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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its been raining cats and dogs for the past one week. My flats actually went from white to black. The soles came loose and i was forced to chuck them in the bin. Oh well, with my flats gone and heels stolen, i guess its high time i get myself a pair of brand new shoes.

Met up with the project babes over at Wheelock's Starbucks for a cuppa project meeting. I had my all time fave drink from Starbucks - CHOCOLATE CREAM CHIP! Dar bought me a packet of icing biscuits from the biscuit confectionary.

One Buck for a huge bag of colorful gems. There's something nostalgic about it, and they sure know how to put a smile onto my face.

Its pretty addictive too. Everything was gone in 2 hours.

Dar joined me and the family over at my place for dinner tonight. Dad ta-baoed dinner from Astons. In case you don't know, they do have an outlet located at Tampines Street 11 and another one's opening just 3 blocks away from my home soon.

Dar had a medium rare with FRIED sides, i had a char-grilled chicken with cold pasta and coleslaw for sides. What a starking contrast from dar's. Mom had their terribly awful spaghetti while dad had their fish and chips, the safest of the lot. Garlic Bread was shared amongst all, it was far too hard for my liking.

In fact, i kinda personally prefered their chicken to steak. They do offer a variety of sides (hot & cold) for customers to choose from but seriously aint fantastic. Do stay clear of their pastas and don't come having high expectations for their steak for standards tend to vary from time to time, location to location. They dont charge GST over at Aston's. Food prices are pretty reasonable and affordable too. As i've always stated, taste can be very subjective. I, for sure, will not be returning to Aston's anytime soon but do give it a shot if you havent. You might actually like it. Who knows?

I do believe that i'd be better off having my fave chicken chops/cutlets over at 462. Give me Kenny Rogers anytime too. Oh my, their corn muffins are the bestest ever!
11:59 PM


SOMEONE stole my pair of black patented heels today.

I'm pissed with how that SOMEONE could resort to such a low-lying act.

Eventhough it aint dar's shoes that got stolen, he's kinda strangely affected by the lack of security in his neighbourhood.

To the extent where he's harbouring thoughts about purchasing and installing a camera outside his flat.

I hope those thieves get nabbed really soon.

Its not about returning those stolen items (who knows how many they/he/she has stolen) to their rightful owners but rather, upholding justice and putting a fullstop to all these nonsense.

To that SOMEONE who stole my pair of black patented heels, you dont deserve it and neither do i deserve to have them taken away from me.

11:28 PM


Friday, August 22, 2008

SWOLLEN LIPS. I know it sounds really stoopid but i actually bruised my lower lip while attempting to give dar a peck. Apparently, his big hard head crashed into me at the wrong place, wrong time and wrong angle. It was painful. I swear my lips went numb for 3 minutes. Look carefully and you'll see a 1cm scar on my lower lip. I call it, a sweet gesture gone wrong. Phwah...

Have been really busy these past couple of days. So busy i hardly even have time for myself. You dont wana know the number of times SBS pissed me off. Yes, i seriously dislike public transportation but that's gonna change really soon. Yeah, soon. My appeal has finally, and i repeat, FINALLY, been processed. But whether its successful or not is yet another story altogether. And i just discovered that i have 5 U/E's to clear next sem. Plus Business Policy, it'l mean 6 modules to graduate for next semester. Blehh. Its gonna be my last semester and i'm thinking about taking up some interesting modules. Like learning French! Muahaha.

Anyway, here's a quick sum up of the week.

Yes, i had another cake from The Patissier. This time, its a Green Tea Bravarian - Smooth & Silky Green Tea Mousse with a Chocolate Layer, Rum-Soaked Raisins and Green Tea Sponge. Its pretty good! Redbeans would go so well with this dessert! Not in the picture but i also shared a Mandarin Chocolate with Claris, and a Jubilee with XH, just a few days back. Jubilee'S really pretty while the Mandarin Chocolate wasnt exactly to my liking. Reason being, it was far too rich and one mouthful's enough to make me feel as though a sore throat's on its way.

Moving on, last Saturday, Dar, Me and Kengy had lunch at Hong Lim. We had Popiah and Chicken Curry Noodles. The popiah's very traditional and consumers get to choose between 2 kinds of Chili. The normal or extra spicy chili for chili lovers. This one in the picture is extra spicy, chili-padi spicy in fact. Hence, the redness. Curry noodles, IMHO, were pretty alright... in fact, its my first time having chicken curry noodles! A spicy lunch, alas!

CUPCAKES for tea. Dined in at Paisley & Cream. We shared a Mango and Tiramisu flavoured cupcake. The mango was pretty tasty but latter was somehow lacking in flavor. Don't really fancy buttercream either. Give me real dark chocolate ganache anytime babe.

And on Sunday (yes i know its extremely outdated but i have to blog it eitherway else i'd feel unaccomplished), dar and i had hokkien mee for dinner over at Geylang Lor 29. Still as good as ever. Its burnt, packs wok hei flavour and i just love it la. Ordered Satay from next door. Kwuong's Satay, if i'm not wrong. We both liked it. 35cents a stick, that's rather rare these days.

On Tuesday, me and the girls (Yisi and Sze Hui) decided to indulge in some good food. Yu Qing and her French friend joined us too! So it was 5 of us, having yummy dimsum, at Jade Palace. We chalked up a total bill of $86. Pretty expensive but certainly worth every penny. At least i've found a dimsum restaurant that offers Custard Buns served with SALTED EGG YOLKS! I'm not a custard lover but pair it with salted egg yolk and it becomes a world of difference. Heh. In fact, all of us had classes at 3pm after that. Next time, no more such heavy lunches because after that, the sleep demon always wins.

I guess that kinda sums up almost everything.

I just had dinner over at Kampong Glam Cafe. Mee Soto! OMGawd you dont know how long i've been craving for this! It wasnt the best Mee Soto but oh well, its mee soto nonetheless.

I'm tired.

Nite Nite peeps.
11:59 PM


Thursday, August 14, 2008

I didnt expect school to be much more mentally and physically exhausting than work. All the sleepless nights and early morning classes sure is taking a toll on me. 3 hour in-between class breaks aint very pleasing either. Hopefully the school buys my reason and the appeal for an earlier class slot goes through.

Lunch'ed at Vivo just the other day. Thought i'd give FRE(N)SH a shot.

Ordered their Salmon Tartine, which comes served with slices of smoked salmon and cream cheese atop a piece of sourdough bread. The salad was nothing spectacular.

Yes, its kinda obvious that i'm very into salmon and cheese lately. This tartine, i felt, was pretty good! It was a reminiscence of the Salmon and Cream Cheese Toastie from O'Brien's but FRE(N)SH is so much tastier! Quality of ingredients used here is also much better.

In fact, Ham & Cheese Quiche and Chocolate Tart were their appetizer and dessert of the day respectively. Both were equally and extremely tempting! But didnt grab any as i was on a DIET. LOL. Tang is gonna shooot me.

Kinda regretted leaving FRE(N)SH without having their Chocolate Tart for dessert. A second visit to FRE(N)SH i must!

N the best thing? They dont charge GST!

Going back to the corner where I first saw you,
Gonna camp in my sleeping bag now I'm not gonna move.
10:08 PM


Sunday, August 10, 2008

So i got the car, picked dar up from work, and drove out for dinner.

Royal Copenhagen, Wild Rocket, The French Stall, Cilantro and Ma Maison were some of our brainstormed options. We Singaporeans are truely spoilt for choice when it comes to food. I even needed the help and advice of ladyIronChef's! Muahaha.

To our unsurprise, we ended up dining at TCC, Clarke Quay instead. All dar's fault. Haha!

For once, i chose al fresco over indoor dining. We each had pasta for our mains and shared a drink and appetizer.

Dar and i went for the usual Seafood Aglio but mine came with additional Smoked Salmon. Strange how i love Salmon but yet dont fancy Sashimi.

For appetizers, we shared a beef tofu gratin! As the name suggests, it comes served with smooth white tofu and minced beef covered with a thick gooey heavenly mess of Mozerella Cheese.

Its delish! I could have this for my main anytime!

For drinks, we went for their Azuki Coffee Cooler.

Its simply Latte with lashings of red bean. Something sweet and something different for a change.

Pictures aint very clear but i must say that we both had a very satisfying dinner indeed. I suppose you might also already know that TCC has become one of our favourite haunts for fuss-free food. In fact, we were so satiated from dinner that my tummy simply had no room for desserts from the Nectare (I believe that's what its called, oops)!

Oh well...

Prolly next time, i should start with dessert first.
11:30 PM


I cant believe this. School officially commences tomorrow. Is this for real or am i totally dreaming it all?

I really wonder how i'm gonna get used to:

1) Attending tutorials (this time, its 3 hours of sectionals!!!)
2) Lugging my Laptop from home to Campus and around Campus
3) Waking up early to catch the bus
4) Having Sandwiches for Breakfast Lunch and maybe, Dinner
5) Projects, Presentations and Group meet-ups (Hooray to NO EXAMS, i repeat, NO EXAMS, this semester)
6) The long bus rides
7) and my most dreaded 3 hour in-between sectionals break.


Anyway, dad let me drive yesterday! Driving alone is so much fun! Picked dar up from his workplace before driving out for dinner. Drove to Suntec to get some ribbons too. Ohhh, dar bought me a THICK Baking book from Border's Book Fair at The Expo too! So sweeet right?

Got down to decorating my Tiramisu yestermorning. Glazed the strawberries, cut the sponge fingers, laid them around the 4 sides of the cake and tied a ribbon to give it a finishing touch. The whole family (excluding my mom, dar and kengy) all fell for our LIE. Hahaha. Only to discover later in the evening that the cake, wasnt from The Patissier, but from Pam's kitchen. =P

N i'm really thankful because God obviously heard my prayers and removed the lumpy cream lumps! I swear i could still see it, and taste it, just this morning! Messed up with the heavy cream but eitherway, it was a dessert well-enjoyed by all. Am pleased to see that Uncle, the birthday guy, is extremely surprised and impressed with it. All the hard work in the ktichen obviously pays off. That's the kinda satisfaction i truely enjoy.

My blog's gonna be experiencing a lack of pictures for the next 1-2 weeks. Camera's going on another trip to the States. Why not me Me mE?

Alrightey, gotta go pick dar up from work now. Yes, dad lent me his car again! Yipee~ Apparently, the company dar's working for has relocated from the Ubi to Expo area. Hence, the overtime and all. But its only for this weekend and the pays' brilliant. Heheh.

So i guess its Ta Ta for Now folks.
4:35 PM


Saturday, August 9, 2008



5:45 PM


Friday, August 8, 2008

Ahhh, after 3-4 hours of baking and sweating it out in the kitchen, i finally get to relac one corner. As requested by Kengy, i got down to baking a 1kg Tiramisu for Uncle's pre-birthday celebration tomorrow evening. BUT, i over-beated the heavy cream, added a little too much Kahlua, and POOF, lumps started forming! ARGH! Somebody shoot me please.

An appointment tomorrow at Cali.Fitness, it appears that they are throwing some sort of National Day party cum Buffet. Am having second thoughts right now about attending it as i'm dreading the Fat Analyser Test. After all, the cakes i consumed during the week is enough to add on 1 or maybe 2kg, to my original weight. BOO.

Yes, i had an Empress Dowager - Smooth and Rich Strawberry Mousse cake with Raspberries on a crunchy Chocolate base.

This is good. Its soft, light and not overly-sweet. The chocolate base is simply fantastic. I could eat this for dessert everyday. I mean, the chocolate. Heh.

And this over here is their The Patissier's signature cake! Its called a Passionfruit Meringue and it comes with a generous dose of chopped passionfruit, strawberries and mango. Simply delish~

This is a Marquise - Hard and Dense Chocolate Cake with Rum Soaked Raisins, Almonds and Biscuits. Its really hard, and really dense. But sinfully tasty.

Had an Indulgence as well. Its basically a Milk Chocolate Praline Mousse Mud Cake with a crunchy Chocolate Base. Shared it with Claris. Crunchy Chocolate Bases are so delightfully addictive!

Just two days ago, the family also got to try whole cakes from The Patissier. Namely Chocolate Chewy Mellow (Rich Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake with Marshmellows, Nougats and Nuts) and Tiramisu. They were left-overs from filming. Apparently, they are filming Xin Hua Duo Duo Kai Part 2. N a Big Thank You to Claris who bought me muffins from Missy Muffin at Amoy. =)

Had dinner with dar at Chinatown just two nights ago. Had a Bratwurst with Bun from this stall located along Smith Street.

The bun wasnt grilled properly. Everything tasted pretty mediocore. Not something i'd eat again. BOO.

Also, i had dinner with my beloved aunt at Amoy FC yesternight. She had Tong Fatt's Chicken Rice while i had Lei Cha. Tot i'd go for something healthier you see. =P

In case ur wondering what Lei Cha actually is, its simply rice served with chopped vegetables (long beans, celery, green leafy veggies), bite-sized beancurd, anchovies and peanuts! You can choose between brown or white rice and every bowl comes served with green tea. The green tea's prepared using matcha powder, some herbs and hot boiling water. There are also several ways to eat this dish. You can choose to pour the entire bowl of green tea over your rice, or you can choose to have your rice dry, with the soup as a side. I prefere the latter.

I'm still crossing my fingers and secretly praying that my Tiramisu will turn out fine, no, more than FINE, tomorrow. I even baked Sponge Fingers today! Ahaha. And i have to glaze my strawberries, which will be used for cake decor, tomorrow morning.

Dear Lord, please please please remove the lumps from my heavy cream.
5:10 PM


Sunday, August 3, 2008

After all that baking and feasting on restaurant desserts, it was time for some low-fat comfort food for dinner. Porridge was what we both opted for. Also ordered a plate of tofu to share.

In case you're wondering, this porridge stall is actually located in Chinatown. Its situated along Smith Street, across McDonald's (if i rmb correctly). From what i observed, they seem pretty popular with their claypot dishes. Getting a proper seat and table sure aint easy during peak hours.

IMHO, i personally do not like the porridge at all. It was far too grainy for my liking. What more its extremely watery consistency. Ingredients were scarce and miserable. Perhaps it could be purely coincidental but the porridge sure looks like hospital food. BOO. The tofu was rather average tasting, passable i say.

Also, during the mid-afternoon, i brought dar to Galicier, an ol'school cake shop in Tiong Bahru, to try their Ondeh Ondeh's! Its Orangey, its Big, and its Juicy. Just look at how molten the gula melaka is!

Yes, the sides are extremely clean and free of coconut shavings because yours truely licked them all up.

11:59 PM


Attended a Baking Workshop at Palate Sensations. A class of 6, together with Lynette, the M.D of Palate Sensations, were taught how to prepare restaurant desserts - Crepes Suzette, Chocolate Souffles and Panna Cotta with Berry Compote.

I really truely enjoyed the Crepes Suzette! If not for the tedious prep work, i might just consider whipping this up every morning for breakfast. Pana Cotta's were pretty good too! Don't be fooled by its tofu consistency for it sure contains a helluva heavy cream FAT. Souffle's on the otherhand were extremely light and airy. Consisting solely of pure dark valrhona chocolates and meringue, this dessert certainly doesnt fail to excite ur tastebuds. However, i personally do not quite take to the flavor of chocolate souffles. It tends to give me a nauseating feel, which is very strange and unheard of for a chocoholic like me.

1. Panna Cotta with Berry Compote

2. Chocolate Souffle

3. Crepes Suzette

And remember the last time i blogged about Kengy's B-day Cake from The Patissier? Yes, the picture's finally here. I hereby present to you the Croquembouch! Haha, even i had difficulty pronouncing it.

40 mini Profiteroles, sitting atop a 6 inch crunchy chocolate praline base. Aint it beautiful?

In fact, my camera kinda screwed up on me today. Images on my screen suddenly appeared chrome-like and pictures captured under bright light turned out looking disastrous. Brought it to see a doctor at Sony's Service Centre BUT the service personnel just couldnt find any particular fault with it. And boy was she right, my camera was perfectly fine. Bummer.

It aint just the camera alone. My laptop's also giving me a hardtime. Just the other day, a black screen appeared, with a message telling me to re-start the system. Also, it cant view livejournal websites! BOO! N as mentioned before, my HP also chose to crank up on me by automatically deleting all my pictures, ringtones and mp3s!

Grrrr..looks like technology and me dont go so well together afterall...
11:07 PM


Saturday, August 2, 2008

As promised, here's a quick review of The Mummy, which i caught 2 days ago with Dar at The Patissier's Movie Screening Event.

Two Words. Immortality and Mummy. That's what the entire movie's about. An unrealistic 1 hour 40 minutes movie consisting of non-stop entertainment, excitement and suspense. It got me laughing quite abit too. 3 popcorns is how yours truely would rate it. Pity the rather cheesy ending else it would have earned itself 3.5 popcorns.


Celebrated Dad's B-day with a song and Double Chocolate Praline Cake from The Patissier yesterday. Actually, its TWO cakes. One of the Chef's had an extra Mango Basil and thought he'd give me one before he left for home. How sweeet!

Part 2 of Dad's B-day celebration was held today at Crystal Jade, Tampines Mall. Uncle, Aunts and cousin joined us too. We had Brocolli and Spinach (egg style), Beancurd, Cereal Prawns, Soya Sauce Chicken, some Curry, Coffee Flavoured Pork Ribs and Seafood Ee-Fu Noodles.

No pictures yet again but they were more or less pretty average tasting. The Coffee Flavoured Pork Ribs kinda stood out from the rest. CJ"s rendition of Ee-Fu noodles were pretty good too! Certainly better than those dished out during wedding dinners. The downside? Some of their items were rather bland and portion size aint directly proportional to their prices. I'd still prefer to order items from their ala-cart menu though. Overall, if i were to compare tonights dinner with Pu Tien, the latter definitely wins hands down.

My phone's getting all cranky with me again. Previously, the battery was drawing current from electrical sockets. That problem was fixed appx 1-2 mths ago. BUT just yesternight, it deleted all my mp3's, ringtones and pictures without me doing anything! POOF! Everything was gone in just a split second!

I need a new phone. Like seriously.
10:42 PM


Friday, August 1, 2008

How do you define a COPYCAT?

If he/she/he-she is called a COPYCAT, does that then make you a CAT?

No? Yes? Maybe? I don't know?

Blogs are created for our own personal use and we bloggers have the freedom and rights to blog whatever we want. What kinda images to upload, what kinda blog design/template to use, how we edit our images, whether or not we make use of canveses and even what kind of music we play on our blogs, all these are beyond your control. Its called consumer blogger sovereignty. Unless of course, you're telling me that you own these designs and can sue me for infringement of property/copy rights.

1. Do you own Adobe Photoshop or any other digital imaging software?

2. Were you the FIRST to start a "food blog?" I highly doubt so because there are many floggers i know who started way earlier than you. As a matter of fact, i blogged about them before you eventually did, does that then make u a copy-pam? Hmmm.

3. Are you the only one in Planet Earth who makes use of Canveses? From what i know, this is a very basic photoshop tool and many people from all walks of life use it. Be it in facebook, friendster, blogspot, livejournal, flickr and many more. If your name is not called Canves, then please, dont get paranoid when others use it as well.

4. Do you also dare deny that you havent bragged on your blog before? Sths, bloggers may not intend or mean to brag but readers tend to misinterprete and judge their writing tone as a form of bragging. If uploading images of your branded purchases aint bragging, den the word bragging ought to be given a new definition.

If you've answered NO to all the questions above, then i suggest you stop putting others down for you are certainly one CAT who's not justified to do so.

11:12 PM

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