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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What do you do when you're hungry?


What do you do when you're bored and hungry for home cooked food?


Yes, that is precisely what i've been occupying myself with lately.

As you can see below, that's my very first attempt on poached eggs aka eggs benedict. Which, kinda failed. Haha.

I love my ham and eggs. I love it even more when the egg yolk is molten potent. Haha. especially when it drizzles down the sides of your bread. Sinfully good, i know!

And i prepped brunch for baby too! The dish consisted of streaky bacon, shaved ham, a sunny side-up and tomatoes sitting atop toasted walnut bread slices. There were asparagus and sauteed mushrooms by the side too!

So what do you do with leftover walnut bread? Create a triple decker sandwich! That's what yours truely did. Heah.

Melted cheddar, Honey Baked Ham and Omelette. Tasted pretty awesome. Wait till i lay my hands on some smoked salmon and cream cheese.

And when you get really sick of ham, why not switch to chicken?

Chicken fillets, button mushroom, fried bacon and a sunny side up served with a thick slick of cheddar cheese bread.

Cheddar cheese bread from BreadTalk, one of my personal faves.

One can never get sick of cheese, how true.

Because i baked CHEDDAR and herbs scones for the christmas party!

They turned out more like crispy savoury biscuits than scones. LOL. But still tasty! And smelled really good.

Prepped a fruit bowl too. With a carved out pineapple for the bowl of course. There's strawberries, starfruit, kiwi and peach slices. Ummm.

And when you run out of ingredients in the fridge, what do you do? Improvise, like me.

Pork Floss and Peanut Butter on toasted gardenia. Sounds like an extremely weird combination but obviously i had no choice but to make do with whatever i had left in the kitchen. =)

And when you are sick of bread and toasties but still yearning for some carbs, what do you do?

pamcakes PANCAKES!

Rolled up crispy pancakes dusted with white and cinnamon sugar. Sugar Spice and Everything Nice.

And for some strange reason, im having a terrible itch for cheesecakes. Mango and Lemon cheesecakes!

Till then, Happy Christmas and a Happy Holidays everyone!
11:41 PM


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pardon me for the lack of updates. At this rate, it appears that i have reached the impossibility of blogging a current entry. The pictures are just piling up, at a much faster rate than i am posting entries. Im so gonna kill myself. BAHH

A few months back, dar and me made a trip down to T3's TCC for light dinner.

My green tea red bean drink.

Would have been better if it had been creamier and less diluted. The red beans were good though.

Dar had his usual seafood aglio with the addition of smoked salmon.

I had something really light of course.

Beef Mezza Tofu.

I cant do without my cheese.

The quality of this dish tends to vary somewhat. This one today was pretty acceptable. The one at Clarke Quay was really delish. The worst one has got to be the one dished out from Shaw House's outlet.

It is important for the cheese to be thick and gooey with the tofu firm and not overly soggy. That's a good standard for you. =)

Dar dar fixing his bomb portable ERP Unit. Runs on batteries!

And then one evening, after school, dar and i had dinner at the pretty nearby Alexandra Market and Food Centre.

This place, if you've patronized it before, its famed for their Avacado Juices.

So of course, we had a Avacado Peanut to share. Its almost like a healthier version of peanut butter. Except green in color.

Shared some Cze Char dishes from this particular stall manned by an elderly couple. Its a stall recommended by a friend of mine, so why not let dar try it for himself too?

I like the stock used here. And i LOVE the charred parts. Wok Hei, they call it.

Ordered a plate of sweet potato leaves to share as well.

What else can i say? Its sweet potato leaves at its very best.

The family also brought grandma out to dinner one evening. This time, at Toa Payoh Lor 8's Food Centre.

We shared a couple of dishes here and there. One of them, being rojak.

There's this particular corner stall that sells really yummy chicken wings and satay. Do note that its accompanied by an extremely long wait.

And last but not least, here's a recommendation for you!

Duck Kway Teow! I'm more of a pork and chicken than duck fanatic but this place that im about to share with you serves really tasty braised duck! To me that is. Haha.

The duck meat is thinly sliced, the kway teow is smooth, and best of all, its housed within a very traditional ol'school coffeeshop. Its situated opposite the market/food centre at Tiong Bahru and also houses the well-known scissors curry rice. Now i believe you all know which one im talking about. Heah~

LIC's bugging me to start a food blog. I think i should, i want to as well, but, plain lazy. Oh well, we shall see.

For now, Peace Out~
11:44 PM


Saturday, December 13, 2008

After a long afternoon of shopping around town, i (together with a fren) made my first visit to Royal Copenhagen's Tea Lounge to rest my aching feet for a round of afternoon high-tea.

Being our first visit here, opting for their high-tea set was a no-brainer really. Their high-tea set comes with tea, sandwiches. their ever-popular scones and a slice of cake.

And no, you dont get to choose your tea. In case you're wondering, its lipton tea by the way, served with sugar cubes and milk.

As for their open faced sandwiches, we went for their smoked salmon and baby shrimps.

I like smoked salmon. I really do, which kinda explains the frequent visits to TCC because 70% of the items in their menu contain smoked salmon.

IMHO, i found the portions too small. But then again, its high-tea, everything's supposed to be bite-sized right? Haha.

For the scones, we chose Rose Hip and Apple Jam from their selection of jams.

Thought we'd be a little more adventurous by steering away from the conventional blueberry, raspberry or strawberry jam. And a good choice it certainly was. =)

Butter and cream were also given to pair with the scones.

Please don't shoot me scone fanatics because i seriously found this scone very ordinary. It smelt better than it tasted but that doesnt mean its all that bad. Maybe im just not a "scone" person. Or perhaps, i shouldnt have come here with too high an expectation.

To end off the meal, we had their much raved about blueberry cheesecake and some tart.

I like the cheesecake. Surprisingly, the cream cheese wasnt on the heavy side. You know how some cheesecakes make you feel so full after a while but this one here actually made me want to eat more with each mouthful. The tart was pretty good too. The layer of raspberry sure gave this dessert an interesting twist.

Will i make a return visit? Sure, but prolly not for high-tea. Am looking forward to trying their main courses, the salmon one espcially. Heah.
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

It was months ago but i thought it'd be nice to let you in on my little "excursion" to Kampong Glam. =)

If not for my class assignment - a photo essay consisting of a short write-up on our visit to a ethnic enclave of our choice; i doubt i would harbour the thought of making a trip down to kampong Glam anytime soon or in the near future.

Obviously, the opportunity presented itself this semester.

Pictures speak a thousand words right?


I love Haji Lane. Prices may be a little steep but the things they sell are so unique and individualistic!

A real pity they dont have fixed operating hours. You really have to try your luck. Sometimes they open, sometimes they dont. Sometimes they open till late, sometimes they close shop even before the sun sets. Temperamental indeed.

Did i mention that i love vintage items! Like this shop over here, some toy museum that not only has vintage items for sale but also toys which your parents or grandparents played with when they were a child!


Haha. $250, if i remember correctly. Its way cheaper on Ebay, seriously.

Proceeded to Bugis for some food and AIRCON after the longer-than-expected session of photo taking under the sweltering heat. Kinda had a craving for RBGT (Red Bean Green Tea), hence, MOF it was.

Ramen, a chef recommendation on the menu.

It wasnt bad and neither was it very good. It was palatable and acceptable. Peanuts, yes, i rmb it tasted something like peanuts. I love nuts, you know? Hah, random.

And then it was dessert time! My favourite part of every meal. Geez

Green Tea Ice-Cream served with Adzuki Red Bean, Mochi Balls and Roasted Almond Flakes is LOVE. This is so GOOOOOD!

Green Tea Ice-Cream with Japanese Sweet Potato.

Wasnt as good but still tasty! A hot & cold combination. In fact, they named their desserts "imo" something. Imo, Emo, Hmmm.

Am so falling in love with RBGT.

11:15 PM


Friday, December 5, 2008

One day, Two days, Three days, and still counting. Its been the holidays since the 18th of November and i've done nothing more productive than engaging myself in a DVD marathon. I swear, i didnt sign up for this. Its Grey's Anatomy we're talking about, not any random DVD which i picked out from the stash in my closet. Oh yea, RANDOM. Gosh, i need a Haitian to erase those memories please.

We're talking about my life. My god damn life. Have you ever wondered what is up God's sleeves sometimes? Or have you ever questioned yourself how God actually knows what is best for you? He is God, right? So He should know right? Like who i date, who i choose to spend the rest of my life with, where i study, whether i become a Chef in the future, how many kids i have, whether i name my baby girl Giselle or Kaylen, the car i drive and all the other material stuff. God knows right? Its destined to be. I am destined to reign. Right?

So many questions. So few answers. This world is filled with so much uncertainty. It aint just about what the future holds, but also, about what the next day, the next week or even the next month may bring us. Sometimes, it gets so crazy, sometimes, it gets so cranky, sometimes, its so peaceful. so quiet, and still, we dont feel happy. What's happiness? What is it to love? What's love? There's no reason to love. We just love. Don't we?

Sometimes, we just want to forget. To put it all behind us. We have to, in order to move on. Move on. That's over-rated. Fight, is the new move. Fight for what you want. Fight for your happiness. Just fight and never let go.

Space. Yes, we need space to think. Not to space out and stare at nothing. But space to really think about what we want. Space for me, for you, for us, to breathe.

Its amazing how we actually have the power to hurt the people around us. Even when we so don't mean to. But in reality, we end up hurting ourselves most of the time.

I wish i had the power to turn back time. No, sometimes, i wished i never existed. But i did, and there must be a reason for my existence.

Nuff said.

I'm rambling, as usual.
11:10 PM

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