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Friday, November 30, 2007

Lunch'ed with dar dar today at RedStar. Its a chinese dimsum restaurant, located on the 7th floor of Chin Swee Estate. The interior is pretty big, with a seating capacity of appx 100 or more. They dont have menus here. Instead, you have to order from the waitresses pushing the dimsum trolleys around.

We ordered har gao, siew mai, char siew cheong fun, har kok, century egg lean meat porridge, fried prawn tingy, and pan-fried carrot cake to share.

The porridge came served with golden crispies! The first time i had golden crispies with porridge was at a dimsum restaurant in HK. In fact, i was hoping this bowl of porridge, from RedStar, would taste just like the ones i had in HK. But sadly, it didnt. Oh well...

Dont you think the cheong fun looks like pig's innards? Or maybe, a brain? HaHa. I LOVE the Har Kok! Its super crispy and every mouthful will simply be bursting with oil. Sinfully good!

The eggtarts here are the flakey-crust type. Each order comes in 3s. Hence, dint manage to try as dar prefers the non-flakey version. You may not know it but when it comes to food, dar and me can be total opposites. But one thing's for sure, we never say no to peanut butter and chocolate! Ha Ha Hah!

My overall dining experience at RedStar wasnt exactly fantastic. The food quality here is pretty average and service is terrible. I asked 3 different waitresses a simple question ("Do you serve only one eggtart?") and they all couldnt give me the answer i wanted. Only the 4th waitress did so. In case you're wondering what the other 3 waitresses' replies are, its,

"now dont have, must wait 10-20 mins later." *&^%$#@!

I wasnt even asking about the availability of eggtarts. All i wanted to know was whether i could order 1, instead or 3, eggtarts. If yes, then great, i'l wait 10 minutes for the freshly baked eggtarts. If no, then i'l ask for the bill and leave. But strangely, all 3 couldnt handle sucha simple question. Was my chinese so difficult to understand? =/

After lunch, we headed to NLB's reference library. Spent about two hours mugging before heading to Steeples for a chocolate peanut butter milkshake fix. We both think its by far the bestest milkshake in the whole of Singapore! =P

Walked around town and bought some stuff from Far East, Orchard. Rode to Lau Pa Sat, to meet dar's friends from CoffeeBean for dinner.

We all shared chili stingray, sambal kangkong, fried baby squid, cockles (just like oysters, i dont like this either), bbq chicken wings, and satay! Wasnt exactly very filling as i was only eating abit here abit there. I must say that the iced milo from some drink pushcart stall is super nice! Its thick and creamy but dar reckons its too sweet.

Warning: The teh-o-peng from Lau Pa Sat all CMI. Dont even try.
5:33 PM


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just one more day and exams will be over!

No more home-cooked yong tau foos for lunch anymore!

No more visits to the library!

No more having to stock up on granola bars and cup-noodles anymore!

No more headaches over finance!

and say goodbye to mugging forever! If only. haha.

Im so excited! It feels as though im graduating! If that's so, i wonder how many times ive graduated over the past few semesters. =P

Here's a list of things i wana and am gonna do (in no particular order) right after my exams:

1) Get a golden tan
2) Exercise 3 times a week
3) Give dar dar tuition
4) Bring grandma out for lunch
5) Meet up with ace, sam, malee and maymay!
6) Go on a christmas shopping spree!
7) Save up for Australia! LOL
8) Go for a haircut
9) Springclean my bedroom and clear my wardrobe (Its bursting with clothes! I might organize a clothes spree to clear them all)
10) Organize a picnic + bbq with dar dar. Im really looking forward to this. 7th dec, may there be no thunderstorms.

I guess that's all i can do during the 6 weeks school holidays. Of course, not forgetting, more feasting on more yummies! There's like a pretty long list of yummies i want to but still have yet to try! Am gonna make full use of my holidays to bake and cook too! With dar being my guinea pig of course. He he Heh! Am thinking about signing up for aerobics as well. LOL. Dar thinks im crazy. Oh well...
8:13 PM


Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Did you know that our BRAIN is made up of 60% FAT and is directly affected by the FATS we consume?

Did you know that certain types of food can actually help solve our daily problems?

Take for instance, ANXIETY may be due to a lack of Magnesium, which are present in nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Consuming food items rich in vitamin B6, such as brown rice, bananas and chicken can actually reduce STRESS levels.

If you have a poor/short-term MEMORY like me, do eat more fish and cod liver oil as they help boost the current low levels of omega 3s.

Improve your CONCENTRATION with Vitamin B1s commonly found in food items such as oats, brown rice, salmon, vegetables (cabbage/brocolli/spinach) and nuts (hazelnuts, pine, soya milk).

If you happen to feel IRRITABLE on any particular day, top up your selenium levels with salmon or sunflower seeds that are rich in Mg and Vitamin B6.

Research has also shown that a lack of MOTIVATION can be attributed to a lack of Zinc intake. Oyster (dar dar's fave), mussels, almonds, walnuts, brocolli, cheese, pork and chicken are just some food itmes that contain sources of Zinc.

INSOMANIACS on the otherhand should eat food items rich in amino acid and trytophan. Dont ask me what the latter is because all i know is that these are able to convert into mood-boosting-sleep-making serotonin. Food items rich in tryptophan include figs, fish, oats, bananas, milk, chicken, cheese, beans and eggs. Food rich in amino acid tyramine (sugar, chocolates, sausages, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes) impede sleep.

Also, it is believed that SUGAR may pick us up but little is known that the body actually then releases extra insulin to bring blood glucose levels down, which will in turn make you feel worse.

Everyone knows that BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day. But does anyone know the reason? Well, leaving home on an empty stomach means your blood sugar stays rock bottom. This may result in an energy crash. In order to keep you going, the body then releases stress hormones which make you feel edgy at the end of the day.

I think im gonna need loads of vitamin B1s to improve my concentration and maybe stock up on sunflower seeds over the weekend to help ease away my frequent irritable moods.

Seriously, does anyone even bother to follow or even stick to such a strict diet? Do they even work? (I believe they do? Else i wouldnt even be blogging about it right now. Guess it all boils down to the individuals' self-awareness.) Does one actually consume more oysters in hope of being motivated? (For guys, maybe... HaHa) For me, its definitely a no-no for i havent, and dont intend to, inculcate the habit of allowing such minor details to influence my food-making decisions. I eat whatever i crave/feel like having that day. I eat whatever God blesses me with on my plate. I eat to satisfy my occasional cravings and hunger pangs. I eat because i live to eat and eat to live.

Then why even bother to blog about it you ask me? Well, to yours truely, its interesting and sure helps to widen your general knowledge! Ha Ha and who knows, it might actually benefit you, yOu, or YOU!

God bless you all! Dont forget to say grace before every meal! And i dont mean practically saying the word "grace". Ciaoz!
10:33 PM


Tuesday, November 27, 2007
The finance exam paper was a-l-r-i-g-h-t... no... it wasnt alright... ok.... i really dont know.

Anything to do with FNA is just HORRIBLE.

Have i told you about the lizard which haunted me in my dreams for 2 consecutive nights?

Well, there was this HUGE lizard hiding behind one side of my clothes cupboard door. And when i opened it, it slided away very quickly and i swear it definitely succeeded it scaring the living daylights out of me. I started having lizard nightmares 2 nights after the incident. I dreamt of 5 mega lizards in my first nightmare, the second one wasnt so bad as i dreamt of only ONE. BUT! It was hiding in between the pages of my marketing textbook! So i guess dreaming about 1 lizard still is as bad as dreaming about 5 lizards!

And each time im freaked out by this creepy crawlie, i'l never fail to imagine things like "What if its tail drops onto my hair/into my ear? What if it drops onto the floor and slides across my leg? What if Tobie/Flap (my dogs) eats it? What if it drops on ME!?" Aha, you woudnt wana know what happenes to me for the last one.

and lizards are hard to kill! When i think about killing lizards, i picture myself stabbing lizards with metal forks and merciless me will go "Got ya!". But no worries bcoz that will nv ever happen given that im more afraid of lizards than they are of me. Anyway, i dont think ppl kill lizards rite? They just secretly cross their fingers and pray that the lizard would disappear to who knows where the next morning.

Gawd, this whole entry is about LIZARDS. Guess i'd better stop here lest more lizards appear in my dreams again.
5:35 PM


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Exactly ONE more month till CHRISTmas!

The most anticipated holiday season of the year! (well, for me that is =Pp)

1. End-of Year Christmas sales!
2. Clothes for this season look tremendously good! (All the gold, silver, shimmers, glitter, and sexy blacks, WHOO!)
3. Rainy seasons are ROMANTIC! <3's
4. You get showered with loads of christmas pressies!
5. You get to shower people with loads of christmas surprises too! (Giving makes me HAPPY. Knowing they're happy makes me HAPPIER)
6. Invites to Christmas partys, Christmas dinners, Family gatherings, and what not?
7. Christ is certainly the reason for this season. (That's for sure)

7:26 PM


Spent the afternoon studying with dar at NLB Bugis just yesterday. Prepared my cheat sheet for this coming tuesdays' paper too!

The front page...

...the back page

We're only allowed to bring in one A4 sized cheat sheet. Which kinda explains why i had to squeeze every little single piece of information, be it graphs, formulas, and theories into this miserable piece of A4 paper. I might consider bringing a magnifying glass too.

Dar painting his bike wheels black. Haha. I volunteered to help but dar always brushed me away! EVIL!

We had hotel buffet dinner again. Im getting sick of seafood and hotel buffets right now. BOO.
11:25 AM


Didn’t meet up with dar on Monday and Tuesday due to work and school commitments.

But both days went by pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before I got to embrace dar in my arms once again on a lovely Wednesday morning.

Took a bus down to meet dar for brekkie at Bugis. The morning jam was terrible. It took me nearly 2 hours just to get there. BOO!

We had breakfast at BK. I had the turkey ham croissont meal while dar had the large omelette burger set. Helped dar with his burger as he was full but i was not. =P

Walked to the nearby NLB to study after that. We managed to smuggle our pencil cases and papers into the reference library. He he Heh.

Rode back to my grandma’s place, after 2 hours at NLB, to continue with our mugging session. Had teochew porridge + my fave SIOBAK from the nearby coffeeshop. Ta-baoed lunch back for grandma too. My broken chinese became someone else's joke of the day. Like again! This time, by the mixed veggie rice stall owners. So not cool! But it was funny. Hahaha.

Dinner at my grandma’s place. She fried prawns specially for dar dar. Thank cute dar dar for de-shelling them all. =)

We lunched at Amoy FC on Thursday. Queued up for my fave sliced fish noodle soup from Han Kee. The queue was super-duper long! There were easily more than 20 heads in front of me, with 10 or more hungry souls standing in-line behind me. Gosh! Dar spent an even longer time queueing up for the ever-popular nasi lemak. For desserts, we shared ondeh ondeh’s from SgKueh! The two bigger sized green ones are durian ondeh ondehs. Very SHIOK!

This is as simple as it gets.

After lunch, we rode to the library at The Esplanade. I made a very interesting discovery, and that is all laptop users were using MAC Apple laptops there! Ha Ha Ha. I <3 my MAC!

Went to Donut Factory for high-tea after that, They have since introduced 3 new donut flavours onto their menu board. I cant exactly remember what all 3 flavours are but I did try one today. Its a chocolate espresso cream donut!

The Glazed ones are pretty good too!

I didnt like the espresso cream at all. Their double choc and coffee roasted almond donuts are still my particular faves. =)

and here comes everybody's fave day of the week, FRIDAY.

Dar’s was sucha sweetie. He sacrificed his beauty sleep just so he could ensure that I would escape the morning jams and be on time for my morning paper. Thank cute dar dar for everything!

Rememeber the last time i blogged about Delectable's granola bars? Well, mom recently bought home another one of their flavours and its very good! Salty and Sweet cashew nut with a white hazelnut yoghurt base!

Lunch’ed at Bukit Timah’s FC. Dar had his usual pasta from MIEN while I had 2 popiahs. Rode to Vivo City after that. Chilled and shopped. I think online shopping sprees are more interesting. In fact, im hooked! Rode to The Cathay after a few hours to catch the 4pm movie, Enchanted.

Dinner at Pasta De Waraku, The Central.

The interior, the menu, and the inside of the colorful menu.

We were each served a salad, which comes with every order or a pizza or gratin. The salad dressing’s very appetizing. Guess its also some Japanese sauce.

For mains, we ordered a prawn + scallop pizza (with extra cheese), a scallop + cod roe gratin and an oyster + bacon carbonara.

Basically, the food served here lies more on the healthy side as cream is replaced by a Japanese wakyu sauce. Everything, from pastas, to baked riced, to gratins to pizzas are done Japanese style. You could even detect the natural sweetness, exuded from the scallops and prawns, in the pizzas and gratin! The scallops were really huge and juicy, which sure is a real steal.

Check out how uber thin the pizza is!

The carbonara would have been better if it werent too watery. But then again, maybe that’s how waraku style carbonara is supposed to be. After all, they don’t use cream.

Chilled along the clarke quay river, and took a stroll at Fort Canning Park after dinner. Walking up the never-ending steep slopes sure was an effective fat-zapping exercise. =P

X-Treme Swing, a new thrill ride, situated next to the reverse bungee, will be operating in appx 10 days time! Me and dar are thinking about giving it a shot. All that adrenalin rush, whoo!
11:24 AM


Friday, November 23, 2007
Biz Comm exam is a BITCH.

I dint manage to complete my 2 hour paper.

Its my first exam paper and i screwed it up big time.

This is so depressing.

Argh. Fuck.
11:23 PM


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I may not earn the highest income, i may not be the wisest spender, i may not have the fattest bank account, i may not carry the latest LV bag, i may not be the smartest whiz kid on the block, i may not have the greatest fashion sense, i may not be the most b-e-a-utiful girl on planet earth, i may not be the perfect friend/daughter/girl-friend, BUT, I still think that im very blessed, highly favoured, and deeply loved. =)

That's a Jesus' Girl for you.

9:14 PM


Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Numbers in the bible arent there for no reason. In biblical terms, the number 15 signifies DIVINE GRACE ( 5, the number of GRACE, multiplied by 3, the number of completeness/trinity (The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit).

The number 7 on the other hand signifies perfection. (By the 7th day, He rested, saw all that He had made, and it was GOOD)

Put them together and you get the 4 digit number, 1507, which holds much significance to both me and dar dar. heHeheh

If you're wondering whether i read the bible everyday, well, sadly, i dont.

Of course, different numbers hold different truths and meaning but to explain them all now would mean il have to skip lunch and forgo my mugging session, which im currently dreading right now. =/

and this is not about striking 4-D ah!

12:30 PM


Monday, November 19, 2007

My left leg is covered in patches of blues and blacks! There is altogether a total of 5 blue blacks. 2 pretty huge ones and 3 medium sized ones on my knee. The medium sized ones resulted from a slip on the wet kitchen floor. Recalling the fact that i just knocked my already bruised knee against the corner of my study table, i guess we ought to make it 6. Oh, and one more under my right armpit (muahaha), so that's 7 in all.

The ulcers in my mouth aint helping either. There's one on my lower lip, another small one on my left cheek, and one on my tongue! Which happens to be the most disturbing and most irritating one of them all. Tongue ulcers kinda remove the tongues' ability to taste and also gives one an uber unpleasant eating experience.

Blue Blacks & Ulcers totally dont rock my world. BOO~ It also seems like my wisom tooth isnt out yet. I hope they dont ever come out. Even if they do, i pray real hard that i wouldnt have to extract a single one.

Anyway, last Saturday, i spent half the day mugging at home! *smiles* You seldom see me do that because:

1) I dont like to stay home
2) I get easily distracted at home
3) I lack motivation and self-discipline
4) I have a short attention span, maybe.
5) I dont like to do things that i dont like to do - MUGGING

Oh well, i'l just have to endure for another 1-2 weeks. After which, its PARTEE TIME! Oops, I meant find a job time. =Pp

Anyway (this is my second time saying it), after mugging, dar n me chilled out together during the later part of the day. Dar hadnt had lunch, so i accompanied him to LJS for fast-food. Sorry but i aint guilty for stealing ur fries! -bleahz-

Despite having a big breakfast, pizzas for lunch and LJS fries, i was still very hungry! Thought of buying calamari from Chippys' but ended up getting snacks from Carrefour. Settled for chocolate pocky while dar bought a small packet of nacho cheese chips.

Munched on POCKY STICKS while walking from one end of Orchard to the other. Stopped by Kinokuniya to read magazines too. Spent some time sitting outside crystal jade to rest our aching feet. Meanwhile, pictures!

Dar's so emo today. Wonder what he's thinking about. Hmmmm...

Slippers rock! They've gotta be the most comfortable shoes ever invented.

Dinner buffet at Melt, The World Cafe, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Its nice! The ambience, the service, the quality, the variety and taste of the food are all exceptionally good! My top 3 favourites are the bbq'ed jumbo prawns, some honey chicken tingy and the freshly baked waffles! Yes, they have gotta be the most sinful dessert of the night! I not only spreaded a layer of salted butter, but also drizzled a fair amount of maple syrup and spooned a large serving of PEANUT BUTTER AND NUTELLA to go along with it. Awfully sinful but YUMMY!

These should come in handy during my stay-home-and-mug exam period.

Rah, i need to exercise badly
6:10 PM


Sunday, November 18, 2007
You know, Angry's not the word that best describes how i feel right now. In fact, i dont feel any anger, resentment, hatred, bitterness, or what not towards you at all.

Im just upset, and maybe, a teeny weeny bit shocked and puzzled. How this could have happened between us, how you just sat there, watched, felt, but yet did nothing nor said anything at all. How i managed to endure your coldness and ignorant attitude displayed towards me really is a mystery.

I prefer to call it Grace.

If only you would listen. God gave us 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a reason.

Nope, there's no IF ONLY bcoz i dont feel a tinge of regret or guilt, at all.

Im just so numbed with pain, help me ease it, will you?
5:45 PM


Friday, November 16, 2007
Lunch'ed with dar at Toa Payoh Lor 7 tdy. Had the same ol' popiah and beef noodles. Also discovered that popiah prices have risen by $0.30 due to a popiah skin price hike. Everything's getting more and more expensive these days! If only the increase in wages are proportional to price increases. Pocket money included. Muahaha.

Spent the whole afternoon at Toa Payoh NLB studying. Read a few fashion magazines too. Dug out some interesting information pertaining to food chem from Vogue Magazine as well. Shall blog it in my next entry as im kinda, you know, lazy right now. =P

Dar's "Third Party"' has been discharged today. Apparently, "third party" underwent a plastic surgery 5 days ago and is now currently recuperating at home. "Third Party" now looks slimmer and hotter in her new set of clothes. Ugly is obviously the new beautiful.


11:55 PM


Thursday, November 15, 2007

YanYan for snacks today! Its one of my all time fave childhood snacks and a sudden craving i had for it indeed. Wang Wang/Pocky biscuits and those traditional confectionary bite-sized biscuits topped with colorful icing, remember those? Yeah, i love them all too!

I didnt know YanYan biscuit sticks had words written on them.

Words in the background are from the pages of my macroeconomics textbook. Super borring. Well, at least its better than Finance. Muahahaha.

Mom recently bought home a box of "Delectables" granola bars. They are a product of New Zealand and its pretty good! Its also similar to that of Uncle Toby's except "Delectables" is much cheaper. The chocolate base sure helps to kick start a great morning!

And did you know that dar dar the "pai ka" acty TOOK A BUS down to my school today? How he even managed to walk up the steep slope, under the scorching hot sun, i really do not know! Thank cute dar dar for being sucha sweetie today. =P

dar's bandaged knee! With my autograph of course. haha

Dar managed to find a seat at the Arts Canteen whilst waiting for my class to end. Saw a couple of familiar faces here and there. Especially Irene! Its been mths and years since i last saw you faced to faced gal! Lets meet up for a cuppa someday alright? =D

For lunch, dar had boring but CHEAP mixed veg rice while i had a tempura set from the Japanese food stall. It comes with 3 prawn tempuras and 4-5 other veggie tempura items. The set also comes with a bowl of miso soup and not forgetting, the tempura dip. All for only $4.

After lunch, we bused down to Mac, at Bugis Village, to study! And that's where we YanYan'ed too! He He Heh. Wanted to study at NLB, but dint do so for fear that the library book sensors would sound upon detection of our unborrowed not-for-loan books (mom took them home as dar dar needed them for his school project) from the reference library.

and that's yours truely in her trucker cap on a bad hair thursday.

God Bless You all! =)
11:58 PM


Tuesday was a super-cork day. Travelled for 2hrs, via bus to school, only to learn, that lecture was ending in 15-30mins.
It meant that i had made a wasted trip today as i had no more lessons thereafter. -_-!

Took a bus back to darlie's place. Trained down to PS to have lunch at the FoodCourt as ive been craving for the Grilled Chicken Set, from the Indonesian Riverside stall, since Sunday! The grilled chicken and its accompanying gravy is yummilicious! Go try it if you havent yea?

Headed back to dar's hse. Studied for Biz Comm, my first exam paper. Left for home around 4-ish in the afternoon.

Thankfully, Wednesday wasnt such a cork day. In fact, it was my off-day!

WeiJie rode dar to the bike shop and dropped him at my place before riding home. Took a bus down to Bedok Interchange for lunch. I had a bowl of pork porridge while dar had kway chap. We shared a cup of strawberry soursop juice too! Just check out the size of the cup!

A lady, sitting at our table, thought i looked 18! HaHa! Amen to that alright. N for some unknown reason, she thinks that both dar and me are super rich kids! Clad in a white tank top + casual flip-flops + "feasting" on a bowl of pork porridge, how rich could i possibly look? (Dar wasnt any better. He was clad in his home tee shirt and shorts.) Well, if that's what she sees in us, then yea, i claim it in Jesus' name amen! =)

(Oh man! To actually look 18 meant that she MUST-HAVE noticed my chubby baby fat cheeks! Arghh! I hate them so much)

Shared a taiwan sausage and seaweed chicken which we purchased from the Pasar Malam too! Yummy~

Took a direct bus from bedok to Dar's school. The journey lasted for more than an hour! *Butt Cramps*

Studied for biz comm again whilst dar did his proj. After which, took a bus down to Suntec City as i had a craving for DONUTS. First stop, Donut Factory!

I had a double chocolate all to myself! Ho Ho HO! Dar had his fave hazelnut and a dbl choc too. Bought ANOTHER donut from Munchy's at Millenia. This time, i went for the cinnamon white choc.

Its pretty good too! The oreo one's still da best!

Chilled outside Millenia for a while before heading to PS for dinner.

Dar finally bought his coinbox from Daiso. As i wasnt exactly hungry, thought i'd have sth light, like fish soup, for dinner. Had the Fried fish noodle soup from the PS foodcourt.

Pretty average, nothing fantastic, just another bowl of fish soup. If you're a fish soup lover, dont hesitate to try the sliced fish beehoon soup from Amoy FC! Its from a stall located on the second floor, situated right beside the Bake_Of muffin store, which is directly opposite SgKueh. It certainly is one of the best i've tried. =)

Food is a contentious topic and taste is usually subjective. So yea, all these are simply my personal pov and recommendations. Dont chop me up if you happen to be a reader who strongly disagrees or thinks otherwise. Feel free to voice your opinions, or state recommendations alright? Cheers~
7:10 PM

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