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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Dar's exams are just around the corner. My turn will come in late Nov. For the moment, its just me having to clear my never-ending pile of assignments, projects and mid-terms.

Time flies when im in school. Its 10 in the morning, im having my usual lectures, 2 hours later, i find myself scurrying to ARTS Fac for another lesson. Not even a bare 5 mins to grab a bite! BOO. Everyone's so bloody competitive. If only people will do things/move at a slower steadier pace. Wouldnt it make the world a much nicer place to live in? Lesser people will die from stress-related illnesses, married young couples will be encouraged to start families, which should help resolve the issue of declining birthrates, we will have more time for ourselves/friends/family/loved ones/dogs, we will worry less about this and that and maybe, even learn to love Singapore's education system! Ha Ha.

Glad to say that ive been quite hardworking lately. Pulled dar outta his comfort zone to come study with me after church. We went to McDonalds, Suntec City, and did whatever we had to do. Bought a 6 pc nugget meal, an apple pie and dar ta-baoed pepperlunch. Food, by right, ought to serve as a motivating factor, but it doesnt seem to work very well on me. Procrastinating is something i dont suck at. "Calculate the Real GDP for.......Ummm.... yummy mcnugget...(re-read qs), Calculate the Real....Argh...I should just eat up all the mcnuggets first!" See See? Its not my fault! The food keeps calling out to me! "EAT ME! EAT ME!"

Mom brought the dogs for grooming just recently. Flappy looks really bald and looks more like how a daschund should be.

Tobie on the otherhand is back to looking like GOLLUM! Grey and bony!



Will just have to wait patiently for his fur to grow back.

Yours truely had her first mass media tutorial this afternoon. It was fun, quite fun. Ha Ha. At least my tutor was entertaining. What he wore today almost got me falling off the chair, bursting into laughter. He was tall, maybe around dar's height, if not taller, and he was wearing a black woolen cardigan (those gay type) over a white long sleeved shirt. He had on black casual trousers and casual black and white popeye sneakers. The most outstanding was his bright pink striped tie! His glasses were those old fashion glasses - big black square rimmed ones. And he was carrying a pink file. Ha Ha! Imagine! Which tutor will also belt out hokkien techno songs or do Mambo actions in class? Well, he is one of them for certain. LOL

i got 2 tops from the bizarre at central forum today. 10 bucks for each top. Real Steal!

Today is cheesecake day! I had a new york cheese and an oreo cheese. The new york cheese can be bought off the shelves in Carrefour while the Oreo cheese was baked by one of my relatives.

Its really good! Im gonna make a better version during my dec holidays. He He Heh.

Happy 11th Monthsary Dar Dar! Thanks for never failing to irritate me for the past 11 months. I love you all the same! Muackz
11:22 PM


Monday, August 27, 2007
I seriously have no idea how this "tagged" game came about or who started it but nevertheless, i shall just play along anyhow.

Thanks ah, Yisi for tagging me. Ha Ha At least its more fun than having to do finance tutorials. =P

Rules of the game :
player start off to list out 10 weird things/habits or little known facts of yourself.
ppl who get tagged must also write 10 things out.
then the player must tagged another 6 ppl and no tagged back is allowed.

1. I've an emotional eating disorder. BAD!

2. I sing very loudly in the bathroom. =P

3. I speak chINdian - My chinese sounds like tamil.

4. I think God gave me four invisible stomachs. Up till today, doctors still havent figured out the reason behind my huge voluptous appetite for food.

5. Im actually very quiet and reserved.

6. Im 20, but still have stubborn baby fat cheeks which simply refuse to diffuse, disintegrate, or melt away.

7. I like to buy/eat things that look pretty. Especially shoes! And most of the time, they're just for display because i hardly find a chance to wear them. Ha Ha. Hence the need for dar to design and build me a shoe cupboard. =P

8. Im very impatient. But strangely, i have the patience to queue for donuts.

9. I find it hard to be gentle and feminine. Ha Ha. I like things rugged and vintage. Bet you dont know that grew up playing with toy soldiers and cars mostly.

10. I pick my nails and usually go for a haircut/wash whenever im stressed.

The 6 ppl im gonna tag are.......

Sam, Jamie, |nSp1rEd, May May, Ma-Lee, and Eric (WC).
8:45 PM


My finance tutor is a cheena lady. Oh well, at least she's 100 times better than Li Ning. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Not one but so so many familiar faces here in this tutorial slot!

Gave up the opportunity to group with a quite cute caucasian guy for Joel. Ha Ha Ha

He asked me and i said NO! Muahahaha. Heart acheeee....

Alrightey! Have to pay attention now. Ciaoz~
3:06 PM


Sunday, August 26, 2007
Im so in the mood for singing. Music's my passion ( not food!) muahahaha.

I've always dreamed of being part of a music rock/hiphop/wadeva band. Be it as a drummer, a keyboardist, or singer. Jason once taught me drums and he said i was a fast learner! He charges like ten over dollars for an hour of drumming lessons but for me, he taught for free! Ha Ha. Drums are cool. So are electric guitars! I think guys who play them are sexy. Not all, but SOME. =P

Exercised today! *Applaud* Worked out at the Tampines Gym with dar this morning. I think we were enjoying the aircon/nua-sterizing more than working out. =/ Ended up not tanning as dar got lazy. Its okie, i still love you ma! After all, another nua-ster like me. He He Heh.

Lunched at the nearby Tampines Round Market. Tried the wanton noodles which everyone raves. Its from a stall called "Xing Ji".

As usual, i need my red-bull fix. Seriously addicted to this thing.

Im not an expert when it comes to wanton noodles, or any other noodles in particular but i have to admit that this plate of wanton mee is one of the better ones ive tried so far. The noodles were very springy and best of all, didnt clump together! Mine was the dry chili version. Yes! Chili! I dont usually take chili but since i didnt like my noodles to be tossed in ketchup, i had no choice but to opt and settle for the spicy chili version. It wasnt all that bad! At least it didnt get me perspiring, tearing or developing a runny nose.

Dar had Yong Tau Foo from this stall!

The special thing about his ytf is that they offer a wide variety of ingredients which you dont commonly see in other ytf stalls outside. However, by the time we got there, most of the "special" ingredients were already swiped off the display shelves. So dar ended up with a "not so special" ytf after all.

Desserts! There's always room for dessert! We each had a cold watermelon ball dessert from this stall!

Yummy! Just what we needed on a scorching hot saturday afternoon.

I dont know what's up today but there were traffic jams in almost every part of Singapore! There was a massive jam on the PIE , congested roads along Eunos Link and still more jams here and there. Uber frustrating! I drive, so i know how dar feels, having to accelerate, then break, and accelerate, then break again. I almost became a roasted spider-pig. The sun was slowly draining me of my mental strength. I was on a bike, NO AIRCON, what do you expect huh? =P At least "jinx" was able to squeeze through traffic. =)

Had an afternoon snack at Donut Factory. Dined in. Spent 15-20mins queuing. Bought 3 donuts! A coffee roasted almond, hazelnut chocolate and peanut-butter glazed! Pity the double choc ones ran out.

The hazelnut choc and peanut-butter glazed is still as good as ever.

Dont judge it by its plain outer image.

Cut it open and out flows rivers of thicky creamy peanut butter!

OMG I love it so much! Told you i have a soft spot for things that have the ability to OOZE! LOL

The coffee roasted almond donut is a new addition to the donut family. Its pretty good! But strangely, i couldnt make out any coffee taste! All i rmb is the taste of almonds and condense milk. Ha Ha. But i still love it~

Do note that prices have risen by 10-20cents/donut. Its a smart move by Donut Fac to help raise sales revenue further. Considering that there are many people like me who will still buy despite the increase in price. After all, i have to admit that its one of the better donut outlets in Singapore.

Ooo La La.. a donut fix sure keeps a princess happy all day long. Cheers.

Dinner with family at East Coast Lagoon. For appetizers, dar and me shared a cup of milo ice-blend and a plate of rojak!

As for our mains, Dar dar, Uncle Kenny, and myself had Mixed Beef Kway Teow soup while the rest had wanton mee. We shared 2 different types of veggies too. Some french bean but not long beans tingy and some leafy veg (no idea what its called).

Both were equally yummy! The french bean was crunchy and i like the fact that it was stir fried with chili padi and minced shrimp.

The mixed beef kway teow was decent. Spent more than 30 mins queueing up for this! Longer than having to queue for donuts! Ha Ha Ha.

This stall however doesnt offer the usual beef noodles "noodles". They only have beehoon, kway teow and yellow alkaline noodles. Their kway teow is super soft and slippery! Nice nice. They dont offer dry versions too. The thing that amazes me is how the old uncle takes great pride in preparing each individual bowl of beef noodles. He actually prepares each bowl one at a time and will take the effort to arrange the beef slices, tendons, and what not, neatly, Hence, the long queue.

That's alot of food i had today. Perfectly normal for a growing girl like me. He He Heh. There goes my workout at the gym. As if i burned much. Ha Ha
8:00 PM


Saturday, August 25, 2007
Remember my last entry on MissyDonuts? How i criticised them for their horrendous attitude and service and how i vowed never to buy a single donut from them? Well, while talking about it to dar dar at Donut Factory today, we overhead someone from the other table say....

"Wha, that donut shop at PS sibei sibei SIBEI not nice!"

Ha Ha! Looks like i've found a friend! She stressed so hard on the word "SIBEI" i couldnt help but laugh softly.

Guess i wouldnt be missing out on any missydonuts after all.

But hey, this doesnt mean you cant or shouldnt try their donuts alright? All this is just my personal opinion.
10:14 PM


Friday, August 24, 2007
Thank God Its Friday!

Dar's blaming me now for spreading the flu bug to him. I didnt know i was this contagious. But blame him for spreading the germs to me first! You can say we're experts at playing the so called "Blame-game" oredi. =P

BOO to no exercise. I procrastinated yet AGAIN.

Dar came over to my place to pick me up. Rode to Cineleisure. Bought 2 movie tix for the 3.15pm License To Wed movie. Funny!

Had lunch before that but still felt super hungry. So bought a kinder-beuno chocolate bar and summerhouse cookies and cream donut from Cheers. Dar got himself a milo chocolate bar. Bought 2 cans of pokka peppermint greentea too. Smuggled them into the theatre. Im wondering how come i didnt think of getting the huge chocolate muffins from Famous Amos. Guess i was too hungry to even think straight. =P

Bought a pair of earrings from Diva. =)

Rode back to dar's place as it was still early. Cldnt watch Heros as dar's lao ya pok dvd player decided to throw tantrums yet again. Slapped it, banged it, hit it, shook it, but to no avail. Time to get a new one baby! Add in a new samsung flat-screen for me as well! Thanks cute dar dar! =P

Rode out for dinner ard 6-ish. Dined at Popeyes!

The one and only outlet in Singapore, at Changi Airport Terminal 1.

We shared the set meal, which consisted mainly of 4 pcs fried chicken, 6 pcs of fried shrimps (They gave us 8!), mashed potato, coleslaw, fries and 2 drinks. We had the coleslaw changed to fries and drinks changed to ice-lemon tea.

Popeyes fries are super yummilicious! Im not a potato/fries person so if i say its good, it should be superb for all you fries lover out there. Ha Ha. If you're a fan of Long John's fries, you'll love popeyes even more.

A closer look...

Mini milk buns +strawberry jam were given as well.

Interesting bun. Ha Ha. The outer crust is really crumbly and the inside is soft and fluffy! Quite nice. But dint finish it as bread = carbo = make you full.

That's a simple friday for you!

Meeeeeee! Obviously....

I feel like watching HairSpray! But dar doesnt want to. How How Blue Cow?
11:18 PM


Thursday, August 23, 2007
HillSongs Live 2007! How i wish i was there!

For now, enjoy the vid! =)

...Im not ashamed of the gospel lord,
Your power, your love,
That saved my soul,
Now im alive in You,
I live in the risen Son.
10:42 PM


Gastrict pain is killing me! I had a tuna and egg mayo sandwich for brekkie, a bowl of yong tau foo + beehoon soup for lunch, an oats + honey nature valley granola bar and a proper rice with plenty of dishes dinner. What then is the cause of my gastrict? The one im experiencing right now is real bad, excruciatingly painful in fact. Chocolates usually do the trick but this time, even 2 peanut butter reese chocs cant eliminate the pain!

My nose block isnt showing any signs of improvement either. Boy, i just feel like going to bed. But the prob is, as much as i want to, my brain cells just doesnt want to switch off to night mode. In otherwords, i cant get to sleep. On some nights, im able to zonk out almost instantaneously, but when morning dawns, my body alarm clock will automatically zap me awake as early as 7am in the morning and that's when the problem sets in. For some reason, i just cant get back to sleep.

Usually this happens when ive a load of shit up my mind. Have you ever experienced it b4? Your mind just cant stop wandering and thinking about issues and questions like how what why this and that start popping up in ur mind? There's no answers to these questions, which result in you going in circles? No? Never experienced b4? Maybe its just me.. the weirdo.. haha.. or maybe my super powers are starting to develop, like Hiro, from Heros, who can freeze time and teleport to the future, or Issac Menders, who can paint the future. Cool huh.

Well, the past 2 days werent exactly fun-filled. Had no school yesterday. So went to City-Link to buy some stuff. Grabbed a hotdog roll from Polar. Took 518 straight home.

As for today, dar made my blood boil this morning. =(

For some reason, i kinda half expected this to happen. Maybe i do have super powers! HaHaHa.

But well, everything got resolved later in the day.

Gonna catch up with darlie tmr and most importantly, claim my dinner treat! Dont worry, i will not burn a hole in ur LV wallet. Just like how you have to help me curb my expenses and make sure i dont break my promise, which i made to myself just 2 days ago. That is, to go on a fruit + veggie diet and to eat only low fat hawker priced food.

All these for the sake of?

Saving money!

For what purpose you ask me?

That i shall not reveal...

Just yet.

But soon, the time will come and you will very soon find out what i had planned 8 months ago.

Hee Hee Hee.

8:49 PM


Tuesday, August 21, 2007
The flu bug + long day at school + having to lug a heavy bag filled with a thick corportae finance textbk, lappy and jacket = SuperTired-Girl

The winds may howl, the sun may scorch, the bees may buzz and the getai singers may go out of tune but SuperTired-Girl will overcome all odds and continue to do what she loves to do ever so frequently - blog!

He He Heh.. im crapping. =P

19th August 2007, Sunday

Drove to church. Drove back home. I was a good girl today. Stayed at home and ate donuts. =)

20th August 2007, Monday

Crashed dar's lesson this morning. We watched Heros on my lappy.

Dar rode me to school after that. We had lunch at Engine's Canteen as i wanted to try their Katsu Don, which came highly recommended from Kim Hai.

But sadly, it wasnt as good as how Kim Hai described it to be. The fried pork wasnt crispy at all. Perhaps the egg should be fried first (till its about 3/4 cooked), then place the pork cutlet over it instead of frying the pork first and then pouring the liquid raw egg all over it. Plus point about engine's katsu don is that the pork cutlet serving is really huge! They give lots of onions and egg too! I personally think Golden Mile's Katsu Don still tops the charts. I will not declare it as the best ive tried as i've yet to sample China Square's Katsu Don. Uncle's recommendation, dont play play. He He Heh.

Looks like im progressing into a soon-to-be Katsu Don Expert wor~

Went for Biz Comm while dar did his school project at the Biz Com Lab.

After class, dar rode to The Cathay. Bought 2 tix for the 4.25pm, The Bourne Ultimatum, movie. Same ol' couple seats, B17 and B18, at The Grand Cathay. =)

All those times we sat at B17 and B18. Ha Ha. Acty there's more than 4 but i kinda misplace those studs. =P

I seriously dont think it deserves the five star rating. I dozed off. That tells you how "fascinating" the show really is. Ha Ha. ok im sarcastic but come to think of it, maybe it does deserve 4 stars.

Dar bought a bag of Doritos cheese flavoured chips while i bought a cinnamon raisin pretzel from Auntie Anne's to munch during the movie. Before that, we shared a chocolate hazelnut crepe from Saybons!

Saybons is a newly opened french food stall that's located at the basement of PS. Along the same stretch of MissyDonuts and QQrice. Check out the quite cute chef.

Seriously, he looks more like a chef who should be refining his culinary skills at a high-class french restaurant. Seeing an oversized him in a small little kitchen making crepes just aint right. Ha Ha.

Crepe wasnt too bad. There was a generous amount of nutella spread and a fair amount of chopped peanuts sprinkled atop. The peanuts provided extra crunch. Lovely. Would have been better if not for the overcooked crepe. I thought crepes were supposed to be soft and chewy? No? no?

& Missy Donuts just lost themselves a customer. Not any ordinary customer but a big time donut lover. It has nothing to do with their donuts (ive nv tried them) but rather with their service and attitude. I wasnt even taking a snapshot of them and this lady told me harshly that photography wasnt allowed and that i had to delete the photo! Super turned off la. This scenario also happened to us at Donut Fac but at least their staff were more polite and experienced in handling such situations. So gonna ban MissyDonuts, after all, its just ANOTHER stall selling donuts. Big Deal! See how bad service damages a business' reputation? Not only do you lose a customer, you also earn yourself negative publicity. BOO!

21st August 2007, Tuesday

Im very proud of myself today. Ha Ha Ha. Why? Caused i stayed wide awake and gave my fullest attention to this mornings' Finance Lecture. Dont you think ive become a really good girl? Ha Ha Ha.

Dar came to pick me up for lunch, after his class, at 12pm. But first, i had to go to Clementi Bookshop, at Clementi itself, DUH!, to buy my Corporate Finance textbook. $36! But at least it aint as cut-throat as the financial calculator i bought this morning. $58 for a calculator! Bloody helllll. I could have bought 2 pairs of heels! The old uncle gave me back an extra $2 change. But i gave it back to him. See, dont you think ive become a really good honest girl? Ha Ha Ha.

Rode to Bukit Timah FC as i was craving for Mien's carbonara. But i guess i wasnt meant to have that today as they were CLOSED! So i settled for a bowl of porridge while dar had rice. We discovered a stall selling Toa Payoh's Old Long House Popiah too! Probably a franchise. Tried it and thought it failed miserably. Its not even anywhere near the standards of the original Old Long House Popiahs. Go for the original yea? Stop Piracy! Muahahaha.

Yong'An was at Bukit Timah FC too! And he was acty seating at the next table right beside ours! Such a coincidence!

Chilled at Vivo after that. Stopped by Gloria Jean's Cafe for dessert. We ordered a chocolate royale and an oreo cheesecake. Got a cup of cookies & cream mocha chiller to go along. Their cakes are pretty good! Esp the oreo cheese! Like the fact that they sprinkle alot of crushed oreo bits on top.

BTW, Corduroy Candy has opened! They have so many interesting candies and pretty chocolates! Was practically mesmerized by everything on the shelves and countertop. Guess this is gonna be candyempire number 2, for me, at least. Ha Ha.

Continued with Heros at Gloria Jean's Cafe. Completed the whole season. The ending was kinda abrupt, so my guess is there's gonna be a part 2 of season 1.

Walked around Vivo to digest. Saw a really nice black rugged jacket and skinny jeans at RiverIsland.

Dar rode me to school at ard 3-ish. Had Mass Comm lect at 4pm while dar had to work at 3pm. It was still early, so slacked and surfed the web at the Arts Canteen.

The newly renovated Arts Canteen. Its so DULL. Shoudnt there be more colors? After all, its the ARTS canteen. BK, Olio, and Lerk Thai are all upstairs on the left. Lots more seats and food stalls down below.

Im really bored...

The traffic jam on the PIE and ECP were terrible! Took me 2 long hours just to get home. My eyelids feel so heavy... i need a whole body massage, where's my redbull!!!!
11:00 PM


BOO! I caught the flu bug yesterday. Now my nose is like a waterfall. My timetable's finalized, at last! And im pleased to say that God has blessed me with a 3 day school week! This is how my timetable looks like.....

Monday: Macro Lect (10-12pm), i'l most probably skip this and watch the webcast at home.
Biz Comm (1-3pm)
Finance Tutorial (3-4pm)

Tuesday: Finance Lect (10-12pm), sadly, there's no webcast for this. =(
Mass Comm. Tutorial (12-2pm), Thankfully, only on odd weeks.
Mass Comm. Lect (4-6pm)

Wednesday: OFF Day!!!! -smiles-

Thursday: Retail Entrepreneurship (9-12pm)
Biz Comm. (1-3pm)
Macro Tutorial (3-4pm)

Friday: OFF Day!!! =)

Now that you know what time my school starts, ends, roughly what time i have to leave the house (Takes about 1.5hrs to travel to school/reach home), when i have my lunch/high-tea breaks bla bla bla, do feel free to ask me out for a cuppa, a shopping spree, or muggi session as and when your schedule fits mine alrite? Cheers~

Dont worry, I wont eat you up! Promise! Ha
5:43 PM


Sunday, August 19, 2007
Spent one third of my saturday at the Airport. Drove myself there for the CAAS orientation. Took me and some other peeps 20 mins to locate the venue. Walking from one end of the airport to the other end so many times i lost count. Boy was i sweating like a pig.

Played games, mingled around and made some new friends. At least the trainee didnt bore us to death. Refreshments were provided too. All in all, i consumed 2 mini tuna sandwiches, 1 sugar roll, 1 chicken puff and 1 strawberry sugar roll. Was eyeing those devilish looking brownies but man! They were all snapped up before i even got to the queue.

We played some amazing race game around the airport. Ran from one end to the other end, one terminal to the other terminal, of the airport. AGAIN!!! I wonder how many times the money changers have seen me since this morning.

We had to take pictures of ourselves at each pitt stop to prove that we were really there. Here are some of them...

The programme ended swiftly ard 5-ish in the evening. Overall, it kinda reminded me of the SuperTeens programme. Except that SuperTeens was much much more fun and happening. Even up till today, i still cant forget the joke about lum-sticks. All James fault. He got me laughing so hard. ....lum-sticks indeed. LOL

Took bus 36 together with Stephanie. She alighted at East Coasr while i continued the journey to Town. Dar dar was late again. But its okie, i still forgave him like any other time. I was pretty tired from the days' activities, so my sincere apologies for being quite temperamental that day.

We dined at Ajisen.

The Menu...

My green tea! He Heh.

I had a Ton Toro Ramen while dar had a Spicy Cha Shu Ramen. For our sides, we chose soft shell crabs and prawn mayo respectively. I had a hot cup of green tea while dar had ice-lemon tea. =)

Dar's Spicy Cha Shu ramen

My Ton Toro Ramen!

Dinner was great. As usual, i took a very long time to finish my meal. Longer than usual in fact. Why? Cause the way the spoon is shaped makes it hard for me to swallow my noodles. Either dar eats too fast, or im just a slow-eater by nature. If you eat with us, you'll notice that dar dar doesnt utter a single word whilst eating. As for me, i can talk non-stop from the moment i step into the restaurant right up till i slurp down my last strand of noodle. Im even used to dar not responding to me. Ha Ha. But at least talking to yourself isnt as torturing as having to endure a moment of silence.

Had terrible gastrict pain right after eating. Was already experiencing slight pain before that. Partly due to irregular meals and late dinner. It was horrigible terrigorible! The pain's so sharp it felt as though my appendix/kidneys were about to pop out of their rightful place. But thank God the pain subsided after a while. Phew~

In case you dont know, Manhatten's Fish Market was acty our initial intended venue for dinner. We even spent 5-10 mins queueing outside. The food items on the menu sounded super appetizing. Especially the sizzling prawns and garlic mussels in butter sauce, not forgetting the fish and chips too! Strangely, the food didnt seem to excite my appetite nor appeal to my stomach that day. For some reason, i was yearning mostly for non-western food. Needed a break from all the oily fried food which ive consumed over the past few days, weeks and months! And so, soup based Ajisen Ramen it was! Detox Detox Detox!

Ermmm, just pretend the prawn mayo and soft shell crabs arent fried okie? =P

PS has a new donut store too! Its called MissyDonuts and they are situated in the basement. The store's really colorful! The donuts may not have received great reviews but hey, who cares, the colors are so inviting! I didnt get one that night but i shall get one someday! And there's a knewly open crepe store just right beside it! OMG! To think that ive been craving and talking about finding good crepes and here is one in town! Gonna have this for tea-break tml. He He Heh.

Didnt catch a movie as supposed to as tix for the movies i wanted to watch (The Bourne Ultimatum and License To Wed) were all selling out fast! So we ended up walking from one end of town (The Grand Cathay) to the other end of town (Lido) to check if the still have tickets available. My gut tells me that we were most likely not gonna be successful in getting movie tix ( Come'on, its the weekend!) but either way, we continued walking anyhow.

Hmmm.. it seems like ive spent alot of time walking from one end to the other end of one place. First at changi airport, then in town. Caught a slight glimsp of the fireworks whilst riding on dar's bike. I could imagine all the "OOhs", "Wah!", and "AhhHs", echoing out of everyone's mouths.

I drank another can of red bull.

-Fast Forward to Sunday-

I didnt meet darlie today as he had project assignments and datelines to fullfill. I helped him with one econs essay qs though. Acty not 1 rite? I did almost half of all the 7 essay qs he had to do. =P

Dinner treat's on its way! He heh

& Thank cute Uncle Kenny for getting me donuts all the way from America!

Overwhelm me with your love
Till all i see is you
all i see is you.
9:51 PM

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