the next, and maybe even the next week after tomorrow. This is so much worse than having a boyfriend who has to book in for army. Let's just hope he'l get an off day soon so we can pig out on dimsum, shokudo and durian puffs!

Ciaoz for now. Its back to more muggimadness.
11:17 PM

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