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Monday, July 30, 2007
EEkS! Time to BID for next sem's modules!

"WHAT? You acty have to bid for your own modules?!"

You think its stupid, i think its absurd!

Its even more absurd when students use 300 over points to bid for a module. I wonder sths y cant we all just bid in tenths (10, 20...50?). Im sure it'l make bidding a smoother, stress-free and less-hair-pulling process.

Okie, obviously im crapping. Back to updating you about my past week! Lotsa pics! hee hee.

23rd July 2007, Monday

Spartans' second outing! Didnt join them for the first half of the outing, which is a lunch gathering at Marina Square. Met up with dar dar for lunch instead as the both of us had cravings for Amoy Street Hawker Food. Long Long time since we went there for lunch! Partly coz its, and still is, haha, my school holidays.

Caught up with the other Spartans around 4pm. Watched Harry Potter at PS Golden Village. BIZ Comm was selling Harry Pot. tix for only $2. Dar almost cldnt watch it with me (Dint noe its only entitled to NUS'sters)! Thanks to ZM once again for "smuggling" him in. $2, its really WORTH it. Considering that all Harry Pot. movies are B-O-R-I-N-G. This one included. Its definitely much nicer to read the book.

Dinner at Crawford Lane. Had Hillstreet Bak Chor Mee. Wasnt as good as the first time. The first time, i was really "wow'ed" by it, now, mediocore's the word. Dar had western from Happy Chef.

After dinner, headed to NLB. Did research for Dar's Biz Comm. Proj. Stayed there till closing.

24th July 2007, Tuesday

Crashed dar's school today.

What best to have but a warm peppery bowl of Bak Kut Teh soup on a cold, chilly, rainy day?

Had our Bak Kut Teh from Outram Park's Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha shop. Its located directly opposite Fuji Xerox, along side PSA.

Ordered a plate of Tau-Poks to go along.

The Bak Kut Teh here is pretty good. The staff will actually walk around with a kettle to refill your soup. Its the peppery kind, just the way i like it! Pity the You Tiaos werent as good as the ones i had in M'sia. They were super addictive!

The bak kut (meat) was average. In my opinion, abit too tough. Would have prefered the "slide-off-the-bone" type. Ha Ha. The ratio of meat to bone appeared to be 2 : 1. Guess that would be their redeeming factor. Meaty-licious~ LOL

They serve a wide variety of chinese tea too! Dint request for them as im not a tea-drinker. I only drink chinese tea because of this mentality that chinese tea helps rinse away the excess oil in your body. Thus, there might be a 1% chance that i can lose weight! If not, at least i can prevent it from clogging my arteries. =Pp

Total bill amounted to $15.50. After much calculations, it can be safely concluded that each bowl of bak kut teh cost $6. $2 for the tau-pok and 50 cents for each bowl of rice. Dar ordered an extra bowl. Hence, the $15.50. =P

Had one of these for high-tea! Only the top-most choc layer is YUM.

25th July 2007, Wednesday

"Where did the Sun go?"

Its been raining cats and dogs for the past few days, such that there's not a single trace of sunlight at all. Nothing but black gloomy threatening clouds and gustly winds that only sends chills down your spine. BRrrRr!

Butttt.... i like! Not that im a sadist! Im against sadism! Muahahah. I just like this kinda weather. =)

Its weird how i can acty feel cold with the fan turned on but yet am able to withstand aircon at 21 degs. Hmmmm...

Due to bad weather, dar and me had to cancel our morning jog at ECP. He Heh, i didnt procrastinate okie! Blame mother nature!

Since we were in the vicinity, i suggested having brekkie at Chin Mee Chin! Its an ol'school cafeteria located along East Coast Road. Yeah, eating our stomachs and mouths happy will always be our contingency plan. If all else fails.... EAT and be merry! =)

We had kaya toasted buns with butter, soft boiled eggs, teh-o, hot milo and luncheon meat buns for brekkie. The soft boiled eggs according to dar dar were really good! Somehow the whites dont stick to the inner layer of the egg shell. The kaya toasted buns were da'BOMB! Its super yummy la. In all my 20 years, ive nv........ to cut the story short, its the best kaya toast ive ever ever had!

One was certainly not enough for the both of us. So needless to say, we ordered 2 more!

Check out de ol'school kitchen furnishings. That's where the toast the buns!

The luncheon meat buns also came piping hot fresh outta the kitchen. Very nice too! Didnt manage to take pics as it was too good to resist. =P

They also offer swiss rolls, butter cakes, sausage buns, custard puffs etc etc that are quite sellable too! From what i see, their custard puffs were selling like hot-cakes, with people in queues buying not 1 or 2 but boxes of them. That's gonna be sth im gonna try on my next visit. Not forgetting the raisin buns with butter slices and my must-have kaya toasted buns!!

FYI, they open till 4 in the afternoon. But good stuff always sell out first thing in the morning. You know what i mean. =)

After brekkie, we both headed over to Grandma's to watch CSI New York/24. Lunched at the round market at Tamp St 11. Dar had kway chap (which reminded me of CSI's body parts) while i had lor mee. Cldnt decide between ba chor mee or lor mee but settled for the latter as i dint want to waste time queueing.

Continued with our DVD session before dar had to head off for work at 6pm.

Chin mee chin! I cant stop fantasizing over their kaya buns! HeeLLLp!

26th July 2007, Thursday

For brekkie -->

Day out with grandma! Supposed to bring her out for lunch but there was a change of last min plans as grandma claimed that she was beat from having to run between 2 markets (Tamp and Bedok). She went to Bedok to buy my fave fu zhou fishballs! The kind which contains minced meat inside and explodes with juicy flavours upon sinking your two front teeth into the centre. I cant help it! I have a soft spot for all things with a hidden surprise, even better if its able to ooze out! OOh la la~

In the end, me and grandma settled for Pork Porridge from downstairs. Not too bad. The texture's good but would have been better if the porridge had more flavour.

After lunch, dar surprised me with an sms, saying that he's about to come over to my place. A surprise it was as we only intended to meet later in the evening. But thou hath no complaints as she loveth surprises! =P

Went to KFC. We both had a student meal. I had the banditto set while dar had the zinger meal. Yes, that's my second meal for lunch! In just a short span of 30 mins. Great. I dread to think how many calories ive gained. =(

Everything sucks. The pepsi sucks the fries sucks. Only the chicken is not too bad. But considering that its been fried with 3 days old oil, EEW! Feasting on a dead rat which looks like a drumstick? Double EEW! All Patrick's and Mr Chionh's fault. Because of their stories, im kinda anti-KFC. Ha Ha.

Bought a durian smootheee before heading to GM's place for our DVD session. I regret introducing dar that drink. Now his burps and fart smell of D24 durian. Damn sickening.

Stayed over for dinner. Dar and i think grandma's pork chops are the bestest bestest in the whole of Sg. Ha Ha Ha!

27th July 2007, Friday

Went for an interview today. All went well. =)

Havent had anything but cereal with skimmed milk. Since i was in the vicinity, i hopped over to Jalan Besar FC for popiah. Its not as good as the Toa Payoh Lor 7 popiah (Certified Master Of Popiah ok, dont pray pray) but i was abt to faint from hunger so settled for one anyhow.

It was super mushy and the uncle only gave one tiny piece of lup cheong! Damn sad lahhh. I still love my fish crispies~

Dar rode over to pick me up after he knocked off from work. Chilled (and munched on more snacks) at his place before heading out to Shaw Towers for dinner. His house has so many chocs, cookies, titbits etc lying around becoz of me. Ha Ha. I brought life to the once empty fridge! Hope his mom doesnt kill me. =X

Dined at Shaw Tower's Creation.

Wanted to try their pasta quite some time back. Today, i had a Vongole Aglio while dar had a seafood aglio. Wanted to order a salmon alfredo (up till now im still thinking abt it) but chose not to for cream based pastas always make me feel "sick" after a while.

Dar ordered a set meal, which came with a glass of ice-lemon tea, their soup of the day (some carrot tingy which we both tot was quite nice), and a brownie + ice-cream for dessert! When i saw the orange colored soup, i was so afraid its gonna be pumpkin soup! EEW! Thank goodness it wasnt. Phew~

The brownie wasnt all that bad, nor was it all that good. It didnt wow me like how Mind Cafe's did.

Pastas werent great. Wasnt worth what i paid for at all. Mien and Aglio whips up far better tasting pastas at a much cheaper rate. That's for sure. For what we paid at Creation, i rather we go dine at Papi. Good thing about Creation is, they dont have service charges. Same with Basil Alcove.

Dar's pasta wasnt spicy at all. This was despite him requesting for it to be done super super spicy. See the drastic change in color? Before and after adding chili flakes.

Asked Dar to choose and he chose Geylang's Putu Piring (Kueh Tu Tu) over Tom's Palette ice-cream for dessert, round 2. (He wanted to choose both okie! But only allowed him to choose 1 as im helping him to "shed some kilos"). He He Hehh.

Geylang Serai's Putu Piring!

Bought a total of 9, 3 in each packet. The grated coconut's really good! The sweet brown sugar/gula melaka is semi-molten! Best eaten warm so u can experience the climax of the oozing-out-effect. =P

28th July 2007, Saturday

Intended to suntan at sentosa today. But again, we dint manage to due to bad horrigible weather. Instead, we settled for lunch at Toa Payoh Lor 2.

Had porridge while dar had chicken rice. We shared a carrot cake from this stall...

"Qing Shan", in chinese, as it came highly recommended by both my grandma, uncle and aunt.

Tried it and it was indeed ONE VERY WELL-DONE carrot cake. Can you see how thin it is?

They fry the carrot cake with lotsa egg, leaving behind a nice eggy after-taste. This is how i like my carrot cake. Dont like those which have more radish cake than egg. Uber dry! The upper top most layer and edges were very crispy too! Im not a carrot cake person as i dont fancy the starchy radish cake but to be able to crave for a second plate, this is indeed one darn good cai(4) tao(3) Kueh(4).

Spent the next 2 hours settling dar's bike stuff. Accompanied him to Yio Chu Kang to sign some stuff. Yeah, the ugly bike's finally sold.

Headed to Tom's after that for ice-creammmm. The board looks so colorful!

Shall i say that we were once again at the right place at the right time? Coz Tom's fren, the owner of course, specially offered us his limited D24 Durian ice-cream! Its denser, more pungant and taste much better than the previous one.

Another customer heard we were having durian and she kinda wanted it but it was not for sale of coz. Only specially for us us us. Muahahaha. I feel so blessed indeed.

Makan-session with family at Old Airport Road. You can say i was a successful organizer as everyone, including auntie woon's mom, which makes it 10, turned up! Thank you daddy God once again for enabling us to find (fuss-free!) an unoccupied 10 seater table so quickly. Best of all, it was located at the cooler side of the hawker centre, far from the Char Kway Teow and satay smoke grenade stalls.

The food we had...

Dar had the seafood aglio set while my aunty keng had mushroom aglio from Pasta Manna. I had Minced Fish noodles from CitiZoom while Uncle Kenny had Steak from Western BBQ. The rest had either Char Kway Teow or wanton mee. We also shared Toa Payoh Rojak and satay too! So many yummies but only one stomach!

The char kway teow's from Lao Fu Zi. Nv fails to generate a 10 men queue. Each person takes about 4 mins. So if you're the tenth person, be prepared for a 40 min wait at least. Sampled some from Grandma's plate. Hmmm, it tasted better than it looked. It wasnt very oily either. When i first saw the plates of CKT people were having, my first impression was it looked just like any other char kway teow but after trying some tdy, i take back my words and dare say that its certainly worth the wait. =)

Kallang wanton mee VS Hougang wanton mee VS Cho Kee wanton mee!

Who wins? My answer is.......

I dont know!

Apparently, aunt jo said the hougang wanton mee tasted better than the Cho Kee wanton mee. Reason being, the noodles were springier. As for the kallang wanton mee, i cant compare it with de others as my uncle dint try the other 2 but from what i noe, he said it was "so-so only la" Ha Ha.

But i dont like the idea of Hougang wanton mee winning coz the auntie is very proud and snobbish! But i cant deny the fact that her wanton mee's quite a crowd pleaser.

29th July 2007, Sunday

Happy 10th-monthsary dar dar! Cant believe 10 months have come and gone by just like that! I find it even harder to believe that you're actually my BOYFRIEND! I the past 19 years ive had no contact or any relations with you until one fine day at Ben & Jerry's........

Its like you popped out of no-where! Cld it be God's hand at work? Hmmmmm....

Well, lets see, i woke up to see a plate of american style brekkie on the table. Mom fried cheesy sausages, hashbrowns and a sunny side-up. I <3 de sunny side up! The golden edges are uber crispy. Umami~

Drove to church. Thunderstorm. I joined the church's music ministry! Now expecting their calls for an audition date.

Dar surprised me with a bag of donuts from Donut Fac! My fave double chocolate! Oh my,,, i almost went googoogaga over it. and also, a hazelnut chocolate donut! I love you lots baby!

Headed to Waffle Place for our weekly waffle fix. Just like how i need my weekly donut fix else il get all cranky and crappy. HurHur

This time, we shared a durian waffle!

Their waffles got standard okie. Pretty close to the standards of a belgium waffle. Its a small little shop located in a secluded corner of Suntec City Mall's My Playground, 3rd floor. 2 shops away from Wang Jiao Kaya Toast. The waffle place was started by a Hong Konger who decided to bring in the concept of selling such waffles to Singapore. The 2 service crew over there are extremely warm and friendly. Occasionally creating small talk with his customers. I for sure will be coming back here every Sunday after service. Even they are expecting us back next sunday! LOL.

Do try their waffles if you happen to be shopping at suntec alright? The guy working there saw me snapping away and hoped very much that i would help publicize the outlet. Ha Ha. I've done my part, have you?


huh what huh.. go try the waffles la k. Do say pam and alvis recommended you to come. =Pp

Dar rode to The Cathay after that. Bought 2 tix for The Simpsons movie for next tues, 31st July. Yup, you guessed it, we managed to get the same back row couple seats, B18 and B 19, at The Grand Cathay once again! Almost every movie we're seated there. My butt has really warmed up that seat. Yippeee~ Cant wait to watch Simpsons! Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig.

Headed to Mr Bean's for country pie. Dar ate most of it. I stole the mozerella cheese.

The cheese wasnt melted fully. So dar brought it back to the kitchen for re-heating. This time, the cheese got messy!

Thank Q Aunty keng for buying me these goodies from Marks' & Spencer! Tot of the oat milk carton's really cute!

Hmmm.. shall stop here



<3 you all!
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