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Friday, November 28, 2008

Keppel Bay, one of the many few places that recently made it to the top spot of my "Favourite Places to Chill" list.

Enjoy the sights of the calming deep blue sea, the many big and small yachts', the gastrobars and restaurants and feel yourself being transported to yet another holiday destination altogether.

Even the drive through this man-made infrastruture sends a sugar rush.

I'm thinking wedding shots even.

Just these two words, Keppel-Bay, floods my EMO saturated brain with happy thoughts.


After my first visit to Prive@KeppelBay, i immediately knew i had to bring dar here.

As much as i would love to, I don't always, in fact, very rarely have brunch, but brunch at Prive kinda made me realize how awesome brunch actually can be! They are for lazy-mornings and they are certainly stress-relieving and mood-lifting!

It wasn't the best breakfast but it was without a doubt the bestest breakfast experience i've ever had!

And so, i made a trip down to TCC for some drinks at its Keppel Bay outlet a few weeks after my first visit to Prive.

This time, with my camera fully charged and ready on hand.

Imagine TCC situated on-board a two story yacht, with the sun setting in the background, sipping coffee and tea, chewing on scones and fancy sweet treats, while the waves lapped gently against the sides of the yacht... wait, your other half's missing! Hahahah, somebody wake me up please!

The Interior...

Anyway, dar had his boring Oreo Frapp while i had a Litchi Tea Freeze.

Litchi Tea Freeze is simply a combination of lychee and peach, which i thought, was very good! There was a right balance of lychee and peach, with none masking the flavor of the other.

Indeed, Keppel Bay is an awesome place.
I could dream of living here forever. Talking about living here, dar and me actually made a visit to The Reflections ShowFlat. It was amazing. What with the full glass panels and open bathroom concepts. How can one resist the possibility and ability of waking up to a sea-view that's oh so stunning?

Gawd, i'l so love you if you bring me to Prive for Brunch again. Haha. But seriously, it gets me wondering whether i'm actually paying for the food or for the ambience. Who in the right mind spends more than $50 on breakfast for 2 when Cheese Pratas', or Chin Mee Chin's kaya toasts and runny eggs could easily have benn a satisfying and very affordable breakfast? In fact, i just whipped up a very sumptous breakfast, consisting of walnut rye bread, philly cheese, bacon, smoked premium ham, poached eggs, and sauteed asparagus and mushrooms, for Dar! Haha

Oh well... some random shots...

Keppel Bay, till then, we'l meet again.

11:36 PM


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Below is a series of ITALIAN food which me and dar consumed over the past 1-2months, starting with the most recent, yesternight, at Peperoni Pizzeria.

Located at 6 Greenwood Avenue, this place sure aint accessible for those coming via public transport. But if you, like me, are looking for a nice dining spot to escape the crowd, noise and heavy traffic, then this is one place not to be missed.

The weather was pretty cool as the heavy downpour had just subsided 10minutes prior to our arrival. Gets you craving for a bowl of hot ramen noodles but hey, sharing a 12inch large pizza and sitting at their warm-lighted alfresco dining area aint all that bad you know? Heah

Pepperoni Pizza

I have to admit, i love pepperoni pizzas! To the extent where i'd stock up on Pepperoni/Salami from Carrefour and prepare pepperoni mozerella sandwiches everyday for lunch at home. Awesome stuff.

Pizzas at Peperoni Pizzeria come in 3 sizes. 9inch for the medium pizza, 12 inch for the large and 21 inch for the XXXL pizza. Its HUGE. H-U-G-E! I believe me and dar would have boldly chosen the 21inch family pizza if we didnt have late lunch at Mien.

In fact, no electrical ovens are used here. Only the conventional wooden fire furnace (its that what you call it?! haha). The crust of the pizza is extremely thin and crispy! One cant help but feel like he/she is eating a very crispy naan. With such a thin crust, the 21inch pizza shldnt pose a challenge for the FAT COW. Hahah

My only gripe? The pizza was a little too oily and limp due to the thin crust. However, plus points for almost excellent service. We'l certainly be back for the XXXL Pizza.

But my preferred choice for pizzas would be, and still is, from Da Paolo Pizza Bar. Its located along Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village.

The open concept kitchen

We shared one of my all-time favourite salad and a pizza. Pardon me for the poor picture quality as i didnt have my camera with me that night.

I cant remember the names of the dishes exactly but the salad actually contains baby spinach, baby tomatoes, parma ham, croutons and for the dressing, melted Taleggio Cheese.

Ingredients for the pizza include pepperoni (Again, i Konw!), cooked spinach, extra mozerella and a cracked egg! Freak, i love cracked eggs.

Damnn, this is one good pizza. Da Paolo's pizza just has that WOW factor which is apparently absent in all the other pizzas i've had to date. I should just shuddup and let you savor the pictures. hahaha

Oh! Not on the same night but we also had pasta from Da Paolo, La Terrazza. Its located just a few restaurants down from the Pizza Bar.

Dar had his usual seafood alio (safe choice) while i opted for some crabmeat based home-made pasta.

Its pretty good but the pasta was a little too thick for my liking and cream based pastas always fill me up very quickly. To sum it up, i think Da Paolo's pizzas fare better than their pastas. Its decent but i've had better pasta's elsewhere at much more affordable prices.

A friend once brought me to Alforno for dinner and their aglio olio is so good it'd be a crime to keep it a secret. They were currently having a one-for-one DBS card promotion and it'd be a waste to not bring dar there for dinner.

Seafood Aglio

Clams in White Wine

P.S. The mussels do not come that way. Dar arranged them himself. Haha, itchy fingers.

The spaghetti was done al dente and it was full of flavor. One good pasta indeed.

But nothing beats Mien right? Cheap and satisfying. Hahaha!

Its been more than a year since dar and i dined at Wild Rocket. My first visit to Wild Rocket was 2 birthdays ago. It was dar's special surprise. Hah! Sweet~

Wild Rocket is a Fusion restaurant helmed by lawyer turned chef Wilin Low. Its located all the way up at Mount Emily. Not exactly inaccessible as coming via foot is still a feasible option. You'll just have to conquer the long flight of steep stairs. Haha.

Seafood Crustaccean Oil Spaghetti

Another confession, i do have a soft spot for crustaccean oil based pastas.

As for the pasta we had, i'd say its something different, something we've never tried before, something you'd most probably not find in other places. In fact, it kinda gets addictive after a while. I personally felt that it tasted like the chinese fried seafood beehoon. Except this, was certainly tastier. But then again, its fusion! - where italian meets chinese.


In short,

Dar loves his pastas' and calamari's. I love my pizzas and cheese. We simply love anything italian.

Its a no-brainer, really.
4:28 PM


Christmas is coming and what do people normally do prior to this festive season?

Organize a Christmas Party/Dinner, Save up for the pre and post christmas shopping sale, Sip on Toffee Nut Lattes at Starbucks, and create a wish (i prefer to call it a want) list just like ME!

My Christmas WANT-List

Not in any order of preference:

1. Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia
2. IPOD Touch, 8GB, 2nd Gen
3. IPOD NANO 4th Gen, RED
4. MacBook Air (The new Macbook's fine with me too)
5. Nikon D60
6. KItchenAid, Light Pink
7. Black Tight Leather Pants
8. Ankle Boots
9. Coin and Card holder from Coach (Dark Brown Gold)
10. Spon me a hair-makeover (color and soft curls)
11. A trip to Tokyo =))))
12. Samsung Flat Screen (7 series)
13. Home Theatre System
14. PUMA Ring shoes (Black and Gold)
15. A romantic waterfront dining experience at Saint Julien
16. or, impress me with your cooking skills! =)))
17. Surprise me

This christmas, is going to be so much fun.
10:03 AM


Thursday, November 20, 2008

*Tonight, Tonight i Wana Be With You*

*You Be The Prince & I Be The Princess*

*I Love You That's All I Really Know*
11:23 PM


A few weeks back, just shortly after our Genting Trip, Dar and I went to Changi on a Mini Food Escapade!

First up, for lunch, Carrot Cake!

I've heard and read many positve reviews about this place but it wasnt until after months of contemplation did i finally manage to drag my ass down here.

To my surprise, the coffeeshop wasnt very crowded for a saturday afternoon. Our orders arrived shortly within 10minutes.

White Carrot Cake fried with Chye Poh, lots of egg and Ikan Bilis. You have to understand that yours truely aint a fan of carrot cake but loves her carrot cake for the presence of fried egg. Stalls that dish out carrot cake with more egg than turnip usually is a bonus for me. In fact, for some reason, this version of carrot cake seemed to serve as a reminiscence of my early childhood days. Would have been much tastier had the ikan bilis been more crisp.

Standards tend to be inconsistent as well. I wasnt as impressed after trying it the second time.

Compare it to Chey Sua Carrot Cake, the latter's still my preferred choice.

Next, Mee Sua for dinner!

For sides, we shared sweet potato leaves and beancurd.

Dried Shrimps are love! Over consumption does activate the ezycma on my fourth and third finger but oh well, i cant help it, i really love dried shrimps, prawns, seafood, bla bla.

Can't exactly remember but i believe we had pork mee sua. Its definitely not pig kidney becuase dar and i, dont eat kidney/liver/stomach at all. No, maybe he does but i certainly dont, never and refuse to.

A very affordable dinner indeed. Total bill amounted to $14 for 2 pax. Happy!

Plus! It doesnt make me feel FAT.

10:49 PM


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SCHOOL'S OUT! The past few weeks were a HELLuva rollarcoaster ride. Days of consecutive sleepless nights, staying up till the wee hours of the morning staring heavy-eyed at the white screen. You know what pisses me off? My body clock screwing up on me, especially on those nights when i could afford to sleep. Prolly am suffering from a bout of stress related insomia. What more can i say? Well, lets just say i'm pretty sick of report writing, surveys, interviews, analytical shits and ppt slides. Bahh.

But but, somehow somewhere i managed to squeeze in time for FUN. HEAPFULS of FUN JOY AND LAUGHTER indeed. =D

Let's just start of with my Genting Trip which took place approximately 6 weeks ago. Yeah, terribly outdated. Shoot me.


I think carousels are so PRETTY.

I think i've aged. Rides no longer thrill but scare me. Kiddy rides seem to entice me instead. Can't seem to find the GUTS i once had anymore. =(

But then again, i would so love to go back to DreamWorld at GoldCoast Australia. Bah, shoot me again for contradicting myself.

In short, Genting was pretty much a BORE. The food was mediocore (fed myself silly with loads of ice-cream, cupcorn, cakes and other junk), the weather was colder than ever, the casino guard thought i was under-aged, and perhaps, the only saving grace, was the company i had.

OoH! Starbucks@Genting served really yummilicious ham and cheese toasties! They were extremely generous with the serving of ham! Heapfuls after heapfuls of them. N the cheese! *Drools*


And lastly,

I seriously do not know what he's doing to that monkey's ass.

More, and i do mean MORE updates coming up soon =)
1:33 PM

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