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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Phew! Im happy to be back home at last. Something scary happened onboard bus 23 just this afternoon though. Apparently, the sudden-no-warning-E-brakes (in the middle of a traffic junction!) sent a plump lady slamming right straight into the front of the bus. What's more, the whole incident unfolded right before my eyes. I was standing by the exit door you see, getting ready to alight at the upcoming stop. My bet is she's going to sue the bus-driver and claim for damages.

Anyways, lets get back to some real stuff.

Guess where me and honey dined at yesterday?


Pretty obvious rite. Haha. For those who still have no-eye-deer, Its Billy Bombers of course!

I was having cravings for sushi and food from Crystal Jade actually but dar prefered BB, so BB it was.

We ordered our fave cookies and cream milkshake!

For starters, we shared 1/2 a dozen baked mussles. Its baked with butter and melted cheese! Thankfully the cheese didnt taste/smell like the ones from yellafellas. Which i tot smelled like vomit.

For mains, we had an Yin Yang Burger with bacon. Strange but the beef patty here tasted better than the one from marina square's outlet while the grilled chicken from marina square's tasted better than this one here! -_-!

I miss the burgers from Father Flanagen's though. Hmmm.

Did some shopping after lunch. This shop at Far East made me pay for a belt i did not damage. Apparently, it fell off its own hook, causing the gems and all on the buckle to smash into a million pieces. It wasnt my fault all right. The hook was already damaged and loose. Argued with her and demanded that she get her manager to the phone as i was so not willing to pay for something i didnt want. The manager was nice, claiming that it was an accident and hence, i neednt pay a single cent. What a day man. Dar didnt get to "see show" as he wasnt with me at that time.

Played car racing on the playstation at dar's place after that. Quite fun. N dar got scolded for stealing 3 roche's from his dad. Haha! N they bought a new 3 DOOR fridge! Which i think is absolutely ridiculous and funny because they hardly had ANYTHING even in their previous 2-door mini fridge! Looks like its now my job to help them stock up on food and utilize every square foot of their fridge to its maximum potential. Haha.

Dined at Chomp Chomp for dinner today. We had a very simple dinner + desserts.

and psychology aint as easy as i tot it wld be. All the foreign biology terms are freaking me out. Thankfully my group has a third year PMC (Pharmacy) student, who is really good with his explainations and theories. Im still considering whether i shld buy the psych textbook though. $50 isnt something i want to toy with as firstly, psych isnt my core module and secondly, i wouldnt be using/touching this book ever again after this sem.

Hmmm. Ive decided.

Not buying. Final.

Fast hor. I buy things/spend faster than that. Dar's nightmare. LOL
9:25 PM


Sleepy. So sleepy. Am dreading the yet another one and a half hours bus journey back home. Legal starts only in another hour. With my eyelids closing and brain shutting down on me, I wonder how im going to sit through APB lecture later, at 4pm. For now, i shall be hardworking n get started with my FNA tutorials. We'll see how i pull through bcoz i so badly want to go home n plonk right now.

TTFN, shall continue blogging when i get home. Ciaoz~
2:11 PM


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Havent been blogging as ive been quite busy lately. Busy with what i also dont know. I think i need an organizer to help organize and prioritize my already messy life.

Did i mention that my timetable SUCKS?! Wednesdays ought to be my freeday but the stupid system allocated me a tutorial slot, for APB, on that day itself. Having to endure and go through the tormenting journey from the East to the West just for a 45mins-1hr tutorial class just so aint totally worth it.

Anyways, below is an over-dued entry for the 22nd right up to the 26th of January. Happy reading!

Stupid fucked up timetable. Grrr...

22nd January 2008, Tuesday

Shopped with dar at Far East today. Bought some accessories. Didnt manage to buy shoes as they dint have my size.

Tot we'd have grass jelly desserts from Golden Mile given that its been a really hot and humid afternoon.

Ahhh, so refreshing! One more bowl please!

24th January 2008, Thursday

Yisi drove me to school today. =)

Went for MA, payed attention for the first half of the lecture, but zonked off and browsed through online shopping sites instead for the second half. Terrible huh we two. LOL.

Walked all the way to ARTS to submit my forms. I got lost in the Psychology Dept. Haha. Oh well...

Clarke Quay with Yisi after that. Walked around Central and shared some calamari from Chippy's.

Cupcakes are pretty. I feel like getting some for myself. Just for the fun of it. =P

25th January 2008, Friday

Did a one day job with dar at Toa Payoh. They're practucally paying us for doing nothing. Haha

We had breakfast from Mac. I tot Toa Payoh's Mac did a really yummy Sausage Mcmuffin with egg compared to the other outlets. Lunch'ed at Toa Payoh Lor 7. We saw Chew Chor Meng. He looks FAT.

Caught RAMBO 4 with dar. I was forced to watch a free movie. Paid by him of course. Haha. Rambo's quite entertaining, abit gruesome at some, no, every part.

Had cake for snacks. I like the biscuit layer. The chocolate's really thick, rich and sinful. Nice.

Shared a pack of Ruffles, Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream, potato chips too. Rahhh, fattening shit.

Rode down to Bugis for some shopping. Saw two very nice tops at Bugis Street BUT, i didnt buy. BOO.

Sat down for a drink at Rockery before heading back home. Tired. Hmmmm

26th January 2008, Saturday

An appointment with Inouvi Cosmetics at 1pm this afternoon. The sales lady helped "paint" my eyes. Haha. I was the guinea pig for kengy you see. Got some lip gloss and eye shadow Dust from there too. You know, the colors all look so lovely but strangely, after buying, i hardly ever use them.

Lunched with baby at Far East. Tot of having Ramen but changed our minds as i wanted to try the new noodle shop next door.

I had a fried wanton noodle while dar had a fried chicken cutlet noodle set. The set comes with a bowl of wanton soup and a plate of veggies. We shared a honey lemon drink too.

I kinda like what we had today. The noodles aint the best but they sure tasted better than expected. Unlike the tasteless Pontian wanton mee noodles. Haha. That was terrible. Mine came served with 7 fried wantons. Its nice! Like duh. If something fried aint nice then God have mercy on them. At least the wantons over here aint as miserable and pathetically small as those from the Parklane Wanton noodle stalls too.

Didnt try Dar's but he said the fried chicken was nice. Hee Hee.

The best thing is everything here is cheap and affordable. Maybe slightly pricier than those from Hawker Centre's but comparable to those from foodcourts.

Did some shopping at Far East before heading to the Flea Market at the Youth Park. Im thinking maybe next time, i'l set up a stall and sell some of my clothes at really cheap prices. Its definitely a great way to help make some room for new clothes in my cupboard. Anybody keen to join me? Haha.

OOO, bought bangles from Diva. Then walked to Taka as dar wanted to read magazines. Bused down to PS after that as we felt like having Calamari from Chippy's. Dar bought fries from Mac too.

Buffet dinner at the hotel with dar and family. Dar ordered some skewed scallop linguinne from the ala-cart menu.

I dint really like it but the rest who sampled thought otherwise. Told you taste can be subjective.

Meanwhile, pictures!

Alright, time to get dressed and then its off to church! Yea, you must be wondering, "so late then go to church?" Haha, only lazy bummers who want to sleep in on a Sunday Morning like me will go for third service, which starts at 2.30pm. Say hi to me if you're at Suntec! hehe. Hope i can find parking too. =P
12:35 PM


Monday, January 21, 2008

OM's frigging boring! Tutorial balloting's driving me up the wall. Apparently, today's the last day for balloting, one hour to closing and i still couldnt connect to the school server. Great.

Balloted for my modules BUT, out of the 5 modules, i only got allocated tutorial slots for 3. Grrr!

And ive yet to buy my Psychology textbook either. I cant believe its so hard to find a seller.

Dar came to pick me up after school. Rode to town to meet up with dar's friends (Des and Kee Chuan) for a shopping spree. Ive never come across any guy who's as brand conscious as Des. One of a kind. Haha. Kee Chuan was uber quiet though, i asked him why and he claimed he was tired. Dint really buy that. =X

I bought a few items today. Got myself a bag and 2 pairs of earrings. My tube dress arrived today too! Chose some nice CK underwear for dar as well. Saw a really nice Gucci Bag. Its really nice okie. I cant stop picturing it in my mind. Its even more expensive than the limited edition LV bag. Will work hard and save hard to own it someday. =)

The Gucci saleperson kept eyeing at my heart-shaped diamond studded necklace. She tot its a product of Tiffany & Co.! Ha Ha. I so hope it was but nope, its actually a sweet gift from Aldo Accessories.

Dinner together at Billy Bombers', Marina Square. All of us had burgers. I shared the Yin & Yang burger with dar. Ordered soup and oreo milkshake to share too! The burger comes with a beef patty done medium, a grilled chicken slab, melted cheddar cheese and a sunny side up. Its pretty good! Would have been better if the beef patty wasnt so hard and stiff.

Oh, and before we met up with dar's friends, we shared fries from the Mac at Shaw. I like the twister fries! Ummm.

Anyone wana watch 27 Dresses? Dar doesnt want to watch it with me. He wants to watch Rambo, but i dont. Haha.
10:37 PM


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dinner with dar after work today. Headed to ChinaTown as dar felt like having fried guo ties. They came nicely fried, pretty impressive, but guoties just aint my thing. Never liked the thick skin and green onions inside you see. Yikes.

Walked around chinatown for a while. The CNY street market was heaving with people! Had to cling on to dar for dear life.

Shared some desserts at Maxwell to cool down. Bought my fave honey longan wintermelon drink. Its really nice! Bought Chendol as well. Ummm, love the coconut and green worms. LOL.

Rode off to Bugis for some shopping.

Very very happy with my purchase today.

Hee Hee
11:03 PM


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Aye, ive been spending money like nobody's business lately. Give me a credit card and i believe yours truely will end up in debt. I'd love to own a UOB's ladies card though. Hur.

CNY's coming real quick. Dar hasnt even started with his CNY spree. As for me, hur, all well prepared in advance. Ha Ha.

Anyway, me and dar had a very simple lunch at Golden Mile today. Dint want to crack my head too much over what and where to eat. We shared yummy garlic bread too. Dar reckons his tastes better. I have no comments.

Took a bus to Raffles City after that. Am considering getting mom a new handbag from Stage, the J.Lo retail store, for mother's day. We shall see...

Walked to Suntec City for more shopping. Intended to accompany dar to the career fair but one look at the crowd and you'll think twice about proceeding. Took a direct bus down to town instead. Shopped around Taka. I think FOX has nice denim skirts. Tried on 3 different pairs today. I liked the color and back pocket design of the first one but the front just dint appeal. As for the second pair, i liked the back design but pity the cutting didnt work out for me. The third pair had a nice shade of denim, it was also a perfect fit but i just didnt like the back pocket design! Terrible me. Aha, all 3 are still lovely beautiful skirts anyway.

Headed to Cathay for a free movie - American Gangster at The Grand Cathay. Its a super long 3 hour BORING show. Phwah.

Advertizing for Nike Dunks'. Ha Ha. Nike Dunks make hot collectibles.

Dinner at Shenton Way, CrabShack. We shared Calamari, Trellis Scallops, Soft shell crabs, fish and chips, crab baked rice and crab spaghetti.

Their spaghetti aint fantastic. The crab meat was the only ingredient that helped save this dish. Stick to their sides, baked rice and fish and chips. Definitely worth a try.

Prices here are cheap and affordable. No GST included in fact. However, as compared to my last 2 visits here, portion today seems to have shrunk a little. A word of advice, do come in long pants or jeans unless u want to feed your sweet blood to the mosquitos.

PS: I had more than 3 mosquito bites. Imagine the discomfort. =(

Ice-cream from our new found love for desserts. This time, an ultra sinful mix of chocolate & hersheys and skippy's peanut butter spread + loacker's wafer biscuits.

OOH, me and dar sampled Cold Rock's today as well. Its an Aussie brand that shares a similar concept to that of Ice-Cream Chefs. Their ice-cream, however, just CMI. It was soft and melted! Their peanut butter ice-cream didnt taste anything like peanut butter and the taste of milk was just too overpowering. Cold Rock's prices are extorbitantly high too. I'd rather pay for BNJ anytime.

and i bought my aunt a casual top from the bazaar at school too! He he.

Okay, that's all for today, work tomorrow, sleep well peeps, ta ta for now.
11:32 PM


Friday, January 18, 2008

Headed back to school for an internship briefing after work at 5.30pm today. We were given free notebooks and a quite decent looking pen with pricewatercoopers printed on it. The talk was boring, as expected, but i had to go, for the sake of securing an internship. Hmpf.

Rode out to Bugis for dinner with dar. We shared a grilled chicken set from one of the stalls at the foodcourt.

The one at PS tastes much better, seriously.

Some snacks i had during break today: Hazelnut Chocolate yoghurt, Jap Blueberry and Cheese Pancake and Popiah.

It turns out that the cashier from The Yoghurt Place is actually a fren of mine from MIX. No wonder her voice sounded so damn familiar.

I think just cheese alone tastes much better. The picture looks horrible. Its like a stained pad. OMG, damn gross.

This has got to be one of the most expensive popiah ever! $2.30 for one. But i aint complaining as it certainly is very value for money. Its thicker than the usual - packed with lots of egg, crispies, peanuts, beancurd, prawn, and veggies. I tot its pretty good!

I think GUESS has nice belts, jackets and jeans. BOO. okie, random.

I would like a Mazda RX8 for my birthday. Can i, can i?

I promise i'l be good this year.

11:09 PM


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lets see... first week of school was boring with a capital B. Me n Yisi were practically talking/gossiping non-stop throughout the whole lecture, talking about our bangkok trip, applying for college exchange in the states, online shopping, organizing parties and yadayadayadahhh.

Im glad there's webcast for both Legal and APB. Sweet~

Anyway, this is meant to be an over-dued entry, for monday, tuesday and wednesday respectively. Dont worry, i'l keep it short. =P

14th January 2007, Monday

Had my first lecture of the semester - OM. Yawnz~ Took a direct bus to dar's workplace after school. Spent an hour waiting for him. The rain's uber heavy and crazy today. Played bike racing on the PlayStaion. FUN!

Why am i eating my own hair? Grrr...

15th January 2007, Tuesday

Suggested Amoy for lunch today. Its been ages since we last dined here. Dar had his usual nasi-lemak while i had mixed beef noodles.

Craving for their homemade juicy beef balls you see. We shared a dumpling too.

I tot the standard has dropped drastically. The rice was hard, it wasnt warm, just mediocore. Banned. Haha.

Dvd'ed at my grandma's place till dinner time. Continued with Season 2 of Prison Break. had an egg tart, which i bought from Amoy, for tea.

Dar doesnt like flakey egg tarts, hence, only bought one. The egg tarts from TM tastes better though.

16th January 2007, Wednesday

Met dar at Shaw Towers for some Tom Palette dessert. Lets see, ice-cream'ed on Saturday, ice-cream'ed on Sunday, and more ice-cream today! We shared a large Salted Caramel Cheese and Chocolate. Dont worry, ice-cream doesnt make you FAT.

Dinner right after at the next door Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant. We had steamed prawns, bamboo clams, kang kong, peking duck, steamed fish, duck meat, scallops and black pepper crabs. I so loveee the crispy duck skin!

Dar obviously didnt have enough of his ice-cream, hence, he bought another small cup (hazelnut) for himself. I ate up most of the ice-cream from round 1 you see. Very Very hungry! =P

Ice-cream is good for you. One cup a day keeps the moodswings away.

Not lying.


The Macbook Air is so sleek. Pity the interior isnt to my liking. Hmmm...
9:07 PM


Wednesday, January 16, 2008
OMgawd American Idol is so so FUNNY!

I didnt know Douglas' a contestant on Deal or No Deal's Hunks special.

Alritey, shall blog a proper entry tomorrow during break time in school.

Nite peeps!
11:13 PM


Sunday, January 13, 2008

I had a very weird dream a few nights ago. I dreamt that Sylar from Heros, killed Michael Scofield from Prison Break. Guess ive been watching too much TV already.

Dinner with baby after work at CK. I was craving for PASTA, hence, off to old airport road it was.

Rode off to our new found love for ice-cream dessert. This time, we chose chocolate and hersheys + nutty peanut butter for our ice-cream flavors and had them mix in our roche's for us. The sight of them crushing our roche's was just so heart-breaking! I bet it was even more agonizing for baby. Haha.

Pic is quite blur as i dint bring my camera out today. The ice-cream is really GOOD. I didnt expect the smell of roche to be so pungent! With such an ice-cream concoction and only for less than $5, what more can one desire, or even ask for? Next time, im gonna opt for Mars Bars and Crunchy Peanuts for mix-ins. =P

If you're wondering, NO, we havent forgotten about you TOM. HAHA.

And this overhere was our cosy hide-out. The seats inside and outside were fully occupied.

FYI, it doesnt belong to the store, but rather, i spotted it outside a pet shop, which is just situated right next door. He Heh.

Our day ended pretty early today as dar has to work, while i have to go to school tomorrow morning. Yes, 6weeks of holidaying and its finally back to school tomorrow. Im quite excited actually. Excited about being a school-girl once again. Heh.
9:36 PM


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tobie’s incessant barking woke me up this morning. Sometimes, I wonder what’s he trying to say. Did I mention that flappy had muscle cramps on one of his back hind legs? It was quite a funny sight though. Haha.

Anyway, met up with dar at TM first as I wanted to buy the shoes I saw yesterday. Yes, I finally have new shoes for cny! Haha. Shoes are mine, and I believe, every girls best friend. What is to a girls best friend is to dar’s nightmare. –bleahz-

We had Onan Road’s Prawn mee for lunch.

Dar had two bowls! Haha. Even Uncle Kenny had two bowls when he came here. Goes to show how good it is.

Desserts at our new found love – ICE-CREAM CHEFS! I’ve been wanting to come here for the longest time ever, now I’m finally able to strike it off my ever-so-long food-list. He Heh.

Just take a while to ADMIRE our creation by the chef’s themselves.

It’s a mixture of their NUTELLA and NUTTY PEANUT BUTTER flavored ice-cream and Oreo cookies. They have interesting flavors like Kaya Loti, Milo Peng, Chocolate and Hersheys, and many more which I cant remember! For toppings/mix-ins, you can choose from the vast variety of loacker wafer biscuits, Gummy Bears, Peanuts, Oreo Cookies, Famous Amos, Cereals MnMs, Malteses, Mars and Snicker bars, marshmallows, Skippy’s peanutbutter, chocolate syrup and many many more.

In fact, they will mix the ice-cream and smashed toppings right in front and on the spot for you. Its done on a cold hard ice-slab. Reminds me of Teppenyaki. Except this is the cold version.

You guys should go try it. Its something different, that’s for sure. =)

After that delightful dessert, we rode off to NLB Bugis for a chill-out session. Sat by a corner reading books while dar read bike magazines. Rode to the VERY nearby YY Kafei Dian at Purvis Street for tea-break. I stressed on the word “VERY” because dar insisted on riding even though its only a less than 5 mins walk away from where we were. -_-!

After tea-break, we rode off to town immediately as the dark clouds seemed to signal an oncoming storm. Walked down the streets of Orchard doing nothing, people watch maybe. Grabbed some munchies/mini buns and mochi’s from the Japanese Bakery at Shaw. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE their soybean MOCHI’s! Was uber tempted to buy their sugar-coated donut stick balls but resisted temptation anyhow. =P

Thought of having dinner at CHOMP CHOMP but ended up having yong tau foo for dinner at the Bendemeer FC anyhow. You see, we got lost on the road while trying to navigate our way there. That’s why.

It was still pretty early, so suggested having some cheng tng for dessert at Simpang Bedok. I still prefer their hot version.

Spent some time chatting with baby at the void-deck before heading back home. Ive never seen him so upset, so demoralized before. Cheer up ok fatty? If you need to cry, my shoulders are always there for you to lean on. If you need to vent your anger and frustration, my fatty sio-bak thighs are always present. 2 “punching bags” somemore. He heh.

Lots of LOVE!

Signing out

11:17 PM

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