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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am still not full after having a pork floss bun, 2 sesame baos, hargao, thundertea rice and dinner! Does this always happen when exams are approaching? These days, I find myself craving for carbs too. ArgHH, I AM FAT.

Below is an over-dued (27th Oct) entry. Shall just squeeze some time to blog b4 i plonk on the bed (School till 7pm aint a joke!). Else, it'l become a super expired entry. Here goes...

After weeks of burnt saturdays, i finally got to sleep in and stay home on this very saturday itself!

Met Ze Ting at 3pm, CityLink. Planned on dining at Gelare/TCC but ended up at Suntec's Gloria Jeans' instead.

Shared a slice of Tiramisu and ordered mocha chillers each. Bumped into Jun Kit there as well, i almost dint recognize him! Ha Ha.

Spent an hour at Gloria's discussing our retail project. Headed to Carrefour after that to buy the necessary ingredients. We got Wasabi, Fries Sprinkles and Microwavable Cheese Sauce! Ha Ha.

Dar rode down to Suntec, to find me, after his soccer session. Rode off to Toa Payoh Lorong 8 (JTC) right after. Botak Jones Part 2! =Pp

The interior of the canteen.

This aint a middle finger! It just so happened that dar's "twist" got cut off. =Pp

Its a canteen housed within JTC's industrial factory's premises. Who would have thought that this secluded canteen, located inside a factory, would be thronged by crowds even on a weekend! Majority are here to have a taste of real authentic western foodfare at cheap affordable prices -Botak Jones. Other stores ( Italian, Japanese, Thai) are also opened for business too! Not doing so will only put them at a losing end as compared to their major rival - Botak Jones. There's also a store selling belgian waffles, fondue sets, and homemade cheese brownies and cakes too! Kinda reminds me of the belgian waffle store at Golden Mile's FC.

It may be a factory canteen but it sure scores in terms of ventilation. There's a pretty cosy/homely feel to this place too.

The food items we ordered: ChiliDawg, Steak, U-Crazy-What burger and a Turkey Pastrami Munch. The steak was done medium rare, its good, for $20, it sure is value for money.

Thats a thick cut of beef...

Kinda like the fries today as the seasoning used had a much stronger taste to it. Still, nothing beats Long John's and Popeye's fries! Hahahahh.

Dar and aunty keng bought aglio olios from the Italian store too!

I dont really like it. Firstly, it doesnt have body (no wok-hei taste!) and secondly, the pasta was over-saturated with black pepper, which was no doubt a huge turn off for me.

We shared Calamari too. If you're wondering whether these are onion rings, i dont blame u, neither are your eyes failing you, becoz me myself and i tot they were onion rings too! BOO! This is not how a calamari should look like!

This, is how it should look like:

We were too full to even move.

The ladies over at the belgian waffle store must have felt really betrayed. Especially after my aunt and i gave them such high hopes.................. =X

Too full to move but never too full for desserts! All of us drove/rode to Liang Seah Street for desserts from Ah Chew. We had mango sago, mango pomelo, peanut paste and grass jelly + evaporated milk.

Dar and i had a very hilarious encounter with some "auntie" whilst trying to locate a bike parking lot. The story goes....

As u know, Liang Seah Street is a one-way drive, the road here gets congested easily as vehicles tend to hog the road whilst waiting for a parking lot. It so happened that a white subaru was blocking our way on that day. There was a vacant lot to his right but for some unknown reason, the subaru driver insisted on waiting for the lot further down on the left. Dar gave a polite honk to signal him to drive more to the side so as to allow the bike to squeeze through. However, instead of giving way, out emerged a lady from the passenger seat. She flung open her door, glared at us with eyes like that of a daggar, and shouted "WAIT LAH", accompanied with hand gestures, in her most unique cheena accent, unglam and auntie-like manner! The most hilarious thing has got to be the way she said "WAIT LAH". I dont mean to be sacastic but it totally tarnished the image of the white sporty subaru. Kinda regretted not recording this whole incident. Its so so hilarious! But its okie, dar can do a perfect imitation of her. Muahahaha.

Window shopped around Bugis after dessert. Bumped into Jason. He took such a LONG time to recognize me! But after getting closer, he finally knew who was waving to him from "afar".

"Sorry sorry i nv wear contacts today so cant see!" He even used his fingers to pull down his eyelids to indicate that he had no contacts on. Muahahahha

This has gotta be the most comical statement of the night.

...and winning the title for "Most comical phrase" of the night.... *drumrolls* .... is......


Super Corkster! LOL
11:29 PM


Monday, October 29, 2007
I am so HAPPY today!

Presentation went really well this afternoon! Like REALLY REALLY WELL. Most importantly, its OVER! =)

Pictures are still with Gayle though.

Jio'ed dar for sakae's high tea sushi buffet right after class. MY treat! =)

Sushi cravings satisfied alas. Im really a happy princess today!

Got the opportunity to show dar the golden pumps which i've been eyeing from PrettyFit today as well. He thinks they're nice too! Im so gonna get it. Ha Ha Hah.

Happy Happy Happy, i really am! BIG SMILE!
9:14 PM


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rah Rah Rah! Pimples are breaking out everywhere! Yikes! I hate PIMPLES.

Biz Comm final presentation tml. FINALLY. After weeks and months of never-ending hardwork, slogging, and burnt weekends, im proud and pleased to learn that all these, will come to a celebratory end tml. Hopefully. =/

I may look calm, steady and composed on the exterior...


deep down inside me, im actually feeling all nervous, uncomfortable, freaked out, and uneasy!. Okie, i WAS freaking out then but am feeling much more confident now after hours of presentation dry-runs with my project mates at SMU this afternoon.

Im perfectly fine with public speaking. Im just afraid il burst out laughing, fart at the wrong time, or what could be worse than forgetting your own bloody lines!

Rah Rah Rah! Dear God, make a full iron clad promise that You'll give me a memory boost tml. Amen.

Wana know what's the worst presentation ive ever had? Its gotta be MacroEcons. From the first to the very last word, i seriosuly had no eye deer what i was presenting to the class. And when it came to QNA, Thanks to Letitia who helped smoked us through all the way. Ha Ha. Crap.

Retail is due in 10 days. Great. We havent even started on our report, much less prepared our ppt slides. You know what i think? I think im just gonna devote 80-100% of my time, for the whole of this week, to complete this proj. I want it to be outstanding, not something that is of slip-shod quality.

Heading to Sunshine Plaza for printing of our store logo, packaging and store posters/flyer. Ze Ting accompany me okie? Muahahaha.

OMGawd i wana go shopping so so badly. There are like a thousand and one items on my to-get list! There's like a bag from Charles and Keith, Havannas from NUM (U can attach your name on it!), and my must-get golden pumps from PrettyFit! And oh, how could i forget my b-e-a-utiful necklace from Diva! Dar knows what im talking about. Right Dar? Ha Ha Hah!

Online shopping is growing on me. Im getting more and more addicted by the minute. BOO. Time to save for my year end (unconfirmed but highly probable) BangKok Trip too!

I drove at the KPE today! =) Super deserted. With dad by my side, its only best that i keep to the, no, HIS, speed limit.

Talking about KPE, Ive got an MPE exercise this coming week. Great, of all weeks to choose, we have to ballot for next sem's modules this week. =/

I know this sounds superbly random and outta the blue but I'm having huge cravings for tempura, sushi, yakitori and PANcakes (not PAMcakes!)

Most importantly,

I miss my faveboy.

Happy 13th Monthsary Pork Chop! I love you everyday!
11:44 PM


Thursday, October 25, 2007
The current channel 8 drama serial, shown every weekday at 9pm, is so hilarious!

In fact, I see myself in almost every character! Indeed, a true story-line depicting the exact scenarios i'm currently experiencing and anticipating in life right now.

The father, starred by Zhu Hou Ren, fits the exact description of my DAD! The rules they enforce, their unreasonableness, their hot-temperedness, their conservativeness, bla bla bla, EVERYTHING, practically everythings' so similar!

Its like a mirror image of my family, my life. If you study the characters carefully, you'll come to realize that there's actually abit of me in Yi Juan (The muddleheaded stubborn girl) and Yi Jun (The demanding, forceful yet independant Chili Crab). Put them together and you get Pam! Yeah, that's me alright~

Okie, have to get back to doing my tutorials now. The next two weeks are gonna be one of the most hectic periods of my school-life as i have to prepare for a very important presentation and work extremely hard on developing and finalizing my group's new retail entrepreneurial concept. Its very impt as i want to ace them so so badly. Just thinking about how formal and serious the presentation will be is already starting to give me the creeps and jitters. I've never worn, or had to wear, a full business suit for any of my presentations before. This will be my very first time. After all, we are presenting to the Director/CEO of Samsung. How not important can that be?

Rah Rah Rahhh, time to switch from slack to mugger mode. Like NOW. If not NOW, then when?

...After America's Next Top Model okie?

He He Heh

Sth i will always ace and nv fail in my lifetime --> Procrastinate. If only it applies to FINANCE...
10:25 PM


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A very happy princess i am today! All for a simple reason: I get to see/hug/irritate/spend time with pork chop! He He Heh!

Bus'ed to pork chop's house first thing in the morning. Rode to Arab Street together as dar had an appointment scheduled with some guy from some car rental shop. Along the way, dar almost got knocked down by a reversing car. Thank God that lady braked in time else dar's toes wld have become minced pork chops. I guess she must have felt extremely guilty about the incident as she couldnt help but apologize profusely. Ha Ha Ha. Its okie, you're forgiven!

Lunch'ed at Toa Payoh Lor 7. Initially planned on having Fried Mee Fen from the cze char store at RaceCourse Road but changed my mind as i suddenly dint feel like having mee fen for lunch. Blame the car rental store guy, who kept us hungry as he stood us up for more than 30 minutes! But since we learnt alot from you today, u shall be forgiven too! Muahahaha.

Some shots taken whilst waiting...

Dar wearing the leather jacket i got him! I think he really looks good in it. Dont you?

2 forgiven, and still counting...

Dar had the $2 mixed veg rice while i had a bowl of dry mixed beef kway teow for lunch. Dar ordered 2 popiahs each for the both of us. Im really grateful for the popiah treat but 2 popiahs was seriously too much oredi! Muahaha. I was practically on the verge of raising my white flag. so FULL! Ha Ha Ha. But its okie, since u hao (3) xin (1) buy for me, i shall forgive u as well! =Pp

Rode to the nearby Community Library. Stayed there for abt an hour or so. Surfed the net, did some work, and read magazines to pass time. Rode to my grandma's place after that. Did my econs, listened to the radio, gossiped with my bitch buddy and watched a dvd. Stayed there till 5ish in the evening before riding out for dinner.

Dinner was at....

Wan Tou Shek, Geylang Lorong 17! Its a dimsum shack =)

They dont have an english menu though. Everything is written and described in chinese! My goodness, thank God for pictures.

We ordered their signature fried tofu, fried har kok, fried beancurd prawn rolls, fried fishmaw in sweet and sour sauce, har gao, and lotus rice! Scary how many fried stuffs we ordered. =/

Shared a cup of chrysanthenum tea too! This is how they serve their drinks! Not in proper cups but in plastic containers.

They do have air-conditioned indoor seating too. But given that it was a breezy and cooling evening, we decided to settle for outdoor seats. They overlook the oncoming traffic along geylang road. Dar's bike was parked right next to our dining table! Ha Ha. We could have just rode off and forget about the bill.

If only everyday could be spent with you, like this... if only...

10:05 PM


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sundays are always Donut Factory days.

This time, i had a double chocolate all to myself. Every mouthful of chocolate was oh-so-satisfying. A happy princess i truely was. =)

Such a waste to not be able lick up the chocolate on the plate.

Dar overslept and didnt go for his soccer session again. I knew it! To think he tried to bluff me.

Me: Where's your soccer stuff?
Dar: I went back home before coming here.
Me: Oh izit? Dont Bluff!
Dar: WTF
Me: Your eyes say it all. Your breathe tells it all.
Us: HaHaHaHa!

It didnt reveal the lie, but revealed instead his just-wake-up look. His breathe...omg... you wont wana smell. Muahaha! =X

After donut session, we had hot drinks at Jim Fook's coffee! Then chilled out outside the queue-up church. HaHa. That's my church! The Rock at Suntec City Mall. The Rock is actually the name of our church venue, New Creation is its actual church name. Rock Productions is the church's business. Our new building, aka an integrated shopping mall at One-North, will be up and ready in 3 years time!

Let the redeem of the Lord say so!

Goodbye Suntec!

Cause Jesus all my worth is found in You
You have won me with your love,
Cause you have bought me with the highest price,
and in Your Righteousness Lord i will stand,
to shout your praise,
Lord i shout your praise.
11:21 PM


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Drove to school for a Biz Comm Letter writing test this morning. There was a terrible jam on both the PIE and CTE! Thank God i was only a minute late. =)

Bus'ed to dar's house after the hour and a half long test. Rode to Golden Mile for lunch. Yes, dar insisted on riding despite it being only a 5 minute walking distance away from his block.

Another big pat on my back for being able to successfully psycho dar to drop the idea of having pasta and queue for Jap with me instead. Hehehe.

Ordered a teriyaki chicken set as i had a katsu don on my last visit. Its always either Katsu Don (with extra egg and no onions!) or the Teriyaki Chicken Set. Easy peasy.

Dar wanted to check out some cars but the store owner had oredi closed shop, and left. Instead, we rode to Suntec, with dar for company, whilst i studied for my finance quiz at McDonalds.

Ordered a pack of large fries to share as well. Their fries not only looked especially GOLDEN today, but also, tasted super yummy! Its very rare for a non-fries person like me to say that she cld hardly stop at one!

Click Click Click my fingers went. Presenting to you, The Koon King. =P

Maggie Goreng look-alike. Its actually dar's Kah-Moh aka leg hair. hahahahah! =X

Dvd'ed at my aunt's place after an hour's kopi session at McCafe. We watched The Host. Its a terribly lame show. I wonder how dar can actually get so engrossed by it.

Munch Munch Munch. My fingers and mouth were so itchy i cldnt stop munching on the snacks my uncle bought from Japan.

Dinner together with grandma at Changi Village. The ventilation inside is terrible! Its smokey, humid and stuffy! Im nva going back there again.

Brought Grandma shopping at Giant, Tampines. Dar found a new rouding spot. HaHa.

Hmmm...when will i ever get to be passenger in your car?
11:43 PM


Friday, October 19, 2007

Chin Mee Chin'ed (East Coast Road) with dar dar for brekkie today. We had kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs, luncheon meat buns and hot tea/milo. You hardly ever see dar dar waking up this early (11am!) for brekkie.

Thought of taking a morning stroll by the beach, but seeked shelter at the nearby NLB instead as the dark clouds hovering above looked threatening. Cam-whored, chilled, and read magazines to help pass time.

By 12.30pm, the heavy downpour ceased to become a light drizzle, enabling us to ride out for lunch. Onan Road's Pork Rib Prawn Mee was what we had. In fact, we were left stranded at the coffeeshop itself due to heavy showers, which lasted for a pretty l-o-n-g time.

This is the view which overlooks my bedroom window. Looks like a thunderstorm is approaching!

...a big pat on the back for being able to de-shell my prawns without dar's help. He he heh!

My two silly dogs - Tobie and Flappy! The pictures aint of good quality as they were taken using my dad's hp cam.

Huddled together. My guess is tobie's stuck. HaHa.

He gets up easily, but dare not come down due to his fear of heights. Doesnt his position remind you/look like that of a roasted pig?! HaHaHa!

He looks like he's deep in thought...

7:15 PM


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bus'ed to Dar's hse in the morning before riding out for lunch at Bukit Timah's FC.

Bukit Timah FC was easily decided upon as we both had school, which is within close riding distance, at 3-ish in the afternoon,

Copy-cated dar dar and settled for Mien's pasta anyhow. Lazy ought to be my middle name. Or maybe, it oredi is. =P

"Seafood Aglio for 2 please! Make it super duper ultra spicy too!"

Every visit, the chef never fails to give the same "how-can one-eat-sth-THIS-spicy" expression. He even called dar "BIAN-TAI" Muahahah. Damn funny.

Dar even went for a second round of pasta! This time, he ordered a bacon aglio. Double whammy bian-tai-ness man. =P

Meeting meeting and more meetings. Its sad to learn that your life only seems to revolve around project meetings and still more project meetings.

Cldnt decide what to have for dinner. Thought of having sth light and healthy like QQrice as i felt FAT today. Okie, maybe not today, but almost everyday. HaHaHa. But instead, we both ended up having dinner from the foodcourt at PS. You'll very rarely see us dining at food courts as hawker centres are still our preferred choice. Each time we patronize PS foodcourt, its always for the grilled chicken set from the Riverside Indonesian Stall. In fact, its the only stall that has a queue. I mean, how often do you ever see long queues at a foodcourt?

BTW, the grilled chicken set's really yummy. The chicken's tender and nicely grilled. The winning factor lies with their special gravy. Go try it someday if you havent! =)

11:42 PM


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I've had so much food the past week! Im afraid little miss trouble is gonna turn into little miss piggy soon. =Pp

1) Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar @ The Esplanade.

It was a cold, wet, chilly saturday. Hot chocolate drinks were what i had in mind for dessert/high-tea today. I practically turned purple (like for real!) whilst at a biz comm proj meeting held in CRC. The aircon was bizarringly freezingly bian-tai cold! Had no choice but to change our mtg venue to the canteen so we cld defrost our semi-frozen bodies and brains. BUT, the complaints started even before 10 minutes went by. "Y so stuffy?!", "So warm and humid la!", "Omg, i feel so sticky!". HaHa. Girls.

Lunch'ed at Bukit Timah's FC first. Dar had his usual while i had a bowl of century egg lean meat porridge. Bcoz i dont eat onions, the uncle thus allowed me to scoop as much crispies as i wanted! Normally, he sprinkles a few bits, but for me, wha, special, look at that heapful of crispies in my porridge!

Ha Ha Ha! Its super nice! Reminds me very much of the dimsum porridge i had in HK.

High Tea at Max Brenner's.

Dar had a cookies and cream milkshake tingy while i had a "suckao"! Sounds very crude rite!

Dar's drink came in this cute cup. It says "Drink Me!" ahaha. We liked the metal straw more actually. =Pp

Suckao is actually a DIY chocolate drink. Consumers are given the freedom to choose between milk, white or dark chocolate. By serving the chocolate pellets and milk seperately, consumers are then able to create their own desired hot chocolate - how thick/chocolatey, or how sweet, they want it to be.

Its super fun stuff. =)

2) Botak Jones

Dinner was at Botak Jones. This time, we tried the outlet at Toa Payoh. Dont ever think about coming here via public transport because its super duper inaccessible. The problem doesnt just lie with this particular outlet, it lies with the other several outlets too! Tuas is just one example.

But wt-heck, if the food's good and prices are reasonable, i wouldnt mind travelling, or going the extra mile for it.

For drinks, we ordered ice-lemon tea from the drinks stall. Nice, but a little tooooo sweet.

For mains, we ordered a ChiliDawg (i think), a double botak burger, cajun chicken set, an italian spicy pork bratwurst and a turkey ham sandwich!

The beef here is really tasty. So are their fries! This is coming from a non-fries lover ok. =P

The cajun chicken was really tender, their bratwurst were not only huge but bursting with bite and flavour! Their Fish & Chips, which i tried on my first visit, are also very tasty. Do note that it takes about 45-60minutes on average for your food to arrive. Hence, its important that you select the right outlet to patronize as some outlets, like the ones in Ang Mo Kio or Clementi, can get really stuffy and warm after a while. Unlike this outlet, in toa payoh, which is very well ventilated. Thus making the wait less torturing and miserable.

We shared garlic bread and tiramisu from this particular italian food stall whilst waiting.

They do serve a variety of finger-food, pastas and DIY pizzas too! Best of all, they are very reasonably priced! Am gonna head back here for their pizzas someday. =)

Shared an apple pie, from Botak's, for dessert! Taste very home-made! I believe it is. =)

3) Peony Jade @ Clarke Quay

In view of dar's birthday, his rents decided to give him a dinner treat at Peony Jade. Me and his bro tagged along. Ha Ha!

We opted for the ala-cart dinner buffet. Having tried their lunch buffet on my first visit, i can say that both their lunch and dinner buffet menus arent similar. In fact, Peony Jade came highly recommended by me to dar & his family as i really enjoyed the exceptional service brought forth by their staff and supervisors. Not forgetting, the great tasting dishes which are of good quality and standard. I believe his rents love it too. =)

No pictures as i dint want anutie and uncle to think that im truely obssessed with food. Knowing that i eat quite alot, for a girl, is bizarre enough for them oredi. Ha Ha.

Click here for pictures of their food and interior. Scroll down to the May 26th entry. These were taken on my first visit with Uncle Boon and Auntie April. =)

Or check out their website at www.peony-jade.com for more details.

Before our big buffet feast, me and dar actually had more more food! LOL. I was actually in school having a proj meeting (Proj mtgs on sundays suck terribly!), dar was supposed to have his soccer session but overslept, oh well, he rode down to NUS to pick me up anyway. Didnt have lunch as i was still pretty full from Mac's Big breakfast. Either their breakfast packaging is getting bigger or their food portions are getting smaller. Or maybe, my eyes were just playing tricks on me. BOO.

4) Donut Factory

Donut Fac'ed ard 3ish in the afternoon. No double chocolate! They had it on trays but for some reason, refused to sell it to customers! I suppose they had to clear and make customers buy their other flavours first. Ordered a coffee roasted almond and chocolate mint to share. 2 wasnt enough, so we bought a third -hazelnut.

Im not surprised that queues over at donut fac are getting shorter and shorter these days. It doesnt take me more than 5 mins to purchase 3 donuts. In fact, they're opening another outlet at Novena Square! Yeahness! More donuts all over Sg! He He Heh

Headed to auntie woon's place as she needed strong mens (dar included?) to help her shift heavy furniture. After which, uncle kenny drove us all to the nearby Novena Square for drinks and dessert. We had fruit juices for drinks and vanilla affagato, from the korean ice-cream store, for dessert.

This isnt real! Took a snapshot of it as i thought pink ice-creams look pretty. =)

Shared some chocolate pandan chiffon cake from Little Jerry's Cookies. A cookie shop selling pandan chiffon cakes? Yes! And they're really delicious too!

YEah yeah, that's how much ive consumed over one weekend. Scary but true. What's even scarier is that im left with only 3 weeks to the last day of school. After which, its our one week study break, exams, and then more holidays for the month of Dec'07 and Jan'08. How time flies...
7:18 PM

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