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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Overslept today and was late for FNA by 30mins. The worst thing was class ended 30mins later. -_-! Dearie had to come earlier to pick me up. Intended to go for a swim/tan at Mount Faber's Safra. Its my first time there and i was quite impressed with their swimming pool and toilets. haha. The swimming pool gives me a "im-at-a-resort" feel and the toilets kinda reminded me of NSRCC's toilets. Swam a total of 8 laps while my dearie only did 2. Lousy ritee. haha. And i met Gary in the pool as well. This is indeed a small small world.

Sky darkened and we didnt get the opportunity to tan at all. As it started drizzling, we changed our lunch venue to somewhere nearer instead. I had fried fish beehoon soup while my dearie had fatty chicken rice from the bukit merah hawker centre. Shared a cup of soya bean and beancurd from this well-known soyabean stall. Rain started getting heavier and so, we spent our time queueing up for 4D, shopping at NTUC, and chilling out at MAC. Saw this new cheese flavoured yanyan in NTUC which ive nv tried b4. Bought it without second thoughts.

Dont ever bring me to the titbits/imported snacks ailes in supermarkets coz i can spend a pretty long time there and be tempted to buy everything. My dear always has a hard time dragging me away. haha. But end up he also buy.. hahaha.

Went for driving lessons in the evening. I LOVE driving! Its super fun. Seriously cant wait to get my license. Think my TP is gonna be either in late May or early June. After driving, me and dearie bussed down to bedok blk 85 for dinner. As it was a wet rainy day, the place wasnt too pack and stuffy. Ordered a plate of chili stingray, chili kang kong, oyster omelette + extra oysters (only my dear eats this, i dont fancy the taste of oysters, its like eating eyeballs), and century egg porridge. Everything is GOOD! Would love to come back again for the chili sotongs.

After dinner, we bussed down to Mr Bean's cafe at Princep St. Had a country pie and requested for extra extra cheese. haha. Its like a macoroni gratin except the marcoroni is replaced by mashed potatoes. I noe i said i don eat potatoes but this one isnt overwhelmingly potatoe-ish and the ingredients inside (chicken etc) outweighed the amount of mashed potato so it was alrite. =P The cheese gives it an extra boost. Superb~

So many sauces to choose from! Spoit for choice.

One of the nicest country pies ive ever tried. Err, think its the only country pie ive ever tried. haha.. Shared a chocolate ice-cream dessert which eric made for us.

Ate 3 spoonfuls while my dearie finished the rest as i felt FAT after eating potatoes and cheese. =P

11:43 PM


Monday, February 26, 2007
CNY Day 6 (Friday)

Today is Kaka's cny reunion dinner gathering. Went to my dear's house to meet him first b4 riding to Thomson Road to get Yu Sheng from Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice shop. After that, rode to Jeremy's house at Faber Terrace to meet the rest of the food comm ppl. Me and dear were the first to get there, even jeremy, the owner of the house wasnt back yet, so we sort of owned the whole house for that mere 20 minutes. haha.

Spent the next 1 hour preparing food. There were so many different types of mushrooms (straw, button, shitake, n golden mushrooms) and fishballs( lobster, sotong, plain, seafood and fishball with meat fillings inside types of fishballs)! We also had veggies, tau pok, my fave yu jiao tingy, crab meat, sausages, prawns etc. Nigel was the real star of the night. Even when everyone was done with dinner and the maid was clearing up some dishes, he was still gobbling up food! I wonder whether he ever feels full. Reminds me of union camp when he would ask "Prata anyone?" despite us feeling so shagged from the day's activities. Had almond jelly mixed with fruit cocktail for dessert too. You should see the huge bowl, accompanied with a super huge spoon ( its a ladel actually), we served kim hai's dessert in. Damn hilarious.

After dinner, we watched American Pie, The Naked Mile. Had to stop halfway as Jeremy's dad suddenly appeared out of no where and we dint want him thinking that his son's friends actually had the guts to watch porn in his house. haha. Gathered everyone and lao'ed yu sheng. It was a huge mess k. The yu sheng was like tossed out of the plate. haha. Funny. Had a photo taking session b4 leaving jeremy's place. Too bad the rest couldnt turn out, otherwise it would have been more fun with all the kaka ppl here.


CNY Day 7 (Saturday)

Today is 4e1's CNY dinner gathering. Booked a table for 12 at No Signboard Seafood restaurant, Esplanade. Its been ages since i last saw all of them and i kinda miss the times we spent together, laughing over lame jokes and making fun of other people. =X Jamie lost quite a lot of weight. Nick had a new hairstyle but he looked skinnier than ever. haha. I almost dint recognize Da Quan. James seemed abit more toned and the rest, still looks the same but of cause much more handsomer and prettier =D Mrs Tan still looks as young as ever. haha

Ordered yu sheng (dint really want it but mrs tan seemed keen on ordering it), battered bull frog legs, chili kang kong, no signboard specialty beancurd (the minced meat served with it was really tasty. Liked the crispy small shrimps inside), salad you tiao, seafood horfun, yang chow fried rice and last but not least, chili and butter crabs+ mantous! Its good to be a girl, coz you dont have to fight with 12 other people for the crab pincers. hehehe. The chili crabs gravy wasnt spicy at all. Served as a good dip for the mantous.

Bill amounted to 305 bucks. Food was good but i was only 40 percent full. Service wasnt that great. The waitress who took our order seemed quite impatient and they made a huge mistake by serving us all our dishes first and forgetting our yusheng. The lady boss saw it and screamed " I dint even take their order and i noe their yu sheng is supposed to come first! Where izit?!!" whahaha. super fierce. Told the waitress to bring out the yu sheng last coz if she brings it now the dishes will be cold and messy with yu sheng tossed north south east west. haha. But too bad, it was oredi prepared.

There were fireworks that night too. Was wondering what the commotion was all about when all the kan chiong singaporeans ran out to the open space outside the esplanade. Gave it a miss and went to haigen daz with yisi and mrs tan first to get a table for 12. Mrs Tan treated us to 2 chocolate fondue sets. Gossiped and chit chatted for the next 2 hours before heading home at 12 midnight.


CNY Day 8 (Sunday)

Forced myself out of bed at 9.30am to prepare for church. Went for second service. Dear met me at suntec after service. Bought a chicken pie from Don, The Personal Pie Club.

Quite tasty. I like the pastry though. The potatoes inside were mashed up and it seemed more like a shepherd's pie. The pie was really warm and i felt good eating it given that it was raining cats and dogs outside. Still, cottage pies' chicken pies are still my fave. =D

Took a train down to town and had lunch at Central, a hk cafe in Taka.

Ordered a chicken chop cheese baked rice to share. Asked for extra cheese as well.

The cheese is nice but there just isnt enough! Anyone noes where i can find those kinda baked rice where there's melted cheese from the top to the base of the rice and not just the surface? Ordered a french toast too!

I Like this! The crust is crispy and the maple syrup goes really well with it. You can still taste the french toast eggy taste too. Yum~

Went to my uncle's house with dearie after that. Everyone was there except my dad. Had a roche feast again. haha.

Watched James' Bond and cam-whored with my dearie again. -bleahz-

Had dinner at Kim Choo's. Its a nonya peranakan restaurant situated along east coast road. Just a few doors away from Aston's.

My uncle ordered chili kang kong, curry chicken, pork, beef rendang, veggies, and ngor hiang. Everything was GOOD! I especially like the curry chicken. The meat is tender and the gravy makes me wana eat more rice. haha

Had dessert as well. Their chendol is penang style and its really really good! Do try it someday, if you dont mind the calories. heh.

Total bill amounted to 108 bucks for 9pax. Grandma treated. haha. Reasonable pricing i must say. Service is fantastic, food is excellent, ambience is above average, yea, just screw the diet la k. hahaha


CNY Day 9 (Monday)

Dearie rode me to school today. Went for stats lecture while he rode off to send his bike for servicing. After lect, dearie rode to onan road as i wanted to have prawn mee but they were still closed... apparently, business will only resume on the 28th. Settled for Dunman Duck rice instead. Dint eat much as i wanted to have cheesecakes later, BUT, the cheesecake cafe was still closed! Business will only resume on the 7th of march. Guess i'l only be back for prawn mee and cheesecakes on the 7th onwards. Was still hungry so we went to have high tea at The Hong Kong Tea House just down the road. Opposite Kim Choos'. Had a peanut butter with milk toast. Walnut paste dessert. 4 xiao long baos and a ribena with lime drink. Its another nice chill out place. Very big and spacious with lotsa magazines and sofa couches.

*hehehe found this inside some chinese magazine and spent our time doing it =Pp*

kk.. tutorial gonna end soon. Gonna meet my honey at amoy for lunch b4 coming back for FNA lect later at 2pm. Boring! ciaoz~

5:43 PM


Thursday, February 22, 2007
CNY day 5

Check out all the snacks i brought to my dearie's hse! haha still got one more pack of jap caramel corn chips in his cupboard. This is what i call stocking up for war. hurhur.

Came to my dearie's house at around 11am. Went to MDIS to wait for his mom. After that, dearie rode to Onan road again, hoping to have my fave joo chiat pork ribs prawn mee! But it was CLOSED again!! BOO~ Rode back to Dunman Food Centre hoping to have their famous Dunman Duck Rice, Wanton mee and Rojak but they were all closed closed CLOSED!! Argh. Settled for bak kut teh in the end. Its situated along Joo Chiat. Next to D'Bun shop.

Bak Kut Teh here is not bad! The soup is not the herbal kind which i dislike alot. The taupok was also good. My dearie thinks its better than Founders' Bak Kut Teh at Balestier. Its also slightly cheaper here as well.

After our bak kut teh feast, we walked 10 steps next door to buy 2 mini char siew pau from D'Bun. Quite pricey. 55 cents for one mini pau which u can just eat it up in one bite.

After that, dearie rode to Katong Mall as i felt like having some banana pies from the Dona Manis shop but they were CLOSED as well. Worse, they will only resume business in march. Dono y but i was craving for some chicken pies this morning. Went to White Sands to get some from Cottage Pies but they were closed as well. Hmpf~

4:25 PM

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