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Friday, February 29, 2008

Today's a very SPECIAL day!

Its our 17th Monthsary on a leap day! A day you only get to celebrate once every 4 years. Hmmm.

Visited the NATAS Travel Fair today. Hong Kong and Bang Kok were two ideal holiday destinations we had in mind. They cost about $700++ and $400++, inclusive of airfare, air tax and hotel accomodation respectively. Didnt make any bookings as we thought we'd give it a little more consideration, especially so when dar's embarking on his first new full time job this coming week!

Dont know if aunt and uncle are keen on going to HK again too. I could be their tour guide again you know. Ha Ha. So it seems like a wait-and-see situation.

N we had a good, i mean really good-till-our-jaws-and-stomach-ached laugh at how i boo booed myself at the NATAS Fair. Well, you see, i having a mini friendly debate with dar whilst waiting in line until this guy, who manages the queue, asked:

"Hi, which country would you like to go to?"
Me: " Hong Kok"

Can anyone tell me where the fuck is Hong Kok?! Hong Kok! My god. I wanted to say Hong Kong and Bank Kok actually but i really have no idea how HONG KOK came outta my mouth instead. Even the guy couldnt help but laugh. Dar also! Anyone can laugh but YOU! LOL. Okie i admit, even i couldnt stop laughing at my stupidity.

Had donuts from Donut Factory for snacks. Its been a long time since i last laid hands on my favourite double-chocolate. See all that chocolate oozing out?

That's what makes me go crazy/high/googoogaga. LOL. And i hate it when the fudge stains the plate. So while others have finished their first, or are moving on to their second donut, i'l still be busy scraping the fudge off the plate with my fork. In fact, using the fork is way too civilized for me, a tongue licking job does a far more effective and efficient job anytime! Provided no one's looking! LOL. I feel terrible letting the chocolate go to waste like that. Ya, call me crazy but i juzt cant stand the sight it.

Early dinner at Aglio Olio, ChinaSquare Central. My first choice would have been dinner at Ricciotti, the italian restaurant, but since today's the expiry date for the usage of their redemption card, Aglio Olio it was. We cld have ignored the expiry date but dar thinks its a pity to not redeem the free food and let it go to waste like that. Ha Ha.

Shared Calarmari. One of my faves, alongside Chippy's too!

For mains, i had a mushroom aglio while dar had a seafood aglio. 5 chili (Extra Extra spicy) is no kick to him right now, but poor me cant even handle 2 chili, which is like NORMAL! I am so not a chili queen. Up till now, i still refuse to add chili to my noodles.

Rode off to NUS' Bukit Timah Law Campus for Temasek Hall's Dance Production.

Bought tixs in support of Kuan Lye. Yisi brought her ex-bf, haha, ne ne my dear JC mate was also there, and so was von, peilin and yuanfang too. The DP lasted appx 1 and a half hours. It got better towards the end. I think dar was bored. LOL.

But i wouldnt mind going for another dance production! I enjoyed the company, the music, the catching-up, yea, almost everything. Ha Ha. Thanks cute baby for being so patient as always. Luv Luv!
11:50 PM


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dar and me did some cooking today! Used the ingredients, namely shredded cheddar cheese, button mushrooms and honey baked ham, which we purchased from Carrefour the night before, to prepare a baked cheese marcaroni dish!

Before it goes into the over...


It was a little too salty though, could have been due to the addition of too much cheese. But it was still a very good FIRST attempt nonetheless. He Heh.

Fried ham + shrooms + cheese omelette too! Mine taste so much better than dar's. Muahaha.

CHEESY 's the word that best describes today. I feel FAT too. BOO. I feel even more sick knowing that we consumed the entire packet of shredded cheddar cheese in one afternoon. Terrible.

and dar was very "helpful" indeed. LOL. He practically left me to single-handedly clear up the mess in the kitchen while he watched Tom & Jerry outside! My goodness. All the mopping, the washing, the scrubbing, the wiping, argh, they just so aint my thing. But i believe i did a very excellent job as mom didnt even suspect, much less know, i'd fried stuff/messed up her beloved kitchen. Ha Ha.

The two lazy-bummers.

Tobie's photo-shoot...

Flappy kooning away. Ha Ha.

Dar waxing the stains and scratch marks off his leather jacket. He had to use a stocking instead as he brushed his brush outta the window whilst scrubbing at the ledge. LOL.

11:44 PM


Monday, February 25, 2008

Boy am i glad Finishing School's finally over. Left halfway, afte lunch, on day one of Finishing School as the boredom was killing me. Cheryl and Pei Ying couldnt take it either and left soon after i did. Ha Ha. Day two was slightly better. The session on dinner etiquette was at least pretty useful and enjoyable. Joan's putting alot of stress on me. She got me thinking about my future, about what i really wanted to do and everything. An internship i MUST secure this summer.

Anyway, i did my resume this afternoon. Had Cze Char dinner at Dar's place. Dar's dad forgot to cook the rice. Ha Ha. They're always eating cze char too. If there're not, i am very sick of cze char right now. Shrimp paste chicken wings especially!

Oh, rmb how i got addicted to my school's chicken burger from the western food stall? Yea, it was Yisi's recommendation for she was also hooked on to it before i did too. So i tot i'd introduce it to another friend of mine, Cheryl! Ha Ha. Guess what she said after her second bite!

"...Wha PAM! This burger is damn nice! Im going to eat it everyday when school starts next week.."


Now we have 3 people addicted to The Chicken Burger.

11:42 PM


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Drove to suntec for church service this morning. I seriously cant wait for our new church building, the one north integrated hub cum shopping mall, to be ready. You wont even have to queue to get into the auditorium becoz compared to the Rock auditorium, the new one has a sitting capacity of 5000, which is 5 times more than the former.

Anyway, dar rode over to Suntec to meet me after church service. We ate quite alot today, dar especially! He had mixed veg rice + dry mixed beef kway teow just for lunch! Crazy rite. Below are pictures of what we consumed for the day. =)

1. Our lunch at Toa Payoh Lorong 7 - mixed veggie rice/pprridge from the $2 economical rice stall.

2. Popiah from Lorong 7 too - standard seems to have dropped a little. It doesnt help that prices have risen.

3. J.Co donuts for high-tea. There's original glazed and almond flakes with white chocolate donut. They're as good as Donut Factory's, if not, better and fluffier.

4. J.Co Donuts' cookies and cream shake. It came with the original glazed donut. I believe all their drinks comes served with an original glazed donut.

5. Billy Bombers Club Sandwich - Fried egg, bacon, chicken slapped between 2 ciabetta loaves. It came served with chunky fries. We topped them up with fried onion rings.

6. Billy Bomber's Nacho "something" - Its an appetizer consisting of nachos served with melted cheese, green chili's, salsa and diced chicken bits. I must commend them for the generous portion but pity it all turned soggy after barely 5 minutes or so. I would suggest seperating the cheese and other liquid sauces from the nachos themselves. Dint like the salsa and green chili's either. Yikes.

Oh, we shared a cookies and cream milkshake as well. Overall, i dont really find the food served at BB fantastic. Their milkshakes give me a reason for returning though.

Dar and me @ J.Co. Its always so so hard to take proper pictures with baby. Camera shy maybe? LOL

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5170786873303519106" />

Cute. Yorkshire terrier's are very cute too! But silky's are cuter. He heh.

9:23 PM


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did abit of studying today.

Detest studying. Its always me challenging myself to sit still, resist temptations and stay focused.

Headed to the indon-chinese Sakura restaurant at EastPoint for a simple family dinner. Ordered seafood fried rice, horfun, a cold dish platter (sotong balls, fried ngor hiang, fu yong dan, chicken, prawn and mango salad), fried soonhock with sweet and sour sauce, pandan chicken (The star of the night!), black pepper chicken wings, chili kangkong and stir-fried baby kailan.

Anyway, i had my first fishhead steamboat just 2 days ago! In other words, its my first time having fishhead steamboat! Ive never fancied fishhead steamboat because i always had this impression that all fishhead steamboats came served with the entire fish head! My imagination will start running wild and i'l begin picturing things like fish eyeballs, fish scales, the head, and blablabla swimming around. Such a turn off. But after trying it, im surprised that they dont actually serve the entire-still-in-tact fish head! The steamboat consists merely of pieces/chunks of fish meat/flesh from the head itself. However, that part of the fish wasnt to my liking as it was not only dry but very fishy in taste. The soup base was delightfully sweet and tasty though.

Besides the fishhead steamboat, we shared other cze char items like ngor hiang, har cheong gai and kangkong. Yea, i guess that's about it.

Dieting starts next week. Yes, i hope its successful. Haha.
11:50 PM


Friday, February 22, 2008

With all the "aches" hitting me at one go, I've never felt more terrible than today. My body ache was exceptionally bad. It could perhaps be due to the bad posture from having to ride long distances. And im having morning insomia again. Try as i might, i just cant seem to be able to sleep past 7am. Which kinda accounts for the splitting headache ive been enduring for the past 2 days. Chocolates are also a definite no-no for now as my mouth is breaking out with ulcers. And yes, i am damn damn stress from school. Im such a problematic kid huh.

I was told by my dad, just a while ago, that i'l have to wash my own clothes, including my own DKNY (Di Ku Nei Yi) as mom's going for her surgery in 1-2 weeks time. I believe everything will go smoothly as God is with me, and for me. But first, i'l have to figure out how to start the washing machine. =X

Anyway, i had a craving for burgers today. Actually, it aint just today, ive been having "burger cravings" for the past 1 week or so. Weird huh. So met up with dar for lunch at Carls' Jr, Suntec City.

Shared a Portobello Mushroom Burger Set. We requested for criss-cut fries instead and also had our burger doubled up with an extra succulent juicy beef patty.

Dont you think the red-orange-amber yellow color combi resembles that of a REPSOL bike? Ha Ha. Yea! Im so in love with the Yamaha R6 FIAT bike. LOL. Alien face but the body and tail is damn HOT.

Its almost on par with BK's Mushroom Swiss, which used to be my all-time favourite burger during my early secondary school days. Except Carl's Jr's version had better tasting mushrooms and melted cheese! I love Mac's double cheeseburger too! Their beef patties are so so nice!

Tot of using the Tom Palette vouchers which mom passed to me the other day. Sms'ed Eunice to check if they had tau sa piah and pineapple tart flavoured ice-cream today. They didnt have TSP but they had my latter and it was very NICE of her to ask if we wanted it reserved. But i ended up with a cup of salted caramel and apple pie flavoured ice-cream instead! Ha Ha. Dar bought their new choco-mocha pie to try. They have chocolate oreo as well.

There's even a biscuit base too. Dar was full of praises for it. I, on the other hand, tot it could be better.

Eunice was being very very NICE today. She gave me a larger scoop of ice-cream! Ha Ha.

Walked to NLB thereafter and did some research for my psychology term paper.

Dinner at Maxwell FC as i was craving for teochew porridge. Ended up having fried fish soup instead as the teochew porridge stall ran out of porridge. -_-!

This bowl of fried fish soup is from the King's Fish Soup stall. Their main outlet is at Tanjong Pagar's FC. From the picture, its easy to see that they are very generous with their ingredients.

And some auntie tissue seller actually called dar "Xiao Jie"! Muahaha. This is not the first time either! Even the lor mee stall auntie, at Tiong Bahru FC, addressed him as "xiao jie", not once, but 2-3 times! Muahaha. Damn funny la. I look and look, left right up down centre, but cant see anything on him that resembles that of a "xiao jie". LOL.

Shoot, i think im gonna get a thrashing from him. =Pp

Dar had ham aglio olio from the pasta stall. It sucks, dont ever try it.

11:27 PM


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Argh, im having gastrict again. Hurts like fuck.

How can edison quit showbiz?

Damn sad la.
9:57 PM


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sick and tired of having restaurant food, we tot we'd settle for something cheaper and simpler like hawker fare.

The past few day's of feasting has somehow or rather burned a deep hole in my pocket.

Headed to Toa Payoh Lor 1 for lunch as i had a craving for "green mountain's" carrot cake. Sadly, they were closed! Just when i felt like having carrot cake....grrr

Settled for the alternative - porridge. Shared a bowl of fish soup too. I hate parsley and fried onions and i doubt i'l ever like them.

Tobie and Flap... he heh. He looks so pityful because the owner simply refuses to let him outta the room despite his incessant barking to be let out. =P

10:28 PM


Monday, February 18, 2008

Ok, so dinner was at the Hong Kong Cafe, situated along Upper East Coast Road, instead of the pre-arranged Billy Bombers as yours truely had a sudden craving for instant noodles with egg and luncheon meat.

Settled down here first for drinks as the HK Cafe opens only at 6pm. Funny we're having drinks, and not Ba Chor Mee, at a BCM eatery itself.

Anyway, fast forward abit, we ordered the usual ribena lemon for drinks.

Shared a french toast with peanut butter and fried guo ties for starters.

I love love love french toasts. The maple syrup sort of helped full-fill my pancake/hotcakes craving. The french toast would also have been much more appetizing if not for the un-generous serving of peanut butter. A whole lot of difference it makes to have peanut butter oozing out from the insides.

Didnt try the guoties as i never like them in the first place.

Check out their cheese baked rice with pork chop!

Never liked HK style's baked rice as they are usually done tomato based. Never really fancied tomato based pasta either.

For desserts, we had ice-cream from the chefs!

A large cup of oreo cookies with kinder beuno for mix-ins and hot fudge to top it all. OOOOH.

Their version of cookies and cream ice-cream is really GOOD. The oreo chunks are huge and plentiful! What a treat. =)

I feel like i've gained weight. Must be the chicken burgers. Have been consuming them for the past 3 days in a row.

Succulent juicy chicken patty sandwiched between a fried egg, melted cheese, coleslaw veggies, chili and mayo and 2 nicely toasted buns. Who can resist?
11:59 PM


School's terribly boring today. Which day isnt. Hmpf..

I have a huge craving for jackfruit pancakes, salted egg yolk crabs, sushi and pork ribs.

Its the school mid-semester break next week. Finishing School on monday and tuesday, OM, MA and psych mid-terms to prepare for, and not forgetting the preparation of my psych term paper which i obviously havent started work on. And there's Temasek Hall's Dance Production to look forward to next friday as well. Got dar a ticket too!

I know this is really random but i'm really looking forward to my dinner at Billy Bombers later onwards in the evening. He Heh.
3:26 PM


Sunday, February 17, 2008

I hate school.

I hate everything that comes with it.

The stress, the competition, the travelling, the lectures, the tutorials, the mid-terms, the presentations, the projects, the exams, the timetable, the school system, yes, practically everything.

And after 2 months of procrastination, i've finally bought an organizer, from Raffles City, for myself. It looks so so pretty! =)

N i met my ex this morning. Of all places, he was sitting 2 rows in front of me during church service today.


Shall blog about friday's dinner at Indulgz Bistro when i get the pictures from the babes.

Ciaoz for now. Ive got some accounting to do.
8:49 PM


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Its that time of the year once again. A time where love fills the air in the streets. A time where couples can be seen cuddling and huddling over their candle-light dinners. A time when a man showcases his appreciation and affection and a time when ladies are showered with sweet nothings like chocolates, teddy bears, roses and what nots. Whatever it is, i just dont believe in Valentine's Day.

Anyway, dar and me went camping at East Coast Park today. This time, we tot we'd try pitching our tent at the lagoon area.

Its only a less than 3 minute walk to the lagoon, which means you dont have to worry about not having enough food. The water-skiing lagoon is directly behind us too. The music from there kinda provides us with free entertainment as well. =)

Can u see me? Ha Ha

We tot we'd have something really cheap and simple for dinner. Hence, the idea of cooking indo-mee and chunky's clam chowder in mass tins. Which certainly is a reminiscent of my sec school camping days.

Dar bought a can of chili tuna to go along with the noodles too. N a stupid roach ate my noodles. I seriously do not know where it came from but i can tell u i was pretty traumatized by it. There wasnt just one roach, there were more than 8 hiding under the ledge nearby. Dar used boiling hot water to kill them all. He even scalded a rat! Yikes.

We shared a coconut and milo dinosaur after that. Tot of having cakes for desserts at the italian restaurant, Riciotti. But lazy me didnt feel like riding out at the very last minute. Especially after having been greatly traumatized by the roaches and rodents, its not surprising to learn that i dint step foot outta the tent from then on.

We've tried BBQ'ing at ECP with our own-made pits. Now there's camping style cooking at ECP too. I wonder what's next. Perhaps a picnic at Sentosa or the Botanical Gardens with my dogs would be nice.


11:02 PM

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