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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You dont know how HAPPY i am for MA to be finally over. No more having to think or even analyze costs, revenues and profits! No more fussing about FNA modules, like forever?!

In case you're wondering, MA stands for Managerial Accounting while FNA stands for Financial Accounting. Obviously i cant manage my finances and accounts. After 2 years of accoounting education, i still noe nuts about it. N i dont wish to noe anymore. Thanks for all the "joy" you brought me Mr FNA.

Anyway, MA exam was crap, 4 killer questions. Law wasnt that bad after all, though i was rushing for time, as usual. Haha. Oh well, i hoep OM's better.

It better be.
10:23 AM


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Its FREE CONE DAY today!

But i CANT go!


and i CANT go too!

Why? Bcoz i have stupid exams from 1pm -7pm today.

Exams are depriving me of my free strawberry cheesecake ice-cream.

3:55 PM


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Never, and i mean NEVER ever go to GIANT on a saturday night. The crowds' so bad you wonder whether traffic lights ought to be installed to control the "traffic". N the way people push their trolleys? OMGawd you wouldnt want me to go into detail. Perhaps trolleys ought to come with side mirrors and horns too. Trolley licenses, maybe.

Anyway, we (Family) brought Grandma to Giant for a grocery shopping spree after a heavy dinner at Sakae Sushi. The slow moving traffic along Tampines Road kinda made the journey to Giant seem like FOREVER.

Grandma had Tempura Ramen while Mom had some curry katsu rice tingy. Pretty average i say. The rest of us had sushi ala-cart style. The sushi rice wasnt up to standards though. They tasted like yesternight's left over, mushy and clumped up together. Yucks. N their tempura ice-cream wasnt to my liking either. I was expecting the outer layer to be light and crispy like how a tempura batter ought to be but NOOOO, it turned out to be soft, mushy, and thick and tasted like bread gone soggy. BOO.

But the soft-shell crab Maki kinda made up for everything. HeHeh. After all, its Sakae Sushi, how high can my expectations go? Service was pretty good. There was this particular waitress who actually made sure my grandma wouldnt trip over the step. Impressive.

N guess wat i had for breakfast today???

OOH LaLa... Mc-Griddles!

The bread is actually infused with maple syrup! Its like a 2 in 1 kinda thing as it has the ability to satisfy both your hotcakes and sausage mcmuffin with egg cravings all at one go!

Check out the CHEEEEESE.

You know, I always tell dar, no matter how late you are, or how not hungry you feel, never ever forgo your breakfast or leave house with an empty stomach. And the same goes for all you lovely people. It not only starts your day proper by giving you sufficient energy to kick start your day, it also prevents binging in the later part of the afternoon and overeating during lunch.

That's just my two cents worth of digestable Food for Thought.

10:45 PM


Friday, April 25, 2008

I spent an hour sitting atop my toilet bowl, not bcoz i had nothing better to do, but rather bcoz i was having very bad stomach cramps today. More like stomach SPASMS actually. That pain is just so undescribeble and unbearable. I was not only breatheless and nauseous but covered in cold sweat too! Gawd, i just felt like dying there and then.

In fact, i've been having stomach aches (on and off) for the past 5 days. It isn't exactly a serious bout of food poisoning, more like stomach flu/bacteria. I think.

N you know what happened last tues? I came down with a terrible migrain, which led to a slight fever, because i over-studied and got too stressed up with MA. Now you see what MA can do?! BOO.

Anyway, i tot i'd give myself a day-off from all that mugging, esp MA, today. Did a little shopping at Bugis before heading down to dar's place at 5pm. Had a super early dinner (was very hungry) at Golden Mile. I had fried fish noodles while dar had BORING pasta.

This was taken using my lao ya pok camera phone so pardon me for the poor quality shots.

N i had 2 sticks of tontoro pork from the ToriQ Yakitori stick stall, which i kept a secret from dar. Muahaha.

N that's only round 1 of dinner!

As for round 2, we rode down to ChinaTown for "snacks".

Its actually my uncle's recommendation and tonight's also my second visit. So here we are, back again for some Shanghainese Delights!

Dar's new hair-cut! All geared up for reservist eh! LOL

Pan-Fried Guo Tie's!

Its so so gooood! You should know by now that i, for one, am no guo tie lover but this one here is so good i cant help but eat more than 1! You gotta try this. Very Shiok. More shiok than buttered popcorn. Haha.

N lastly, we shared red-bean pancake. This is also very good. Evenly pan-fried with generous slabs of fine red bean paste. YUMMY!

They have other items like xiao long baos, dan dan noodles, hot and sour soup, vegetables and a few others which i cant remember. Do make it a point to come early as it gets crowded/fully occupied very quickly. Like tonight, there was a queue of more than 10 in line and the wait can be pretty long. No reservations are allowed either.

The Address: 21 Neil Road, Qun Zhong Eating House

The guo ties and red bean pancake comes highly recommended by me. The other stuff are pretty mediocore. Hope i dint get you salivating and craving for guoties this week.

11:47 PM


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dislocated my thigh bone whilst sleeping. Had a little difficulty getting back to dreamland due to the wrong positioning of the bone. Up down left right backwards my leg went. After a minute or so, *CRACK*. A sense of painful satisfaction i felt. I suppose it went back to its rightful position, so back to ZZZ i went.

I think i need more calcium.

Anyway, met up with baby today at the Esplanade for a cookie tasting session at The Cookie Museum aka V Tea Room.

The victorian style interior.

You cant help but feel like a Prince/Princess. I told dar this is exactly what i want the interior of my walk-in-wardrobe to look like. With chandeliers, huge mirrors, comfy arm chairs, gold linings, velvet and all. =D

We were urshered to a 2-seater window seat, given menus with an outer leather jacket, and were showered with complimentary exceptionately good service all afternoon.

If he's the King then that makes me the Queen.

Tea was on the house. Chose one from their Zesty Fruit Tea selection. Prices here are sky-rocket high, one cup of tea can set u back by about $12-$25. Creepy~

Polynesian Paradise Tea - Romantic Pink Tisane with Luscious Strawberries, Kiwi, Apple Bits and Rose Bips.

Its very good! A sweet and Calming infusion which will uplift your spirits!

N rmb the last time i mentioned about how the sales lady fed me with a never-ending sample of cookies? This time, they fed us with a never-ending trolley load of cookies! I quite like the Chocolate Mint and D24 actually. American Breakfast (bacon and parmesan cheese with a hint of parsley) is still my all time fave!

The sales lady who attended to us was very friendly, polite and pretty professional. She was able to promote every flavour and highlight every ingredient that goes into every cookie. In fact, at some stages, i kinda felt she was reading off her memorized script. LOL. And I ate till the palms of my hand were smeared with, not cookie crumbs, but saliva! =P

N guess what we got for grandma?

Hae Bee Hiam cookies! Premium Hae Bee Hiam cookies okie. Haha. But still, nothing beats her home-made with love hae bee hiam. =)

N tat's me on my Hello Kitty Scooter! Muahah.

Rode off to have an early dinner at Lau Pa Sat. We shared Satay and a Spicy Pork Set from the Korean Stall. N there was this particular office lady fussing over the cleanliness of the trays. Ridiculous i say.

Rode off to Expo as my fren, whose dad owns a pastry production factory, kept promoting and insisting that i make a visit to the FoodHotelAsia fair. But discovered that it was only for trade partners upon arrival! BOO. Wasted trip man. -_-!

Tot of going to Pasir Ris Park for a chill but ended up rauding along Changi as dar lost his way! It was pretty enjoyable, with the beautiful sights of the planes, beach and sunset.

Thanks for the company!

11:08 PM


Monday, April 21, 2008

Anymore Mathematical Modules and i swear my brain is gonna explode into a gazillion pieces.

All that headaches (more like brain aches), nauseuosness (im not preganant), and sleepless nights are giving me moodswings & driving me up the wall.

Poor dar has to endure my crazy uncertain varying temperaments. That was so OM! My gawd.

Anyway, over the weekends, we attended (me & yisi) mag's 21st B-day party at Costa Sands. We had vodka and catered food. Got her a tinbox of cookies from the VTeaRoom, Esplanade. They have so many different flavours! All baked in house. U gotta try their NASI LEMAK flavoured cookies. Really lemak i tell u. I cld make out the coconut rice, ikan bilis, and sweet chili! LOL. So dont ever belittle that small little ugly brown dough.

I must commend the VTeaRoom for displaying exceptionately good service though. Not only did they feed me with tonnes of cookies (it was never ending, worse than sampling ice-cream from Tom's i tell u), they also offered me a cup of cranberry flavoured hot tea! Impressive! N i was even invited to come down for their cookie tasting session next week. She explained that this session is actually meant for regulars and only those with invites could attend but as for me, she said she just felt like inviting. Haha! U can attribute that to grace grace. =)

Dar gets to come with me too. Lucky him!

N on Sunday, i made myself a cup of baileys green tea. N i had banana pancakes, which bro whipped up for brekkie, and waffles (bacon bits+butter and hazelnut chocolate) from TheWaffleCottage today as well.

I tot the waffles tasted better before. Perhaps the girl who prepared it for me's a newbie and so hasnt mastered the art of making fluffy waffles. Not that this wasnt fluffy, it was just a little charred and the waffle tasted pretty bland too. But no worries, i'l still be back for more waffles! Esp for their cheesy cheese! N fondue set! Did i mention that im quite afraid, sths, to buy waffles from them? Haha. Cause it seems like they're always giving me that "you still havent purchased our fondue set" look! Which dar promised them like months ago?! LOL

You know something, I may not have seen God personally but i have EXPERIENCED His awesome presence. N that happened again during service tdy! It was so so SWEET. I've never felt so much PEACE before. His presence is SO STRONG u cant help but tear, sing praises, worship and magnify Him even more. It just makes you want to fall in love with Him all over again. AND, I sowed my miracle seed for the One-North Church Building fund/project too.

All for building the glorious house of God. =)

'll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the one who gave it all
I'll stand
My soul Lord to you surrendered
All I am is yours
8:57 PM


Friday, April 18, 2008

So i SMS'ed fatty that i was craving for some sweet treats, especially RITZ APPLE STRUDELS today.

Fatty being his usual sweet self replied saying he'l get me some after work at 9pm tonight.

But i changed my mind about the strudel and requested instead for him to spring me and surprise me with any dessert of his choice or basically, whatever he has in mind for me

It can be cupcakes, donuts, apple strudels, ice-cream, eclairs, macarons, cakes, SIMPLY ANYTHING!

N guess what he got me?

Hint: Its from Paisley & Creme



One's an oreo cupcake, the other's pistachio. There's even oreo bits inside the cupcake. Surprise Surprise!

Remember this?

Yes, all these pretty cupcakes are from Paisley & Creme.

Awww, i love my fatty so much.

Truckloads in fact.
10:37 PM


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Its dar dar's off day today! N it also happens to be my last day of school for this semester! Exams will commence on the 29th and end on the 7th, after which, its THE VERY LONG HOLIDAYS till August 14! Sweet~

Dar picked me up from school after OM presentation at 2pm this afternoon. The presentation was pathetic, we only had 5 audiences! But boy am i glad to be finally done and over with OM. No more DSC modules pleazz.

Shared a footlong subway club from YIH's Subway. Its really cheap. Like after student discounts, we only had to pay $7 for a footlong sandwich! What a steal.

Satisfied my sweet tooth cravings with ice-cream from Tom's! We shared a large choco-banana and salted caramel. N i really dont know why Chronos (the owner) loves to ask us for food recommendations. Really strange. N then we'l start exchanging recommendations, talk abt ice-cream making machines, waffles! and yadayadayadah~

Pictures captured using my new camera phone! Some with Dar's new HP. Seriously, the quality sucks. Just take a look at that fatty...LOL

Had an early, like super early dinner at Golden Mile. I had some tomato based pasta with bacon and ham while dar had bacon aglio done extra spicy.

This time, it was REALLY REALLY spicy! Well, to me that is. The pastas i found to be mediocore. Dar reckons they've improved by a mile (maybe his wok has seasoned, LOL). Well, if u want really affordable pastas at hawker centre prices, den this is certainly one place, together with Mien and Pasta Manna, you'd wana patronize.

OH, we shared garlic bread too!

Their garlic bread is one of the bestest ive ever tasted. N to think its from a humble little stall unit tucked inside Golden Mile Food Centre!

N we shared sio bak (roasted pork) from one of the stalls there. Yes, this food item is so random. Sio Bak Aglio Olio? Could be worth a try. LOL

Rode to One Fullerton for a chill-out session. Window shopped around Marina Square. Decided to head for home shortly after as my heels were giving me blisters. Its one of my most fave pair of heels acty, but not after they sunk into MUD this morning. BOO.

V Tea Room's cookies are so-so nice! Especially the american breakfast flavoured ones!

Sorry! That was really random but they're really addictive and YUMMY!

Would so love to have cookies and cupcakes over tea at their victorian styled V Tea Room.

Even the place is YUM.

It makes u feel like a Prince/Princess too!

How do you rate the idea of Apple launching a FlatScreen iTV? Samsung has a sleek black flatscreen while Apple could have a sexy pure white one! It will operate like that of an iTouch, where TV channels, instead of pictures and mp3s, just "flip". Or it can be like Macbooks. With the touch of one button on your remote, every channel will spread/space out n u'l be able to see what shows r featured on every channel in just one setting. N the apple logo will glow too! LOL

Im so full of crap today and Apple is not launching an iTV, it was just a random idea by yours truely.

11:19 PM


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I can eat all of them right now.

Desserts to me are like drugs to a drug addict

11:00 PM


All that noise pollution is driving me up the wall. There's the drilling from the lift upgradation project, drilling from the construction at the carparking lots and drilling aka paint work right outside my main door. A condusive place for studying? My foot.

Yeah, its THE EXAMS in another one and a half weeks. Im really hoping for all these to go pass quickly and be over. Gimme back MY LIFE anytime! I need to do something more fullfilling, more meaningful and more productive. Not sit in my room, with heads buried deep inside my lecture notes, textbooks and laptop, wondering what other food items are left for me in the fridge.

Its the period where i start eating and eating like nobody's darn business. I eat when im hungry, i eat when im not hungry, i eat when i have nothing to do, i eat when im stressed, i eat when my mouth's itching to bite something, or maybe someone, LOL, i eat because i just want to EAT. BOO. But its definitely a great way to clear all my snack stash in the cupboard. Haha

Anyway, dar came to pick me up from school at 4pm yest. We rode down to The Cathay to catch the 5pm, Street Kings, movie. Dar paid for me! Its always me who has been paying for the movie studs but bcoz dar wanted, but i did not want, to watch this particular movie, hence, dar was made to pay! LOL. He even paid for popcorn. Haha

U noe, the movie was so so so BORING. Finished my popcorn within 30 minutes of the show. Which left me day-dreaming for the remaining 90 minutes of the movie. I was left wondering how come Cathay didnt have a refillable popcorn system because at that point in time, i was really hoping someone would come in to refill my empty popcorn bag. But of course, its not for free, u have to pay a price, but cheaper. Or maybe, they could have an electronic touch-screen at the back of every theatre so movie-goers can order whatever food items they want via that computerized system. Cinema staff will deliver the items to your seat (u have to indicate ur seat number during the ordering process) and all payment would have been made before via credit/debit card or EZ link for students. That way, people-who-are-trying-hard-to-endure-BORING-or-LONG-movies, like me, can satisfy themselves with munchies throughout the entire show! N good news for lazy bummers, like yours truely too, haha, u don have to lug ur heavy bum off the comfy seat just to make a purchase from the popcorn kiosk!

How innovative!

I feel like a genious all of a sudden.

5:49 PM


Sunday, April 13, 2008

The bowl of Tom Yum soup i just had seems to have been the perfect cure for my sore throat! The irritation and pain seems to have left almost completely. Blame it on the charcoal, chocolates and DONUTS over the past few days.

Anyway, bro whipped up a sausage platter + cheesy omelettes for breakfast today. I love having BIG breakfasts on lazy sunday mornings. TheSundayTimes published a blueberry hotcake recipe article in its LifeStyle section today. Who knows, we might whip it up for breakkie next weekend. HeHeh.

Strange how my bro enjoys cooking and how i have a passion for baking and desserts when neither both my parents have any talent with regards to culinary skills. Hmmm.

N SherylCho made me crave for J.Co donuts all week can. Cldnt resist any longer, hence, headed down to J.Co on friday to get my donut fix. Invited Dar and aunt to join me as well. We ordered the oreo, the white choc + almond flakes and white choc + peanut butter donut.

They are all pretty good and decent but honestly, i think i still prefer Donut Fac's. Its a very very close fight. Really. We even hopped down to Donut Fac right after J.co to grab their coffee roasted almond donut!

SherylCho am i going to die soon???

N i love how dar always says "Don't want, Dont want, full already" but ends up eating the donut. LOL

Hopped down to Gloria Jeans thereafter for drinks. We ordered a white choc mocha and a macademia latte. I was expecting my drink to be served chilled but it came hot. Their drink display board didnt indicate whether drinks were served hot/cold n unlike Starbucks, drinks were also not categorized according to hot/cold, hence, the assumption that all drinks shld be served chilled. Strange they didnt ask whether i wanted it hot/cold.

I nv fancied hot drinks, hence, that's pissing factor number 1.

After taking a few sips, i was wondering whether the blocked nose affected my sense of taste for chocolate. Mocha = a little choc? In fact, i cldnt detect a single hint of chocolate at all. It didnt taste anything/anywhere near how a mocha ought to, much less a WHITE CHOCOLATE mocha. Sure tasted like pure non-sugared coffee to me. Yikes.

N tat's pissing factor number 2.

My aunt's macademia latte was pretty good though.

N dar and me had korean hotplate for dinner yesterday.

Its been a long time since i last had hotplate. Ummm. With poor air-conditioning, the wait for it was kinda unbearable. But we got a slice of pepperoni pizza from Sarpino's to keep us going! LOL I like their cheese, Pity it wasnt served hot enough.

Chilled out at Carl's Jr for a drink. Window shopped for dar's laptop before heading home. Forget Sony, Mac is good baby. Hahaha.
8:38 PM


Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh boy Oh boy. Everything's a piece of crap.

Where did all the motivation to prep for the exams go to?

Cant wait for May 7th. Like seriously.

So many plans for the days, weeks and months that follow after that.

Shokudo Sun-Tanning Picnics Canoeing NightCycling Bakerzin SHOPPING BangKok Chill-out nights Baking Waffles & Crepes Stayovers Latenightmovies DESSERTS

The list just goes on and on and on...

Anyway, BNJ's Free Cone day will be on the 29th of April. Dont forget to get your cones that day!

10:59 PM


Thursday, April 10, 2008

As of today, I am officially 21 years 0 months and 4 days old! Being 21 doesnt make me feel any different from being a 17, 18, 19, or even a 20 year old but the feeling of KNOWING that i'm a full-fledged 21 year old adult sure kicks some ass.

Dar reckons im still as childish as ever. How's a 21 year old supposed to act/behave? My baby fats obviously werent zapped away when the clock struck 12 3 days ago, 7th April 2008. If they were, i'd say they'd make the greatest bestest birthday gift in the entire universe. HurHurHur. I must be dreaming.

Anyway, i celebrated my 21st b-day with half the time spent in boring ol'campus attending OM lectures and MA tutorials. These 2 modules have got to be the WORST thing ever introduced on planet Earth.

Dar rode over to pick me up after his work/my class at 4-ish in the afternoon. N he dint even wish me a Happy Birthday! Muahaha. Tot we'd ride over to the nearby VivoCity for a movie as we really had no idea what we both wanted to do there and then. Ended up window shopping, with me trying on a very nice denim skirt from Zara, as the available movies didnt seem appealing enough. We grabbed snacks (OldChangKee, Korean Yakitori sticks and SoyaBean) and chilled out at Vivo's RoofTop.

For once, i felt great sitting down. My heels were killing me. I really did enjoy the long chat with dar too. N im still craving for yakitori sticks & J.Co's Donuts! Bye Bye Donut Factory! HaHaHa.

By evening time, we rode down to our dinner venue at Riverside Walk. Suggested having italian today as i was really sick from all the consumption of meats, japanese, french and seafood from the BBQ. Furthermore, italian cuisine is one of my most favourite, with Cantonese cuisine, Japanese and Pub-Grubs/Irish coming in second, third and fourth respectively.

Chilled out by the Clarke Quay River before walking down to Riciotti situated at the opposite side of the road.

An Arty Farty shot.

This huge dog appeared out of no where. So cute. LOL

Dinner time! Check out their dessert selection.

We shared a Grilled Parma Ham Panini Sandwich for appetizers. HaHa! Yes i know who eats a sandwich for appetizers! This is actually considered a main but who cares, i love my mozerella and parma ham. In fact, the mozerella used here is different from those sold in supermarkets. I dont know what kinda mozerella they used but i just know its damn good and goes extremely well with the ham and rucola leaves.

For mains, we both had the Spaghetti Gamberi pasta!

The accompanying condiments

Its simply spag tossed in chili, garlic and olive oil with tiger prawns for ingredients. It tasted a little bland and certainly didnt meet mine, nor dar's, expectations. Dar thinks TCC's aglio's better while i think Wild Rocket's beats them all handsdown. Pity Riciotti's version didnt quite hit the mark. =(

But the prawns were plentiful, succulent and crunchy. Um Um.

For desserts, we shared a Gianduja! Was fighting the urge to order profiteroles. Haha

Its basically gianduja chocolate, hazelnut and chocolate-chip gelato served with armaretti cookies, drizzled with armaretto sauce, decorated with chocolate crunch and topped with whipped cream. There gelatos are homemade and packed with flavour. The hazelnut's superb! Goes extremely well with their affagato. N i dont know what those armaretti armaretto thingys are but the cookies are YUM.

Shared a tiramisu as well. Who comes to an italian restaurant without ordering a tiramisu? Well, this certainly aint my first, nor second, nor third time having their tiramisu. Its pretty decent in my opinion. I've yet to try one that's got the ability to blow my tongue and mind away. LOL

N the birthday girl treated. How strange... LOL

Thanks to all once again for the sweet birthday wishes and pressies! You lovely people sure know how to make my day special! Love ya all~
6:45 PM

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