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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve was pretty alright. Just like any other year in fact.

Met up with dar around 4ish in the late afternoon. Cabbed there as the bus to his place took forever to arrive. When i dont need the bus, it comes in pairs. But when im in need of the bus, it doesnt seem to want to come at all! This is so sickening.

I've realised that ive been cabbing alot recently. Cab fares are extorbitantly high and crazy too. Gotta stop taking cabs for now and start saving.

Dar accompanied me to the bank (UOB). I needed to deposit some cash. BUT, as i was in the process of depositing, the machine suddenly experienced technical difficulties and went out-of-order! It was so SUDDEN! As a result, my cash got stuck inside and l'l have to wait for another 3-5 working days before the bank transfers it to my account. I wanted it there and then. But 3 working days? ARGH.

My NYE is always JINXED. Last year, some idiot stepped on my slipper, which caused the strap to break. As a result? I had to limp and depend on one slipper (it was past midnight and all footwear shops were closed) throughout my NYE celebration at Vivo City and Clarke Quay. Jinxed or not Jinxed?

Anyway, i had dinner with dar at TCC. Thought of dining at either Jack's or Swensens as i felt like having a nice quiet dinner with baby but given that its NYE, Jack's didnt offer an ala-cart menu and since we wanted something different, TCC it was.

I had a salmon and prawn linguini done aglio olio style while dar had seafood aglio. We shared a caesar salad and a hazelnut frapp too.

A piece of art? It tasted pretty good too! In fact, mine was better than dar's. Haha.

Dar's was uber spicy! One mouthful was enough to bring me to tears. But he claimed that it wasnt spicy at all! Bian Tai!

The salad was still as good as the first time. Pity the garlic bread wasnt served hot and crisp. Else, a perfect appetizer to kick-start the meal.

Dar requested for extra hazelnut for the hazelnut frapp. It was nice. =)

I like the service here. Especially the ambience (Bugis). Food is of decent quality too. Will definitely be back to try their other main courses someday. And yes, we finally utilized our TCC membership card. Haha. They even sent us an organizer, which came in a very nice packaging! Im amazed.

Bus'ed down to PS thereafter. Spent some time reading car and bike magazines. AUDI R8 is my love! Its so hot! Went in search for dar's coinbox too. We couldnt find his "milkbottle" either.

Took a slow walk from PS to Robertson Walk. We even sat down at various places/by the river to chit chat and enjoy the breeze and scenary. It was a pretty sweet and romantic evening. Haha.

After some time, we finally found ourselves at Grand Copthrone WaterFront. We've been invited to their countdown party! Haha. Had some camomile tea first as we were still very early. I would have helped myself to the chocolate fondue and desserts if i didnt feel all that fat that night. We played and designed our free hats too! Fun!

Dar with a blue hat and a matching color balloon tied behind his chair.

Dar with the matching color balloon tied around his blue hat! Muahaha! So comical.

Mine's a red hat. The white balloon was tied by dar. He Heh.

Mine has shimmery stars around it! I stole dem from the table and used them to accessorize my hat. =P Dar wanted to follow suit but dint managed to as i had already used up all the stars on the table. Lalala.

Lighting is pretty bad as i wasnt seated under the lightbulb. Furthermore, i was using the louya pok camera phone.

Look! Every seat has a balloon too! Haha. Looks like a circus.

Chilled out by the bar after that. Watched the live screening of the countdown party at vivo and abit of soccer. hehe. We had lychee martini, tequila shots and some pink colored drink the bar tender came up with.

The place was like another zouk. In fact, Zouk's just right next door. Haha. There was a band playing at the main lobby, a dance floor, RNB + Hip-hop music blasting through the stereos and lots and lots of people with hats, party poppers and other funny stuff. LOL. When the clock struck 12, the balloons, secured by a netting up in the ceiling were released! The whole lobby was practically flooded with hundreds and hundreds of colorful balloons! We had to burst them fast before they flew out the main entrance. LOL. Imagine the ferrari covered in balloons. Haha.

After having fun kicking, bursting and throwing balloons into people's faces, dar n me rushed outside, by the river, to catch the firework display from The Esplanade! It was so b-e-a-u-tiful!

I had so much fun. I hope you all had too! My apologies to Jamie and Yisi for not being able to attend your potluck party. Haha. Next time alright!

2007 was crap. Hopefully, 2008 will be a better year of good and new things to come. I believe it will be. Furthermore, Im turning 21! That's going to be a major milestone for me. haha. Yay~


11:59 PM


Some over-dued pictures. They have been stored in dar's phone for the longest time ever.

Taken at Dar's place. That's my bear from me to him. Haha. Ive enough bears at home. =P

This was taken at... errr.. i cant rmb.. haha.

That's me at Fullerton. Dar had an interview scheduled there. Nice place.

Have fun party-ing your asses of tonight! Happy NYE's everyone!
2:29 PM


Sunday, December 30, 2007

My parking has improved tremendously! Thank God.

Dar dropped by Suntec to meet me after church. I dont know why but he was being very STUBBORN, SYNICAL AND SELF-CENTREED today.

I was a little (no very very) unhappy and intolerant about his attitude and behavior.

I shall not go into details.

Why would any sane man let their moods control them and not they control their own moods and emotions?


I swear his moodswings are by far a thousand times more terrible than mine put together.

Its like a dementor, sucking your soul dry, leaving no trace of happiness and life but darkness and emptiness deep within.

Promise me you'l nv make me feel this way ever again.

Cast down, but never cast out.

Have Faith.
10:22 PM


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shopping with Sam and Malee today. We met up for lunch, at TM, first.

Man, its been a long time since i last stepped into TM. So many changes! I didnt even noe there's an Mphosis here! LOL

We had pasta mania for lunch. Tried Sam's cheesy sausage recommendation. Tried a little of their banana dessert pizza too! Reminds me of the banana prata from The Cheese Prata Shop. haha.

Sam terrorized yet another waiter. But it was his fault la huh. He mixed up our orders so many times and even charged us the wrong amount. BOO!

I like Bodyshop's Cranberry Shimmering glitter! It smells so so nice. 40% off too. Sadly, out-of-stock. =(

Headed to town for dessert. We shared fries and ice-cream from Swensens. I love Swensens' fries! The dip especially. He Heh.

We had fun conversizing in hokkien. Haha. Dint we? I sure learnt ALOT. LOL

Walked to Orchard Emerald thereafter as Malee wanted to thread her eye-brows. Meanwhile, Sam, Dar and me visited 2 sex-shops located on the same floor. Dar got tied up and smacked by me. Haha. It was part of a demo. So hilarious. Sam of course, had the best laugh. LOL.

Hotel buffet for dinner. Afterwhich, we all accompanied Sam to take bus 16. BUT, we took it from the wrong direction! Only realised it when the bus terminated at Bukit Merah Bus Interchange. It was certainly my first time stepping foot there. Haha.

The jam in orchard was terrible. Alighted at PS and took 23 home. Phwah, my fingers are itching from an over-consumption of prawns again. Yikes.
11:09 PM


Boring Boring Boring. I hate having nothing to do all day.

Shopping, walking, sleeping, feasting and lazing around. I've done them all.

Orchard Road is getting boring. So is PS, Bugis and Vivo City. Suntec and Marina Square aint any better. Im practically there every Sunday. Haha.

Online spree'ing is getting quite boring too. Rah rah rah, im indeed a very bored lady.

Time to plan and carry out some interesting activities!

1) Visit the Zoo
2) Ice-Skating and Night Cycling!
3) Picnic at Sentosa
4) Go-Kart!
5) Bungee Swing and knee boarding!
6) GoldCoast Australia
7) Demsey
8) Snorkling
9) Stayover at Ace's!
10) Ride a horse and have brekkie with ah meng!

These are just some of the things (i may or may not do) that i currently have in mind. It all depends on whether dar wants to do them with me. Somehow, i think he doesnt. He's so against number 1,4, and 10.

Truth is, he's an even more boring person than me. He eats the same ol' food everyday. He orders the same ol' stuff at every restaurant. He wears the same ol' clothings everyday. He talks about the same ol' things -bike and more bikes.

But if you look at it from a positive angle,

it shows that dar himself, is actually a very un-fickleminded, stable and loyal individual.

Which is a good thing because it simply means that he'l stick to his one and only girlfriend no matter how irritating, demanding or impatient she can be at times.

15 months together and still many more to come.

I love you more than the number of times ive said those three words. I love you more than you think i do. Love is actually all around.

I love you beary much FATTY!

*Hugs and Kisses*
12:04 AM


Thursday, December 27, 2007

and on the third day of christmas...

Dar had exam in the morning. Met up with him later in the day for lunch at Golden Mile. I like Planet Pasta's garlic bread. Their pastas have shown some improvement too! That ought to be great news for dar of course. Ha Ha.

Spent some time shopping at Raffles City as i wanted to check out River Island's sale. Almost everything was on sale! But dint get anything as i only fancied their belts, which sadly, werent on sale. J.Lo's Shoes and Bags collection are really really pretty! Thank God i do not own a credit card. Else, i would have simply swiped and bought at least 3 pairs of shoes and bags, which will obviously land me in debt.

Surprisingly, there's still a queue outside donut fac! But a very very short one indeed. HaHa. If you've realised, I've not eaten, or craved for donuts for the past few weeks! Sometimes, the smell of donuts make me nausea as well. I dont know what's happening bcoz i still love my donuts! J Co Donuts and Coffee are opening at Raffles City too! Cant wait for that.

High tea-ed at the bar. We had a strawberry margarita and some drink which the bar tender came up with. I like it! Dar likes it too. If i remember correctly, there's lychee liquer, sprite, coke, cherry brandy and some other alcohol. Its really good! Girls will love this. Im very sure. =)

Pics arent clear as i forgot to bring my camera out today. Oh well, just have to make do with the louya pok hp camera.

We had fingerfood too! I like the crackers. haha.

Spent sometime shopping in town. I tried on a dress. It was quite nice but way too short! BOO. But i bought something. And buying stuff always make me a happy girl. LOL.

We had a pretty early dinner at our usual haunt - Old Airport Road. Dar had curry noodles while i had fried fish soup from my fave stall! They serve it in a metal pot and are very generous with their fried fish eggs! The uncle today actually served me! Ha Ha. Im surprised because its always been self-service over here. He gave me lots of beehoon as well. Carbs! -_-!

We shared mutton satay too. Yummy. The peanut sauce sucks though. Banned forever.

Dar pillioned me today. Its been weeks since i last rode on dar's bike. I was quite excited about it though. BUT, after having a helmet sit on my head for 10 minutes, i tot riding a bike was not so much fun after all. I just dislike wearing a helmet. Perhaps i should wrap my head with a turban next time. =P
10:38 PM


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And on the second day of christmas....

Lunched at Toa Payoh Lor 7. Queued up for fishball noodles. They make their own fishballs. Really tasty. Ummm.

Drove to Kandahar Street to buy some really good kaya rolls from the "Rich and Good Cake Shop". They also sell durian, mango, strawberry and coffee rolls. Their rolls are not sold individually, you have to buy the entire roll. I dont think its much of a prob bcoz their rolls are so good we finished everything in one day. Haha.

Spent the afternoon shopping at Bugis Street. Its been a while since i last shopped here. Hate the crowd.

Bought a pair of skinny jeans and two tops for only $50! OOO, so happy!

Walked over to the nearby Park Royal Hotel, at beach road, to meet Uncle Kenny. He was busy working out at the gym while we shopped. He heh...

Chilled by the poolside while waiting. That's kengy over there! =P

I didnt expect this place, or this hotel, to look so lovely. Its really peaceful and quiet up here. The bar's just around the corner. Am gonna bring dar here for sun tanning some day. Hehehe.

Drove to Crawford Lane for dinner. Called dar down to join us since he lived only a few blocks away. We all had western from Lucky Western. the stall dar has been patronizing since he was 7 years old.

We had cutlets and chops. I love their bread! Its freshly toasted and uber crispy.

Am not going to Bang Kok anymore as we couldnt get any flight tix. I miss hong kong though. All the shopping, walking and FOOD! Much fun indeed.

We're planning a snorkling trip too! Im really excited about this. =D
11:04 PM


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Its the first day of christmas! Dar and me had Jap for lunch today. I had an oyako don while dar had a teriyaki chicken rice set. I still prefer the black pig. =P

I wore my lace knee socks today! He heh.

Was supposed to meet up with sam and ace for a shopping spree today but sth cropped up and so, didnt go. Met up with the babes, together with dar, for dinner at....

Sam and Ace were late.... LOL

For our main course, i had a grilled norwegian king salmon fillet, Sam had the grilled catch of the day (Pacific Dory), Ace and dar had fish & chips. We all shared some louisiana prawn tingy. The verdict? We all still prefer Fish & Co.

OOO, we took neoprints too! Its been almost a year since i last took one with the babes. Laughing and screaming like nobody's business, it was so so FUN!

Caught a 10.25pm movie with dar at The Cathay. We bought tickets for WarLords.

Chilling out with drinks from FullHouse.

Dar dar's spunky hair! Styled hair, I lurve it.

The movie's not too bad. Im surprised i didnt doze off. Halfway through the movie, some english song started playing in the background. There were subtitles but there was no sound coming from the show! And who uses an english soundtrack for a chinese movie like WarLords? BOO.

Cabbed back in a Merc Cab! Very comfortable. I like the driver! He drives REALLY FAST.

Dropped dar first. He looked so sleepy and drunk! I was worried he would just faint whilst walking back home. Haha.

Once again, Happy Christmas everyone!
1:30 AM


Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve was fun.

Had dimsum, from Kam Boat restaurant. for lunch. Shared frog leg porridge, chicken porridge, century egg + lean meat porridge, fried beancurd skin with prawn, har gao, charsiew pau, steamed custard +seasame paste pau, pork ribs, chicken feet, steamed carrot cake, fried yam puff (wu kok?), har kok, fried prawn dumpling with mango and charsiew cheongfun.

Everything was GOOD. One of the better dimsum outlets ive tried so far. Will be back for more, someday. =)

Shopped around town after lunch. For the record, i bought NOTHING today.

Headed to YY-KaFei Dian for high-tea. Its located along Purvis Street. We had drinks and homemade kaya buns! They were really soft and fluffy. OOH~

Visited THOS at Raffles Hotel. Everything looked so pretty.

Dinner at East Coast Lagoon. There was duck porridge, wanton noodles, chicken chop, mutton chop and roti john. I didnt know there's such a thing as mutton chop. Sua Ku rite? But it was pretty good. Minus the spicy chili gravy. =P

And that's my christmas eve for you. Lots of fun, lots of Sun and lots of FOOD!

11:06 PM


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Only 2 more days till CHRISTMAS!

It aint just another PH, its CHRISTMAS!

A season of Love, Joy, and Giving. A time where everyone gets together and celebrate the true meaning and reason for this season.

I just love it, dont you?

Anyway, dar and me attended church christmas service at the indoor stadium at 10 in the morning. We each had a turkey ham croissonwich meal from Burger King

Service was awesome. The stadium was fully occupied. We even did a church kallang wave, which was quite comical but certainly zapped us all awake. =P

Service ended around 1pm. Lunch'ed with uncle kenny, kengy, mom and dad at the newly renovated Whampoa Food Centre.
I had wanton noodles, dar had fattening satay beehoon, kengy and uncle kenny had mixed veg rice while mom and dad had sliced fish soup. We all shared carrot cake, oyster omelette, rojak, popiah and desserts.

I dont like oyster omelette but i have to admit this was one of the better dishes out of everything. Not the oysters (i dont like/eat oysters) but the fried egg! Im a sucker for all things eggy. AND, i still dont like chili added to my food. No particular reasons, i just dont like it.

Went window shopping with dar thereafter. Im intending to get couple trekking slippers from Havannas and some nice tops for baby. Am also in search of grey-silver skinny jeans, SHOES!, and my gold bangle! LOL

Orchard is madness! One moment i was complaining about the weather being too hot and all and the next moment, it started raining cats and dogs! Leaving us both stranded at Heerens. However, the rain wasnt enough to dampen our spirits. It takes MORE THAN a rain to do so. Haha. Needless to say, we braved the raindrops and continued walking down the streets of Orchard Road.

We shared iced chocolate from a particular coffee joint in Geylang.

A starbucks copycat?

The iced chocolate sucked big time. Even MILO tastes better. BOO.

-fast forward-

Dinner with dar's parents at Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant. Its located at the far end of Geylang. We shared claypot frog porridge, sambal kang kong, prawn omelette, fried pig intestines, pork ribs, beancurd and steamed fish. The pig intestines were nicely fried, chewy and all but the smell was horrible. The frog's legs should have been cooked with the porridge itself to allow the flavours to be fully abosrbed by the porridge. That's my preference. =)

Cabbed home right after dinner. Dropped dar off along the way. The funny thing was, after dropping dar, the driver realised he forgot to start the meter! The worse thing is, he demanded that i pay him an extra $5! Fucking NO! That journey from geylang to dar's place doesnt even cost more than two dollars la! Told him i'l only pay a dollar extra, else, i'l be paying for 2 cab surcharges, which obviously aint fair since it was a mistake commited by him and himself alone.

(NOTE: The journey from dar's place to geylang only cost $0.70 <$3.50 - $2.80> . Apparently, the driver drove back via the same route after dropping dar off. That's how we estimated the cost of the ride. $5? NO WAY!)

Taxi drivers.... -_-!
11:04 PM


Saturday, December 22, 2007

It was meat galore yesterday. Today, its meat fiesta at the christmas party!

Yay to more food, more yummies and more company but BOO to more fats and more exercise.

Lets see, we started off with salad and cocktail consisting of prawn and mango. There was brocolli too. LOL. Then came the honey baked ham. I quite like the special dressing. HeHeh. There were lots and lots of satay and yakitori too! Not forgetting. a turkey for christmas as well. For carbs, there was apple baked rice which everyone raved about that night.

There was cake from RoomForDessert, Champagne chocolates from Royce, Brandy chocolates from St Michaels' and wines, sparkling juice and many more.

All of us got christmas pressies too! I got a bottle of perfume. But i hardly ever use perfume. haha. I prefer the smell of cologne actually. Bleahz.

Im very very sad. Why? Because my b-e-a-u-tiful necklace from Korea, which bears the design of a merry-go-round carousel, is LOST!

There is a fifty percent chance that it was MISPLACED AND LOST, and a fifty percent chance that it was STOLEN.

ARGH. I cant believe it myself.

I am so very




All i can do right now is pray and hope that my necklace, will miraculously, find its way back to its rightful owner, SOON.

11:00 PM


Friday, December 21, 2007

A visit to Pu Tien for lunch today. We shared Fried Beehoon, Stir-Fried Meesua, Home-made beancurd, Duck wrapped in yam basket, and springrolls.

Both the meesua and beehoon were good. We all agreed the mee sua was better. In a sense that it wasnt as dry as the latter. Pu Tien's signature homemade beancurd was very well done! Ive not tasted such smooth beancurds for a very long time. The springrolls were recommended by the waitress. It was stuffed with fresh veggies and vermicili. Something different i suppose. But so-so only in my opinion. I could tell the waitress was quite pissed off when i said i dint want any springrolls after her persistant recommendation. Thumbs down to Lou Ya Pok service.

That's kengy! Haha

Shopped around town after that. MNG was having a christmas sale! Almost everything was going at half price. I bought a belt! =) Almost bought knickers from topshop as well. But dint in the end, oh well. Checked out La Senza too. I like La Senza! Haha. Everything at GUESS was pretty cheap too. But we dint get anything! haha

Dar's tired. Sat down for a while to rest our aching backs and feet.

Dinner together at Pizza Hut, PS. I dont really like pizza hut but i tot maybe we'd give it another shot tonight.

The Fatty.

Dar's rootbeer float.

We shared a meat galore crispy thin pizza, calamari and waffle fries! I've been craving for them eversince i had those yummy waffle fries from Breeks.

However, pizza huts' version paled in comparison! It was like so so lousy! It wasnt even crispy and worse of all, it was super potato-ish! Yikes! The calamari's serving portion was pathetic. I think there were only 8-10 pcs. If they were big calamari rings, its fine. But theirs were tiny, hard, and overfried. Dar raised it up to the store manager. haha

I think we would have been better off if we ta-baoed waffle fries from Carl's Jr and Calamari from Chippy's. LOL. But no complaints, pizza hut is after all a restaurant that specializes in nothing but PIZZA. The name already says it all. =P

I have to complain about the pizza too! I dont know why but i just dint really like it. Maybe it wasnt cheesy enough? I dont know man. I guess i'l just stick to Spagheddies next time.

Service was extremely slow! They didnt look short of staff to me though. The funny thing was this young waiter tot the customer wanted his BILL when he was actually requesting for FONDUE. HAHA! Does FONDUE sound like BILL? Maybe the DUE part if you say it really fast and softly.

I realise that ive been gorging myself with lots of food loaded with carbs, oil, and calories. Sometimes, i get really sick of food that i dont feel like eating for the next few days. Maybe not eat, but go on an all fruits + veggie -diet.

I need to DETOX.


Tobie's SO adorable! I told him to stay, n stay + sit he did! That's my cutesy tobie for you. =)

11:00 PM

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