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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy 7th Monthsary dar dar! Thanks for everything. A million thanks for being able to endure my nonsense/moodswings/tantrums. I may talk alot sths and most of the stuff i say, or shall i say, noises i make are really rubbish but thanks for being such a great listener and many thanks for being so patient and endearing with me. There are times when i got angry with you but instead of resulting in quarrels, it made me love you evenmore. Love is unconditional. That's why God is Love. You've been a great makan kaki all these while. Second to none! I must admit that im truely blessed to have such a sweet someone who never fails to pamper me and take care of my needs and wants. And this special someone is not my eye-candy Elvin Ng, HK star Edison Chen, or the cute italian waiter from Riciotti but its noneother than YOU! Yes, YOU YOU YOU! Loving you today, tommorow and forever~ Lotsa Love from the blogger herself. Muackz~

Are you moved to tears yet baby? A Big Wet Kiss and a Big Bear Hug specially from me to u! Nitey~

3:11 AM


Im feeling so emo now.

Sem 2 is a big screw up.

Kinda regretted not studying harder. =(

Ate like a mad pig today. Nothing unusual. haha. Had Din Tai Fung for lunch, Crab Shack for dinner, desserts at The Riciotti Italian Restaurant and Mind Cafe snacks/munchies for supper. Pictures will be uploaded soon.

Talking about pictures, i have like 123456789 over pictures which i havent uploaded. That's alot alot. Its gonna be hardwork for me as i have to use photoshop to resize every single one of them but im sure you guys are gonna enjoy it.(Not juz food pics but also cam-whoring pics of ME and dar dar!)

Hmmm.. am a little bit hungry now but well, have to Jian Fei Jian Fei! I really wonder how much i've gained over the past 1 mth. Especially during exam periods where the stress just hits you like that. Tend to have this habit of indulging in a really goooood meal everytime im stressed or depressed or moody. Hence, the accumulated fats.

Oh well.. dar dar made my day by saying that i looked skinnier! whahahaha. Said my hand looked bonier and was jealous that i had a super flat tummy unlike his. muahahaha =X

I need a job that pays 6.50 or more pay hour!

Cant wait to get back to driving lessons.

I wana own a MINI COOP badly. I like it red with a white roof or the caramel white color with a black roof. A beetle volkswagen cabriolet is fine with me too. heeheeeeeee. The one used in Sweets For My Sweet, yea, i loveeee that! Damn nice la. Mini coop mini coop MINI COOP!!!!!!

Argh.. my bed is calling out to me. Nitez ppl~
3:08 AM


Thursday, April 26, 2007
FNA was a big screw up. I was really trying very very hard to recall everything i've read. What to debit, what to credit etc etc etc. Couldnt even balance my equations. When the values for Total Assets and Total Liabilities and Share holders' equity didnt equal, my head immediately screamed F*** it. So stressed up i was practically cursing and swearing at every qs.

Like what yisi said, i think its the curse of sem 2. Its even worse than sem 1!!! Rahhhhh

Cant wait for saturday. Gonna parteeee right after my econs exam. Its not my last paper but well, i needa break badly. Last paper is stats and that's gonna be on 3rd May, thurs. And on friday, which is the last day of dar dar's exam, we're going tenting! How cool is that~

Tml is history exam. S/u'ed it but i still have very little confidence abt getting a S grade. I still have 123456789 readings to go but i just cant bring myself to read them. Super boring can. Guess i really have to depend on my crapping skills tml.

All the best to all having exams now!

Yisi and nene, lets go on a big shopping spreeeee ok?

To sam, acelyn, may-may, and malee darlings, we'l hang out someday ok? NYDC and cheesecakes it shall be~

Whooopieeee! I just screwed up 2 papers but yet i feel like exams are over. That's the spirit baby. Dont drown your sorrows over what you've screwed up. Mourning over it wont help improve matters. Do your best in whatever you do. If God doesnt even wana help you, then you yourself cant help urself either. Stay happy, pretty and sexy everyone! Prison break time for me. Ciaoz~
10:23 PM


Tuesday, April 24, 2007
BOO! 2 more webcast to go! That means another 3 and a half more hours of webcasting.

I feel like cooking some campbell soup to keep me awake, or shall i say, to keep me going...

Craving for some zam zam prata too! They should invent a 1900-i-want-prata-now hotline and establish a prata delivery system. Like Mcdonald's delivers a cup of coffee to your house, why not deliver some teh tarik too? Pay additional $1 if you want the indian man to pull the teh tarik right in front of you. hahaha.

I promise im gonna be a good girl for next sem and attend every single lecture and tutorial faithfully.

Okie, i take back my words. haha. I noe its not possible and my honey knows it to. I made this same promise last sem and look what im doing now, WEBCASTING!!! n econs exam is just 3 days from now. BOO~

But well, thank God its gonna be an open book exam. Even though i noe that being able to refer to all my lecture notes and books wont help much (in fact, it wont help at all bcoz the profs always set qs that are unreferrable to textbooks or other sources), at least it gives me some confidence, and lets me escape from the pure torture of having to memorize the whole text book.

MS exam today was 40% okie yet 60% not okie. It was quite manageable except for an unsolvable question which was bloody hell worth 25 marks. =(

BTW, im officially a Tom's Palette Scoopie! =D And still a BNJ Scoopie too~

This is getting random...

okiedockie, back to webcasting and more webcasting.
11:36 PM


Monday, April 23, 2007
Saw a pair of birkenstocks at Millenia which i quite like very much. Quite like, yet like very much? Okie i seriously cant make up my mind but the birkenstocks, yea, they are very pretty. Dad wanted to buy them for me but mom STRONGLY objected as it cost $100.

Oh well...

A random picture of my dear beloved tobie~
He looks lost. guess the thunder must have scared the shit out of him. haha

6:29 PM


Saturday, April 21, 2007
Crazy day with dar dar today. Totally cracked up over BIG boots and BIG tips. Damn funny la. Laughed till our jaws and stomachs ached. The people at starbucks must have thought we were high on their new banana choco chip mocha drink.

Had a big feast at Chijmes today. Such a pity they had to close down. I hope they relocate soon. (FYI: This is the place i had my first sip of baileys and it became my fave drink ever since then.) =D

dar dar is out having steamboat dinner with his frenz now. That leaves me to continue my mugging session with me myself and the lappy. Have a great saturday people! Shall upload pics for today right after my exams.

6:55 PM


Friday, April 20, 2007

Am stuck at home, locked up in my room, about to go berserk any minute.

All my SMU friends have finished their exams. Gawd how i envy them. They must be shopping and eating to their hearts content while im stuck here mugging my brain cells out.


Im starting to like FNA, abit. haha. You noe the kind of satisfaction you get when ur able to balance your equations and solve questions correctly. yeah, that's it.

1 week of exams next week in exchange for 3 and a half months of school holidays b4 the start of a new semester! Jia You!

My simple lunch. Its koka's instant noodles - spicy black pepper beef flavour! I once mentioned that i dont eat instant noodles because of their high MSG and FAT content but this one im eating only has 1g of fat! There's no trans-fat and MSG level is lowered too! I couldnt resist but cook this for my lunch today. heeheehee

Cooked it with shrimp wantons and scallops. Added abit of seaweed too and sprinkled pork floss for garnish. Its a semi-dry version. Somehow when i added the seasoning the soup immediately turned into gravy form. There you have it - Semi-dry Spicy Black Pepper Noodles! Enjoy and maybe, savour the pics! hahahaha

I had to turn on my bedroom lights as my room was super dark after drawing the curtains and closing the windows. Why? Cause there was a little bee outside. Eew, Just to let you know in case ur wondering why this girl needs lights in broad day-afternoon light. hur hur hur.

Ooo.. I learnt a new chinese word from dar dar yesterday. Its Long Xia! Which means lobster! The most stupidest thing is i actually thought "Long Xia" is Long prawn or dragon prawn. LOL
12:43 PM


Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I hate sore throats. Please go away. Of all times to come, it had to come 1 week before my exams. I guess im exam sick. The same exact thing happened during last sem's exams as well. All but my table was cluttered with unnecessary-and-take-up space items like lozenges, tissue paper (in case my nose suddenly explodes) and a small water bottle.

My right arm is aching real bad. Try scooping ice-cream non-stop from 12 to 6pm and you'l know how the pain feels. And mind you, its not soft ice-cream, its solid as a rock ice-cream. haha. The chocolate fudge brownie was so hard we had to set up a counter, specially for 2 strong guys, to mend it. The sweet cream and cookies werent any better.

My wrist is hurting. I have blue blacks from my wrist up to my elbow and my knuckles are abit scratched. Hit my arm so many times on the dip case while scooping, hence the bruises. The upper part of my arm is super muscular right now. Honey says its slightly bigger than my left. haha. But what to do, i cant scoop with my left hand lest it fractures again. The muscles on my right arm is super hard as well. You can make out the lump when i strain it. Wonder women in the making eh. haha. The most affected area is the muscle located closest to my armpit. Sounds damn sick but ya, its super stiff down there. Basically, the whole arm feels heavy, heavy as a log!! My back aches too, my legs ache too, argh, my whole body+ throat is aching.

Great workout i must say. Perspired while scooping too. So if your ice-cream taste salty, you know why. haha Just Kidding~

Despite all the bruises and muscle aches, free cone day was certainly a damn enjoyable event. It was all about giving back to the community and seeing everybody's happy faces sure made us scoopies happy too! Bet you the bnj queue at raffles city is much longer than the queue over at Donut Factory's. The queue at cathay already started forming at 11.55am and it snaked all the way up to the third floor. It was pretty chaotic yet vibrant. TK got girls to scream out loud for ice-cream and we scoopies had to compete with them. There was even a balloon maker and cow mascot who's outfit looked damn obscene la. haha. Mediacorp people came down and we had to teach them to scoop. Very interesting. My throat is in this state also partly because we've been screaming our tonsils out at people to move down the queue but it always seems to fall on deaf ears. Imagine having to ask " Hi, what flavour would you like" for the whole 6 hours!! I think the number of times i asked that can easily exceed 500 la.

The bnj free cone day shirt is also damn cool la. Dry tech kiez. haha. Brought home 2 free pints too! I packed strawberry cheesecake and choclate fudge brownie for dar dar. =D Dono why also but i suddenly have a love for all things strawberry.

The vermonster in me has dieded. For these past few days, i've suddenly lost my appetite for food. My stomach doesnt even growl during meal times and thinking about what to eat next doesnt seem to excite me anymore. But fret not, my weird sudden cravings for food are still alive. Like how i crave for duck rice right now. And maybe, some new york cheesecake. =D
3:51 AM


Sunday, April 15, 2007
Exams may be drawing near but that's not a bad thing as it also means that exams are ending and the holidays are nearing! Yipee~

So here's a list of things i wana do immediately after the exams...

1) Treat myself and baby to a big feast.
2) Go on a shopping spreeeeee~
3) Get my hair done =D
4) Exercise 4 days a week. (Gym, swim, diet)
5) Organize foodie trails for me and baby. Hopefully he doesnt blame me for making him FAT-ter.
6) Blog about the past weeks' activites and also, beri veri veli important - My B-day Post. Dar dar has been bugging me abt this.
7) Play the piano
8) Spend time baking and cooking! Cheesecakes, chocolate fudge cakes, brownies, cookies and many more! Dar dar shall be my guinea pig. =P
9) Watch spiderman-3, shrek 3 and pirates of the carribean 3 and catch up with old frenz.
10) Stay home with dar dar and chiong season 1-6 of 24, the new season of CSI New York and Prison Break. Heard there's gonna be Prison Break season 3 too. =D

3 mths + of non-stop partying and shopping before the start of a new semester. I'l be a full fledged year 2 student! No more freshie le. hahahaha And of coz i'l be busy with Union Camp '07. Cant wait, cant wait. Hopefully there'll be more eye candies than 06' union camp. heeheehee.
4:08 AM


Saturday, April 14, 2007
&^54#@!@#456&*!!! Great. I dropped my camera on the floor. Thankfully, there wasnt any scratches and thank God the lens dint crack. Phew~

Have been stocking up on titbits from Mustafa recently. I know many of my friends dont like to go to mustafa because of several personal reasons but then again, with all the rows and rows and still never-ending rows of titbits and chocolates, who can say no to mustafa? They even have 2 whole shelves allocated to Roche's! Its worse than candy empire! Best of all, everything there is cheap cheap cheap.

Check this out. No Trans Fat! haha. Actually, im not a trans fat freak. Whether there's trans fat or not doesnt really affect me but what bothers me is the amount of fat each food item contains. I tend to abstain from titbits that contain more than 3g of fat and make sure i dont eat more than 30g of fat a day. Yes. Make sure, i really hope so.

Its a good habit yet a bad habit. Good habit bcoz it helps maintain my diet but bad as it makes me weight conscious and it can actually result in stress and binging. It can make me crave for carbo too. Which is extremely dangerous as excessive intake of carbs will not be converted to energy for the body but rather, stored as FATS. My worst enemy.

That's why i LOVE glennan's apple chips! Total fat is 0 grams!! I can eat 10 packets and still gain 0 grams of FAT! Glennans, my savious~

Check this out. Hello Panda with cheese fillings and Hello panda with cookies and cream fillings!

I've never seen them before and when i saw them on the shelves in Mustafa, i immediately grabbed one of each without hesitation. Bought a box of party animal seawood flavoured butter biscuits too. Used to snack on this when i was still in JC. Think it was nene who introduced it to us. haha. But bear in mind that the seawood tends to dirty ur fingers and may get stuck to ur teeth. A bottle of plain water should come in handy. =D

Bought all these junk from mustafa for only $3.80. I was surprised as i expected it to hit $5. For a moment, i thought maybe there was some midnight sales or sth as i bought those at 12.45am. haha. Went to the 4th floor after that to read some books. Read some interesting books on cooking and pregnancy. haha. No im not pregnant. Its just for general knowledge. Who says i have to be pregnant before i can read it. Hur. Read Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella too. I love all her shopaholic books. If im not wrong, this should be her latest one.

Argh,, Exams in 1 week. This is the time when my appetite suddenly ______ and i eat like there's no tml. Its like im not hungry but i just need something to bite. You noe, you noe?
9:09 AM


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do come down to Cathay for Ben & Jerry's free cone day okie? I'l gladly scoop ice-cream for all of you! =D Big fat scoops it shall be to make you all fatter than me hurhur =Pp
10:46 PM


Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Im so hungry! My stomach's growling and its extremely distracting. Especially when im webcasting right now. Argh..i feel so tempted to dial 62353535. Am even more tempted to go to chijmes for brekkie, which they serve all day. If not for my exams, i would have just gone to raffles city to queue up for donuts. I really miss my double chocolate donuts! Gawd im so hungry...I even have the urge to call tiramisutra.com to deliver me a baileys tiramisu cake right now.

Its really annoying to feel hungry yet know that there's nothing in the fridge and no one at home to go down and buy food for you. BOO~ Its even more annoying to know that you have 5 over packs of instant noodles in the kitchen cabinet but yet, am against eating it as they are super high in fat content. And the most annoying irritating thing is knowing that your cupboard has loads and loads of chocolates, cookies and chips but yet, have to resist temptations as you dont wana have to make urself run 10 rounds the running track. BOO~ I wan my glennans fat free apple chips! These are the only chips which i can eat without feeling guilty at all. =D

Dear's still in school. Right now, the whole of his house is mine as his dad went to Malaysia while his mom is at work.

Just to let you know, i ate like a mad pig yesterday.

Tried this new tau sa piah flavour which Tom's Palette was trying out. It isnt on sale yet as they're still experimenting with it. This tau sa piah flavour, its really good good GOOD! So good it instantly made me crave for tau sa piahs! Went to Vivo yesterday and bought 2! One salty and one sweet flavoured one. I personally prefer the salty version. Just like how i like salted egg yolks and salted popcorn. haha. The 2 tau sa piahs dint even manage to fill my stomach, so i bought a wasabe pork floss bun from breadtalk! I love their pork floss buns~ Yum. I was still hungry and wanted to buy donuts and sushi from Vinco and VivoMart respectively but the donuts dint look appetizing and Vivomart dint sell sushi.

Yes, that's how a mad pig eats. B4 that, me and dear had lunch at our favourite amoy street food centre. I had Lei Cha, which is a very healthy-light-appetizing-low fat meal. The ingredients include peanuts, ikan bilis, beancurd and a few different types of veggies. You can choose between brown rice or white rice, I usually go for brown rice as its healthier but of coz, you have to pay an additional $0.50 for it. A bowl of green tea soup is also served as well. By right, the right way to eat this is to pour the whole bowl of green tea into ric, mix well with the ingredients, and eat to your hearts content. But for me, i eat them seperately as i dont like my food to be overly soggy.

Dear had nasi lemak. Bought a bowl of beef ball soup to share.

Their beef balls are really yummy. Its bouncy, chewy, rubbery, juicy, firm, and handmade! For $3, you get 10 big beef balls! Its from the same stall i had my teochew beef kway teow from the last time. Go try it out if you're in the vicinity okie? They are from this stall, located at the ground floor.

Gawd..Im craving for apple strudel and Tom's Palette ice-cream now.

kkiez, back to webcasting!
11:42 PM


Sunday, April 8, 2007
Yawn Yawn YAWNNNNNN!! That's a big vermonster yawn for you. Stats is getting more complex by the day. FNA is still _______ as usual. I still havent started webcasting for MS. Dead, i am.

This is my last week of school! Yippie~ But, exams coming in 3 weeks time! Damn. I need a breakthrough. I need a miracle. I need both.

Gonna be really really busy till exams are over. Wont be able to blog as often oredi. Shall update about my b-day when i find time. Lots of pics to upload and share with you guys. heehee~ All in all, my birthday was filled with non-stop surprises from the time the clock struck 12 till 11.59pm I was a happy princess for that day. Turning 20 is not so bad after all. =D

okie dockie. Back to stats lect. Take care everybody!
8:07 PM


Friday, April 6, 2007
Monday 2nd April 2007

Dear came to school to pick me up for lunch after stats lect. Suggested going to Adam Road Food Centre as I wanted to check out their nasi lemak and prawn noodles. Used to go there for fruit juice with my uncle and aunt quite some time back.

The nasi lemak was so-so. The only redeeming thing about this dish was that their ikan bilis were quite tasty, crunchy, sweet or whatever you call it. And $4 was considered quite expensive if you ask me. Think the stall next door, Adam’s Nasi Lemak would taste better but sadly it was closed that day.

The prawn mee sure didn’t live up to all the food certificates that were awarded to this particular stall. A review mentioned that this stall’s prawn mee tasted just as good as that from Onan Road but in my opinion, I don’t even think its anywhere near Onan Road’s prawn mee standard. The soup lacked body, which instantly killed this dish. I dint even bother eating the pork ribs. Call me a fussy eater. Haha

Don’t you think it looks like something I can cook at home?

As I wasn’t satisfied with my lunch, we then went to serene centre for some ice-cream from Island Creamery. The shop is pretty huge and they had many pictures of people from all walks of life stuck on walls. Kinda reminded me of the picture board over at Ben & Jerry’s.

The shop is huge but their ice-cream selection was rather limited, or shall I say, pathetic. We bought a large cup of horlicks and Revoso.

Revoso is a chocolate ice-cream bleanded with oreo bits. Not bad. The horlicks was quite good too. Prices are reasonable. It cost $2.50 for a small cup and $4 for a large cup. Tried their teh tarik flavoured ice-cream as well. I felt shiok eating it. Was quite bland at first but after swallowing it, it leaves behind a strong teh-tarik tea after taste! Had wanted to order it but opted for horlicks instead as the Revoso was bound to cover the weak tasting teh tarik. Tried their nutella flavoured one too. But it dint taste anything like nutella. Tasted more like vanilla. The color wasn’t even nutella color, it was WHITE for goodness sake! For a moment, I tot maybe they put the wrong ice-cream name tag or sth. Haha.

We love our ice-creams!

I was still hungry as usual. But today was a little bit unusual. I just couldn’t make myself feel full. I can eat one packet of mixed veg rice, with 2 meat and 1 veg dish and still feel as though I haven’t eaten anything! My mom says im crazy. She wonders how come I can go without food on somedays but on other days like this, I can eat non-stop and never feel full. That’s why I told her I rather not eat. Haha.

Had wanted to have Ritz Apple strudel from Bugis but changed my mind at the very last minute. Its scary to eat non-stop and yet, never feel full and the next day, realize that you’ve gained 3kg over-night.

Im just exaggerating. Its quite hard for me to gain weight and even harder for me to lose weight. But that doesn’t mean I eat like nobody’s business. I enjoy what I eat and I make eating a pleasure. =D

Our second round of ice-cream for the day is…… Drum Rolls…….

Cornetto’s Cookies and Cream Ice-cream!

This is some cornetto flavour which I’ve never tried nor seen before. Immediately laid my hands on it when I saw it. Told dearie not to copy me and pick a different flavor but he refused. Afraid that he would throw tantrums, I decided to be nice and give in to him. For that day only. Muahahaha. See how happy he is? =Pp

Tuesday April 3rd 2007

I skipped my tutorials and lectures today and crashed my dear’s FNA course at MDIS. Before that, we had breakfast at the school’s canteen. I had a ham and egg sandwich + a strawberry yoghurt drink while dear had kaya toast and a cup of tea.

The teaching style at MDIS is very much like in secondary school. Where the teacher will go through examples step by step and even walk round the class to make sure everybody understands. A lot of time was spent doing questions which sort of helped make time pass faster. Unlike in NUS where the prof just keeps going on and on and doesn’t give much time for us to absorb whatever the he says. Cant be helped as we’re supposed to be independent learners. All in all, im still amazed at how I managed to endure through 3 hours of FNA at MDIS. –bleahz-

For lunch, I had a bowl of century egg lean meat porridge from the stall whose you tiao taste like cheese! Im serious. If not for the cheese after taste, I would have condemned this stalls you-tiao as it wasn’t crispy at all. The porridge was pretty good and its only $2!

Dear had his usual hainanese curry rice. Think he’s gonna have a hainanese curry rice face sooner or later. We bought 2 mushroom + chestnut dumplings from the famous Ba zhang stall, Ho Kee but it was only ready for collection at 1.15pm. So while waiting for time to past, me and dear chilled over some drinks from Coffee Break.

This stall serves very interesting and unique concoctions of drinks. For instance, they have mint tea, cinnamon coffee, almond tea/coffee, lemon mint and lots more. I had ginger vanilla while dear had mint teh – o peng. The mint is refreshing. Their almond coffee is not bad as well. Have your drinks warm and not chilled. It brings out the flavour this way. =D

Dear dint wana eat the dumpling at amoy, so we ta-baoed it home. The dumplings from Ho Kee are sold out by 12pm. They usually make a second batch which is ready for collection at 1pm but the nicer flavours like salted egg + chestnut is usually unavailable the second round. I love all things with salted egg. Went to this hotel for teochew porridge buffet last time and I ate like 5 salted egg yolks. My mooncakes must have salted eggs too. =D

The dumpling is nice. Very fragrant and it isn’t very oily. I dint get to eat much. Only ate 1 mushroom and 1 spoonful of rice. Dear took the plate and gobbled it up before I could even say stop. Haha.

We had an early dinner today as dear had to work at 7pm. Had western from Lucky Western, a stall located in Crawford Lane Blk 462 coffeeshop. I had chicken chop while dear had chicken cutlet.

See how nicely done the chicken chop is. I still remember my first bite into the chicken chop. It had the grilled chicken taste which was damn good ah. The cutlet was not bad too! Reminded me of my grandma’s chicken cutlet which she used to fry years ago but for some reason, stopped frying it already. I dint finish up my side dishes as im not a sides and potato person. Except for the bread. It was soft and fluffy and I couldn’t help but spread melted butter all over it. Stunned? Haha

Dear went to work after that while I studied at Park Lane’s Mac. Had a cup of warm milo to perk me up. Main reason was acty to prevent my stomach from growling. Haha.

Iced teh-o peng again, from Mr Bean's

Wednesday 4th April 2007

Dint go for FNA tutorial as 6am was a sickening hour to get up for class. Especially FNA. Shall go for a make-up class on Thursday, which also starts at the same time. Yea, im weird. I cant get up for wed but I can get up for thurs. haha. Its all got to do with the MIND.

Lunch with dearie today as usual. Was craving for some popiah so dear rode to Toa Payoh Lor 7. Our budget is pretty tight, with dear having to live on a $6/day allowance and me having to survive on a $16/day allowance. Told my dear that I would be willing to support him should his daily expd force his expenses to be carried down over to next day’s balance sheet. Not good cause in the long run, he may not be able to cover his liabilities. Whahaha FNA Yucks I don’t noe what im talking about la. Don’t bother trying to understand. You’l only grow white hair. Muahahaha.

We had a really budget lunch today. $2 economical mixed veg rice! Its really cheap! 1 meat + 1 fish + 2 veg or 2 meat + 2 veg + rice for only $2!

Its so much more worth it, nutritious and filling than mcdonalds’ $2 sausage mcmuffin which I think looks extremely pathetic without the egg. Everyday, this stall never fails to generate long queues and eveytime we’re here, we never fail to see the man (the father of the family), who stared in the drama serial Happy Fish, joining the queue too!

As usual, we bought popiah as well. Dear had 2 while I had 1. This is what we’re here for. And its always Not Good, Very Good! Oh how I love the taste of the crunchy fish.

As we were in the vicinity, we decided to go for some sweet treats over at The Bakers’ Story.

The Bakers’ Story is located at Sin Ming and they specialize in cakes and all things brownie. The thing that distinguishes them from the rest is that they don’t just sell ordinary chocolate brownies, they sell cheese brownies!

Its good! Its good! See its so good I have to remind myself that its good. Even their cakes are good to. Love the chocolate royal! It has that crunchy chocolate cocoa bits at the base which I simply adore!

Their signature cheese brownie tasted more like brownie cheesecake rather than cheese brownie.

Cheese brownie means its still supposed to be a fluffy soft brownie except that it contains cheese flavouring while brownie cheesecake is brownie flavoured cheesecake. Duh~ So in other words, their cheese brownie leaned more to the mushy cheesecake texture rather than the typical fluffy spongy cake brownie texture. But overall, its still good and il certainly be back here again. Not just to try their other flavours, but also to check out Ice-Kimo! An ice-cream parlous just a few shops away. Heez~

Went back to study and cool down. The weather is freaking hot and I suddenly had the urge to drink grass jelly from the famous stall in Golden Mile. This granny is one experienced grass jelly maker. Her grass jelly is so smooth! Even smoother than Rochor’s tau huay. Me and dear bought 1 bowl each, with atap seed as I also had the urge to eat atap seed. I have weird cravings, yes, this I noe very well. =Pp

Was about to go back home but dono why my legs just felt like walking the other way. So dear just tagged along and suddenly, stopped, as our eyes caught sight of this word – CHOCOLATE. A stall in Golden Mile selling Chocolate?! Interesting I say. Made a terrible mistake to peek inside the gelato dip case. I think I must have the i-wana-sample-ur-ice-cream look cause he store owners always end up giving us samples after samples of ice-cream. Tom’s palette one was the max! haha. Convinced myself that my stomach still had room for dessert and bought a single scoop of coffee flavoured gelato. Its good! Its different from the gelotos you find outside. This one is more dense and the flavour is really STRONG. We could even pick out the coffee beans from the gelato!

They sell other things like crispy mini Belgian waffles too. You can have it dipped in melted chocolate for $2.50. All their waffles and gelato cost $1.80. Very Cheap! Cheapest gelato I’ve ever eaten.

They also sell chocolate fondue sets too! It comes with fruits, marshmellow, gelato and some other stuff which I cant rmb. For a set for 2, it cost $14.50. For 4, its abt $24. Must try it someday! But wait, I wana try my cheese fondue from Stammisch (somewhere near 6th Ave, along bukit timah road) first. Hurhurhur.

All the places we've dined at. Some have really nice and cute name cards. Like RoomFor Desserts. Riciotti's one is simple yet refined. The claypot chicken rice one has the banana leaf texture which i think is a great way to promote themselves. Interesting. haha

No pictures for granny’s grass jelly and gelato as I forgot to bring down my camera. Too hungry oredi. =Pp

After all that eating, dear den rode me to school for History test at 6pm. Such an ungodly hour for a test! I dint even study la. So many readings to do eh… But thankfully the questions were based on last last week’s tutorial which I had half the mind of skipping. Thank God I went! Phew~

Thursday 5th April 2007

B.A.S.I.C stands for Being A Servant-leader In-the Community

Today is GV’s 10th student council investiture! Its also a meet-up session with all my GV mates. Met up with Maggie and vanice at Whitesands first. They were doing some shopping and I had no choice but to wait for them. Cabbed down to GV as it was soon approaching 5pm. Mag paid as I dint have spare cash with me. Reached the foyer and we were made to write SOMETHING for MTT. Were given door gifts like sweets and a notebook, which I happily dumped into Maggie mee’s bag. Hahaha.

Walked around the school and saw so many familiar faces. The 3 Ben’s were chatting at one corner and Ben Leong seriously looked shorter. Last time he was termed the giant ok. Haha. Yi long looks so handsome now. Not like the little boy I used to know. Yvonne’s hair looked weird but none the less, still the short noisy Yvonne. Haha. I almost dint recognize Nicholas, the choir boy. He looks so damn matured now la. Gosh. Xiao Yi looks like Winnie. OopS. Yisi aggress with me. Haha.

As a guest, I felt bored. But in the past, as a councilor, I felt happy, satisfied, relieved that all the hardwork and time put into organizing this event was finally over. It was even more satisfying for me to see my backdrop flying high in the air. Talking about backdrops, it kinda brings back memories. Especially those times when we were a sucker for glitter. We would stay back in school almost everyday till quite late in the evening just to do the backdrop and end up leaving the place looking like a shimmering tree. Messy but fun!

This years’ investiture also had a singing segment where 2 girls were made to sing the song When You Believe by Mariah Carey. Arghhhhh~ Reminded me of the time I sang this on stage, ON STAGE ok, with Winnie and Leo. Haha. Damn hilarious. Even looking at the podium reminded me of those times I had to do pledge taking duties and who was the one who sabo-ed me into it? ALOYSIUS!!!! And those notice boards, cant believe I, an uncreative person was acty assigned the responsibility to design/do-up notice boards. Walked past the canteen and saw the table me and yisi always sat for recess/lunch break. Yea, all those times we always bought lemon-barley from the vending machine to drink. Haha. Study tables were in their usual places and what were they used for? To sleep and copy a maths and physics homework. Haha. Those days seemed so long ago and I truly miss them so much.

The event ended at 8pm. I was dead hungry. So me and yisi chionged to the refreshment area for FOOD. Its pathetic. They only had beehoon, chicken wings and some finger food. I was expecting a spread, considering its their 10th anniversary. But no complaints, I was hungry and anything should suffice.

I was so hungry I only remembered to snap a picture of my food after eating three quarters of it. Practically gobbled everything up. James sent me home after that, Thanks!

Friday 6th April 2007

Woohoo~ 1 more day to my birthday. Im very excited cause I’m eager to find out what my dear’s up to. He’s being very secretative and stuff these few days. Tried to trick him into divulging his plans but failed at every attempt. BOO~

Nth much to blog for today. I was good and stayed home the whole day. Had intended to go to Malaysia with my aunt, uncle and grandma in the afternoon but changed my mind as I couldn’t stand the sweltering heat. But they ended up not going as well as traffic at the causeway was extremely bad.

Look what I had for breakfast. Not the usual Post Cereals but Cheese Ravioli! It’s a kind of Italian pasta with cheese/meat stuffings inside. Mom got this from Carrefour and boiled it for brekkie. The soup’s good! Guess she added some chicken broth to it.

Got quite sick of studying and so, I cam-whored for my dogs! Haha. Cute aren’t they?

Mom cooked dinner. Grilled teriyaki dory fish with rice! Yum~ I love dory fish. Love Cod fish even more.

Yippie! 20 more mins till my birthday! Wonder who will be the first person to wish me happy birthday. Haha =D

Chocolate easter eggs someone gave me. haha so kiddish rite

6:50 PM

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