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Friday, May 30, 2008

Caught it with Demi on a Wednesday, 2 days ago.

Do buy lotsa POPCORN to last you through this 2 and a half hour movie. May i suggest a SuperLarge? Hah.

The show may seem a little draggy but hey, i like it! Its all about LABELS FRIENDSHIP LOVE FASHION VOGUE NEWYORK CITY & LOTSA SEX . There's a little comedy too! Demi dint really like it. But i shall not generalize bcoz not all guys are like him. Heh.

Oh, he had this grilled chicken burger + egg from SuperDog at Downtown East. The egg looks really seductive. Too bad i wasnt in the mood for MEATS today.

In fact, after many visits to the newly renovated Downtown East, i must say that this is my first visit to their movie theatre (cathay)! Its freezing cold in there, much colder than Grand Cathay's Row P! N service at their ticketing counter seriously needs loads of improvement.

Alrightey, shall move on to tell you more about my night out with fatty today. Yes, he's finally booked outta camp, sadly, with an even flabbier tummy. LOL

We had dinner at Mr Bean's @ Prinsep Street. Ordered their dinner set which comes with a soup of the day, main course, dessert of the day and a drink. Its much cheaper than ordering just a main course from their ala cart menu.

Soup of the day was cream of mushroom. It was far too diluted for my liking. The soups came served with garlic bread too! They smelled good but tasted kinda sourish. Dint dare to eat further after suffering from a terrible bout of food poisoning yesterday. BOO.

As for the main course, i opted for thier grilled fish while dar had his usual seafood aglio. Pasta was the reason we came to Mr Bean's for dinner. After 5 days of hardship in camp, its best i give way to my fatty rite? Haha.

When dar's pasta was served, my mind went "Is that Hokkien Mee or Aglio Olio?!". It not only smelt like, but it also looked like Hokkien Mee! No joke okie. Reminded me of dar's home-cooked pasta, which was of course, a failed attempt. Muahaha. However, thnakfully. the "hokkien mee" didnt taste like hokkien mee. Haha. But still, dar reckons that the pastas tasted better during the days spent working here.

My grilled fish wasnt all that bad. Its dory fish btw. Kinda like the sauce used here. For some reason, it remind's me of my grandma's cooking.

Desserts were simply a small scoop of vanilla Bean Ice-cream. No condiments, syrup or what so ever. Naked. We scooped it into our rootbeer and there you have it, a rootbeer float!

Service was extremely SLOW. It took them 25 minutes to get our ice-cream. I must admit that i have very high expectations when it comes to service, much more than food. Because the quality of service can make or break a restaurant's/cafe's reputation.

N Whee Wow Woah, i have chocolates all the way from Japan! Many thanks to dar's mom. They're very good at making me grow side-ways.

Alrightey, guess i'd better end here else this entry's gonna turn into a 3000 word essay.

A WILD and WET Saturday awaits us tml. Narnia too! FYI, i borrowed demi's bike and cycled, under the hot blazing Sun, to get movie tickets from Downtown East. Now, my butt cheeks feel so sore. Thank God though i have no SUNBURNS !

More updates, coming up soon! Stay Tuned.
11:28 PM


A very overdued entry down below.

Met up with baby for a pretty early dinner on Saturday (25th May).

He picked me up from Bus 15's, Marine Parade Bus stop.

East Coast Lagoon, our dinner venue.

Not for the food, but rather, for a chill-out by the beach on dar's smelly HAMMOCK.

Dar had Satay Beehoon for dinner. He was the third hungry soul in line. The queue forms even before the stall shutters open! Is their Satay Beehoon really that yummilicious to call for this?

To me, its not too bad. One of the better ones around, definitely. But certainly not worth the very-long-wait and countless mosquito bites. From what i observe, the wait would have been much more bearable if the uncle would learn to speed up abit and maximize the utility of both his hands! At the rate he's counting his ingredients, no wonder it takes ages for me to land myself a plate of Satay Beehoon. But if you desperately need a satay beehoon fix, then bring a foldable chair, insect repellant and maybe, a portable fan (with batteries!) too. LOL

As for me, i had wanton mee. No chili please! I will only eat my noodles with chili if ketchup is their only other alternative.

I found it pretty good. My only gripe? The noodles werent evenly cooked, resulting in a block of clumped up yellow mee.

Ahhh, sweet coconut juice on a hot sunny day. As if all the coconut juices i consumed in Bangkok werent enuff. Haha.

Rode down to Expo for The Food Fair sometime later in the evening. Oh My Cheese, so many people! And Dar got 2 water pillows! Yes, i know, arent you supposed to buy FOOD from the Food Fair? He claims the pillows help cool his ASS. They are drop-dead heavy i tell u. And we got German Sausages and a basket of Wedges to share as well. The lady at the counter looked extremely lost, their service was terrible, if u cant handle money and orders in a stressful situation, i suggest u go fry some fries instead. It was pathetic. I was on the verge of barging into their stall area. In fact, i was inside. Haha.

And that's all, i think?

More of BangKok to come!

Soon, soon.
7:04 AM


Monday, May 26, 2008

Butt Cheeks Aching. So is my right hand (the part between the elbow and wrist) and tree trunk thighs. Pretend you dont recognize me if you ever see me walking like a pregnant lady, or worse, a DUCK.

All these sores and aches can be attributed to last Sunday's Badminton work out. Its been a long while since the family got together for some sporting activities. Dar joined us too! A great sweat-out indeed. =)

Caught Indiana Jones at The Grand Cathay. Despite our last minute purchase, we still managed to secure great couple seats! What more on a weekend! Amazing.

Overall, i'd give the movie 3 popcorns! A 130mins show felt like a 150min show to me. The beginning was all too draggy, i nearly dozed off. The action was a little too cheesy for my liking, pretty similar to what you see on Lara Croft aka Tomb Raider. No doubt, there was a little bit of suspense and tension but still, not my cuppa tea.

Cant wait for Narnia though. That's a MUST-WATCH. I'm still pondering over whether i should catch Sex And The City on the big screen or on DVD. Hmmm.

N i had the most WONDERFUL CREPE before the movie. Its a mushroom + CHEESE crepe from Saybons! It only sets you back by $4.50 and they were so so generous with the CHEESE! Oh my mama you should have seen how i pulled and pulled the CHEESE. Did it on purpose to tempt dar for some. In fact, the mushrooms and cheese went so well together it made the entire dessert taste like a heavy calorie mushroom swiss! In case you dont know, it was my fave burger years ago. Haha.

Anyway, after the movie, dar and i rode off to Bedok Blk 85 for dinner as i was craving for Chai Chee Pork Porridge! My most fave century egg/pork porridge is still the one from Maxwell FC but pity they only open during the day time. Dar had what i ate. Surprise Surprise! Somebody's decided to stick to a rice + water diet knowing that IPPT's the following day. Hahaha!

Oh, talking about IPPT, Dar actually has to go back for reservice this week. Apparently, he flunked his IPPT and blames me for the cause of his failure. Why? Because i've been feeding him with lots of crap over the months and years. Why doesnt anyone blame the PASTA? LOL

Got lotsa chocolates, biscuits, cookies and canned food from Carrefour for dar to consume in camp. He was so against me buying him a pack of double chocolate cookies (Milano's) but eitherway, i managed to sneak it into the trolley basket while he wasnt looking.

All that stuff he bought made me wonder whether he was going for reservice or a holiday picnic. LOL. Maybe i am the make-him-fat-till-his-arteries-are-choked culprit after all.

*Evil Sniggers*
11:59 PM


Met up with Demi for a short while today. Lazing around at home all afternoon just wasnt our cuppa tea. To put it simply, we just needed an excuse to get out of THE HOUSE.

Suggested a chill out over desserts at Raffles City's Out of The Pan! Out of the House, Out of The Pan? Riteee.

Managed to secure a table by the fountain. Heh. Its better than nothing duh.

Was cracking my head over their hammie + CHEESE!~ crepe and their Old Rum & Raisin with Caramelized Apples crepe. Settled for the latter as i wanted to try a non-cheesy version of a crepe today. Hence, a sweet savoury crepe it was.

It was ALRIGHT for me. The crepe was too THICK for my liking. Too filling for a dessert i say. It felt like a main course. I dont rmb the menu stating that there was custard inside. Yikes.

Demi on the other hand ordered their specialty Tiramisu Crepe!

Interesting but definitely nothing to WOW about. It was simply tiramisu encased in a thick layer of vanilla crepe. The tiramisu wasnt very fantastic either.

It goes to show that gourmet crepes from fancy restaurants aint always the tastiest.

Saybons has now become my new found LOVE!

Hello Crepes. Byebye Donuts!
11:56 PM


Caught up with my Fatty last thursday after the BK trip kept us seperated for 6 whole entire days.

Rode to our neighbouring country, Malaysia, for dinner.

We settled for Sizzling Grill. There's a similar one located along East Coast Road, Katong area, too. Except the former offers their items at much cheaper rates.

This was dar's second visit, the first one being with Des. Was recommended to try their Cream of Corn soup by Chef CHUNG himself. LOL.

Sorry Chef, it was just alright for me. =Pp

For mains, dar had a sirloin while i opted for the ribeye steak. It comes served with fried rice and fries for sides but dar requested for the rice to be replaced with fries instead. He dint even ask me la. So that leaves me with NO SIDES as i dont eat potatoes.

Surprisingly, their fries, were awesome! They are what i call "HOLLOW FRIES". Crispy on the outside, not so much potato on the inside. Oh so satisfying. In fact, they're just like Phin's!

As for the meat items, i found them pretty mediocore. They're served raw on a slab of HOT stone, giving you a once in a life time opportunity to play chef. However, knowing that steak/beef tends to get cooked very quickly, i thought it'd be wiser for them to seperate the raw meats from the hot slab upon serving. The time taken to walk from one end of the kitchen to my table at the other end would have resulted in a medium rare already.

In fact, i dint finish my meat as my jaws got tired from all that chewing.

For desserts, we each had a slice of cake from Secret Recipe. Its uber cheap here, its half the price of what you pay back home in SG.

I had their White Choc Macademia while dar had Chocolate Banana.


...to be continued
11:24 PM


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Started our day with breakfast in the hotel.

Cabbed down to ChaTuChak, a weekend market bazaar.

I believe there are more than a 1000 stalls cramped inside this huge area. From clothes, to food, to plants, to accessories, to furniture. You name it they have it.

There's so much variety, the stuff's really CHEAP, and you get to bargain! Its one of my fave places to shop actually. =)

Walked over to the Farmer's Market after more than 5 hours of non-stop walking, shopping and bargaining. Its really a shop-till-you-drop kinda situation as we dint even realise that lunch hour had passed!

Well, the Farmer's Market is basically one that sells fresh produce like fruits, vegetables and dried stuff. Slightly more upmarket but they certainly made it up in quality.

After much fruit feasting, we cabbed down to Amari Hotel for a tailor's visit. All that choosing off cloth, measurements and selection of designs took us 2 whole hours! Cabbed down to Chinatown thereafter for dinner.

First up, we had pig organ soup.

I like the soup, its got a white peppery bak-kut-teh taste. Also like the fact that they add SIO BAK. Which is a good thing bcoz i dont eat the other ingredients (liver, intestines and what not).

Longan for drinks. Its very good!

Next, we walked over to T&K Seafood Restaurant for dinner. We had to wait a while as we wanted to be seated in their air-conditioned area.

Ordered Prawn Cakes, Veggies, Crab Vermicilli, Steamed Fish, BBQ Jumbo Prawns and Grilled Sotong.

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE the Prawn Cakes. Its like a much bigger version of onion rings/calamari. But they taste so darn good! The fish broth had a sourish tangy flavour which i believe is a very common flavour in almost all Thai dishes. Both the sotongs and prawns were equally tasty, leaving behind a char-grilled smokey BBQ after-taste.

Had Cheng Tng for desserts at one of their roadside stalls. Compared to SG's, its a little bit on the sweeter side with slightly more ingredients. They served us complimentary cups of chinese tea too.

It didnt end there. We headed for our second round of Cheng Tng at another stall! The family preferred this over the former. I personally preferred the first one as it was much sweeter.

A short video clip of the streets of Chinatown in BangKok.

Cabbed back to the hotel in a.... TUK TUK!

OMGawd i love this. Its very seldom i get to enjoy the breeze without having to wear a helmet back in SG you know, you know? N the way they squeeze through traffic? An art, really. The taxi drivers do it so much better though. In fact, its one helluva rollar coaster ride. Takes alot of guts to drive like them.

My journey back to the hotel...

N yes, halfway through our journey on the Tuk Tuk, it rained! Not your slight drizzle but a oh-it-looks-like-its-gonna-flood kinda rain. They dint even have flaps to shield us from the lashing rain, it was freezing cold and my shorts were soaking wet. Terrible. But no doubt, a very memorable ride indeed. Haha.

N that kinda sums up day 2...

...to be continued
2:59 PM


Friday, May 23, 2008

Yay! Rocker Fella David Cook wins American Idol! Sweet!
4:40 PM


Alas, after 5 days of non-stop feasting and shopping, i'm finally back from my Bangkok Trip! I dread to think how much weight i've gained over the high consumption of pork, lard, sugar and more pork. My luggage bag did gain 4 kg though.

Anyway, here's a quick update of the trip, starting with Day One of course. =)

Touched down BangKok Airport at 1-ish BangKok time, 2-ish Singapore time. Airplane food was terrible.

We had a personal van, the aircon was shiok, the journey was pretty smooth, 30 minutes was all it took to get us to the hotel.

In fact, we got inter-connecting rooms again! 4 queen sized beds and 1 single bed, sweet.

The family was craving for suckling PIGS. They've been craving for it ever since their last trip in BK last year. Hence, our dinner location was a no-brainer.

Ahhh, just look at the porky sticks.

Ordered Papaya Salad, Veggies, Suckling Pig, Oyster Omelette, Tom Yam Soup, and Stir-Fried noodles.

Tom Yam soup's really YUMMY! It has the right balance of spice and tangyness. The papaya salad was extremely appetizing, its a silent killer though. The suckling pig skin was crackling with oil and flavour. A no-no for the health conscious. The noodles were kind of a let down. Bland and Boring. We ta-baoed the remainder and gave it to a beggar.

After eating up all the pig skin, this is what they do with the naked pig.

It was so-so for me. There was more bones than meat.

The countless mosquito bites made dinner quite unpleasant for me.

Oh, we had A&W for tea-break. Shared waffles and root beer! Its a pity they closed down in Singapore.

Look! They have donuts in Thailand too! Quite a number of different outlets in fact, with Munchy Donuts being the dominant player.

Cabbed down to Siam Paragon after dinner. We visited their Gourmet Supermarket. There's so much stuff and FOOD in there. Lots to sample too. Haha! Got some kick-ass coconut juices from there.

It was full of natural sweetness. The gula-melaka one should appeal to those with a sweet tooth. Too much of it can get quite nauseating after a while though.

Some random shots. Just take a look at the traffic. What's a jam at PIE compared to this?

And that kinda sums it all for Day One, in BangKok. Stay tuned for Day 2,3, & 4.

...to be continued
4:25 PM

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