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Monday, March 26, 2007
I guess from now onwards I’l just adopt the habit of blogging at the end of the week. Firstly, it easier to sum up everything from day 1 to day 7 of the week rather than upload individual posts. Secondly, its troublesome to have to upload pictures everyday and thirdly, it saves time. So do rmb to check out my latest entries and updates/reviews about yummy yummy food every last day of the week okie? =D


Saturday 24th March 2007

Econs test this afternoon in school. Though I dint study much, I personally felt that it was slightly easier compared to the first mid term exam. Maybe coz most of it were taught in JC, except for the drawing of graphs, which got quite tedious after a while.

Before that, both me and dear had our lunch at Amoy Food Centre. Despite it being a weekend, almost ¾ of all the stalls there were open for business. I had lor mee while dear had nasi lemak from the stall next door.

As its signboard says, “Yuan Chun FAMOUS Lor Mee”, this stall never fails to generate long queues. For $2, you get a not-so-miserable serving of fine beehoon, fried crispy flour bits and pork slices swimming in thick brown gooey lor mee gravy. Taste wise, I consider it slightly above average but not something to WOW about as there are much better tasting lor mees elsewhere. Would have been better if they served it with egg and fried fish.

The nasi lemak stall next door also generates long queues during lunch hours. Its sold out quite fast as well. Saw the queue last time and was wondering what all the hype was all abt but seeing the ordinary looking nasi lemak dishes on display made us decide to give it a miss. Today, their was no queue at all and so, dearie decided to give it a shot.

One mouthful and dearie was able to understand why people were willing to queue for it. I tried a chopstick-ful of it and thought that it was pretty good! The rice was fragrant, fine and had a nice rich coconut taste to it. Best of all, it only cost $2. Very cheap!

As it was still early, me and dear chilled out for a while. Bought a carrot+pear+apple+mango fruit juice while dear had tea and some ondeh ondeh to go along. Yum~


Part 2

Dearie came to pick me up from my place at 6.30pm for dinner with my aunt, uncle and grandma. As usual, I’m always arrowed the task of deciding where and what to eat for dinner. Flipped through my food list and suggested having either crabs from The CrabShack or western from E.Black Board at Bedok South. Settled for the latter.

I had a ribeye steak with mushroom sauce ($14) and so did dearie as well. My aunt had pasta with clams ($5), aunty jo had aglio olio ($3) while aunty woon had fish and chips ($5).

The queue was pretty long but not as long as botak jones’. We waited for about 45 mins before our food came. Overall, I personally think Botak Jones’ serves much better western food. The pasta at E.Black Board is below average. It tasted very plain but I must say they are indeed very generous with their spaghetti serving. Still, Aglio Olio beats it handsdown. =P

The ribeye steak was much better but not say fantastic. No doubt, Fosters’ beats it handsdown. The ribeye steak was quite salty at the beginning and it wasn’t as tender as I would have wanted it to be. The sides, comprising mainly of fries and coleslaw sort of redeemed this dish. Ever heard the saying that potatoes always make the steak look bigger? Haha.

As for the fish and chips, I thought it was slightly above average. The fish was fried till golden brown and it was super crispy! The fish inside was fresh and it leaves behind a nice after taste. But still, Father Flanagen beats it handsdown. For some reason. The pastas, fish and chips and ribeye steak were all very salty! I wonder what’s up with the chef or as aunty woon puts it, maybe the saltiness comes from their perspiration. Haha. Yucks~ Though the food from E.Black Board was quite a disappointment, I guess I’l give it a second chance and will be back again to try their garlic bread, calarmari and maybe, Cajun chicken! =D


Friday 23rd March 2007

Dear came to pick me up from my place at 8.30am in the morning. Rode to East Coast Park for a 45 mins jog. Almost dieded after 5mins. You’ll understand what I mean when u try running beside my dear. Its like sprinting all the way. Can die can die. =P

Then we went to marine parade for breakfast. Bought a plain waffle while dear had a walnut cake from Q’bread bakery. Bought drinks from the hawker center to go along. Sadly, the uncle who makes superb strawberry soursop juice seems to have mia. Bought orange juice from them yesterday and it sucks real bad. I felt really cheated, its as if they added water into my juice. Even NUS orange juice taste 10 times better than this. Please bring back the strawberry soursop juice uncle!

Lunch was at Amoy Food Centre. I had something different today – Teochew Mixed Beef Kway teow.

It came with tender beef slices, my fave beef tendons and their home-made juicy beef balls! All for only $3. Nice. The yummilicious beef balls make me wana come back for more. Wasn’t exactly full, so we went to Kampong Bahru to try fried Ba Zhang from 33 Nyonya Bistro. There’s fried mars bars from chippys’ and fried ice-cream and now we have fried BA ZHANG! Haha. Its very nice! The unfried version of the ba zhang is already fantastic (from kim choo’s at Joo Chiat), what more FRIED. In fact, it wasn’t oily and the outer layer was fried till crisp perfection. Its so delicious kids can acty eat 4 of it in one go! For some reason, service at nonya peranakan restaurants seem to be of high standard. For instance, the owner actually took the time to explain to us where he got the ba zhang’s from and why he thought of frying them even though we dint even ask him. He was all smiles when we told him his version of fried ba zhang was really good. Who wouldn’t be? I will be when everyone, including the media starts to rave about my future FNB business. =D

This hazelnut wafer snack is really good. Its just like eating a roche. It would be better if the wafers were crispier though. Or maybe mine was just lao hong oredi. haha. $7.90 for a box of 15 (i think) from Candy Empire. Go check it out~


Thursday 22nd March 2007

YEAH! Last history tutorial for the rest of my life! This means that I wont have to wake up at 5.45am every thurs for history class anymore! Yippee~

Dear came to school to pick me up after stats lect. Rode to Far East for ramen again. This time, I had soupy ramen with steamed dumplings.

Not too bad but I tot the fried ones were much nicer. But given that im on a diet, steamed food it shall be. Dear ordered spicy beef ramen this time. Looks quite impressive eh but he tot it wasn’t spicy enuf. -_-!

Dear also ordered fried guo ties and he had to eat them all as No-Fried-Food was my motto for the day. Poor thing! Wasn’t very full so I thought of checking out The Deli at GoodWood Park Hotel. Went there last time with my aunt and I still remember the delicious tasting Chem Padak flavoured kueh lapis. Their durian mooncakes are one of my faves too. In fact, I believe they’re well known for all things durian. Learned that they were selling durian pastries for only a limited time period and so, decided to check it out today. They have durian mousse, durian dar dar, durian wafers, durian crepe, durian crumble, durian pandan and coconut cake, durian and crunchy hazelnut tartlet, durian roll, durian pudding and their signature durian puffs! I was simply tempted to order one of everything but resisted and ordered a durian crumble, durian puff and a durian + crunchy hazelnut tartlet.

Its heavenly! The strong durian taste is mind blowing. Don’t think I want my choc indulgence cake from secret recipe, or hazelnut praline cake from The Canele, or brownie cheesecake from SwissBake anymore. I want a durian mousse cake from GoodWood Park for my b-day! Thanks dearie. Love u lots! Hahahaha

Chilled out at Borders b4 heading back home. Came across this mini pocket sized book which I found quite interesting.


Wednesday 21st March 2007

Dear made me angry today. Hmpf~


Tuesday 20th March 2007

Dear came to pick me up from school after MS tut to go have lunch together. Headed to Far East for ramen again. I had their dry ramen while dear had the spicy seafood ramen. Ordered a plate of fried guo tie to share.

The dry ramen was much better than the crispy chicken ramen. It came with 2 fu zhou fishballs (The kind with minced meat inside), 2 crispy flower shaped dumplings, minced meat and veggies. The fu zhou fishball is nice! I bit into it and the juice exploded all over. The minced meat went very well with the ramen too! For those who don’t like vinegar, I suggest you tell the lady not to add vinegar as this dry version of ramen contains abit of vinegar. But at least its not so overpoweringly sour like the hong lim ba chor mee I had a few months back.


Monday 19th March 2007

Had stats proj mtg at 10am. Dearie rode me there and waited 1 hour for me. After which, we went to the oldest Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet located in Tanjong Pagar. We shared 1 slice of cheesy kaya French toast and each had a cup of teh-o.

After that, we walked across the street to Maxwell Food Centre for lunch. I queued up for sliced fish beehoon while dear had his usual pork porridge. The sliced fish beehoon stall is similar to the one at Old Airport Road. Not too bad but I still think the one, also at Old Airport Road, at the rojak stall stretch is much nicer. Talking about it makes me miss it already.

After lunch, we went to check out Central @ Clarke Quay. This place is like a maze! There are escalators everywhere coming out in all directions and overlapping one another! There are several towers as well and I think I will easily get lost. Though not all the shops are open yet, I foresee that its gonna be another hot spot for shopping. Thought their toilets were quite nice too. Sampled some mini donuts from Marcial Kobe as well. They have maple, chocolate, plain and icing coated flavoured mini donuts. They sell mini fish pancakes too. Cute.

Tobie my silky terrier. Cute ritee? Pics abit dark coz i dint wan the flash to blind him. Dint take any pics of my other dog flap as he was too black oredi muahahaha. =X

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
This is a late update for last week. (12th to 18th March) Sorry for the delay as i had difficulty publishing my blog entries due to poor server network at home and in school. But well, alas, its finally published so, happy reading!

12th March 2007 (Monday)

I’ve finally tried the yong tau foo from the first floor of Amoy Food Centre. What’s so special about it? Well, instead of serving it with the typical beehoon, this stall serves it with chee cheong fun! They have another hakka ytf stall upstairs that serves it with chee cheong fun as well but somehow this one is much much nicer. They offer a wide variety of ingredients for you to choose from and you have the option of telling the uncle whether you want them fried or not. I decided to screw the diet for that day and had it fried. 6 pieces + chee cheong fun + free veg = $3.20. Quite reasonable, considering that they give a generous serving of veggies. But really, its not the price, the variety of ingredients or the uniqueness of serving chee cheong fun with ytf that makes me wana come back for more. Its gotta do with their sauce. Taste different from the other ytf stalls. Really brings out the flavour from such a simple dish.

Early dinner at Old Airport Road. Rojak stall is finally open. You have to take a queue number first and wait for ur turn before you tell the old lady your order. Weird. Maybe she’s old and cant remember so many orders all at once. Our number was 41! Means 40 ppl bought rojak from her b4 us. 40 multiplied by $3 a plate equals $120 in just 1 to 2 hours. Profitable ehh. I mean how much is the market price of 1 taupok? Haha. Her rojak is nice bcoz of her rojak sauce. Its thick and has body. Think she made it with her own recipe coz she sells them for $2.20 a jar.

My fishsoup stall was closed. So I tried another stall’s fried fish beehoon soup. And guess what? Its much nicer! In fact, its very different from all the other fried fish bee hoon I’ve tried. They serve it in a metal pot and add extra ingredients like cuttlefish which sort of makes the dish even tastier. Go try it! Its just 3 stalls away from the rojak stall.

13th march 2007

Had chee cheong fun ytf from amoy again. I think I can eat this for lunch everyday and not get sick of it. Haha. Bought a cup of fresh apple kiwi juice as well. Chose this drink to help cool me down as I tend to get over heated easily.
Went to vivo awhile b4 going to The Daily Scoop at Sunset Way for ice-cream. I bought a single scoop of “Unusually apple” flavoured ice-cream while dearie bought a brownie.

The Daily Scoop makes ice-cream using their own machines in the shop. Feel like getting one of those for my future home next time. Haha, And maybe a popcorn machine as well. =P Recently, I noticed sth too. I’ve been ordering a lot of apple related food. For the past 2 days, I’ve been buying apple juice from my school canteen. Last thurs, I bought green apple juice from Far East. And just today, I bought an apple flavoured ice-cream and an apple kiwi juice from amoy! Gosh. To think that I hated apples when I was young. My mom used to force me to eat apples almost everyday and what did I do with them? Throw them out the window. Yes, I did that bcoz I hated apples. Haha.

14th March 2007

My last FNA presentation ever!

Met up with dearie for dinner. Dined at PS Pasta Mania. Tried their sausage ham baked rice. Its good. At least they seem to have more sauce/cheese than rice.

Honey bought oyster mee sua after having a plate of seafood marinara and garlic bread from pasta mania. I don’t like oysters! Its just so….. eew…

Den honey bought sushi from Carrefour. Dint buy any as I wanted to save my appetite for dessert at the Mind Café.
Ordered their Hot Fave Mind Café brownie.

Yum~ The brownie is dense with chocolate. Even the fudge sticks to the spoon. Warm brownie + Cold ice-cream = perfect match. Can fight with the brownies from Café Melvados as well as those from The Brownie Factory. But I cant declare it as the bestest bestest brownie as I’ve yet to try those from The Baker’s Story at Sin Ming.

1 brownie at Mind Café was certainly not enough. So dearie ordered a double choc brownie to share.

This one contains nuts and its not so chocolatey but still good. Value for money. Only $2.90. And for the month of march, they are offering this promotion of free board gaming for the first hour. Anyone wana go play board games? Am waiting for the day when more ppl will come, then can I order their much talk about chicken wings and cheese morsels to try. Heez.

15th March 2007

Lunch at Toa Payoh Lor 7. Queued for mixed veggie rice. Long queue bcoz its really cheap. 2 veggies + 2 meat + rice for only $2! And of coz, we bought popiah as well.

That’s the main reason why we’re here. I seriously think it’s the bestest bestest bestest number 1 popiah in the whole of Sg. I’ve tried so many and ive yet to find one which has a similar taste to this.

16th March 2007
Drats! The tube top which I saw and wanted to buy but dint buy from Forever 21 is sold out!!! Argh! Im so sad! Really regretted not buying it that day. Comforted myself by doing some retail therapy. Bought a tube top from FOX and a pair of white shorts and skirt from Mphosis. Wanted to get their slippers too and also tot of buying another set of bikini from sheer romance but well, better refrain myself and learn to stop being such an impulsive shopaholic. I am not gonna shop for the next 2 mths and I promised my honey that im not gonna eat expensive food for the whole of next week too. BOO~ But see it from an optimistic viewpoint, I get to diet and also save up for my zara skirt! Heeheehee.

17th March 2007

Today is makansutra day with my aunty keng and uncle Kenny! Last Saturday, we had Singapore’s version of pasta from Aglio Olio as well as some sweet Italian treats from Riciotti. This week, we had simple Chinese fare.

Uncle drove to my grandma’s place, which is oso my place (considering that we live just 2 blks away) , to pick us up for lunch. Honey was late as he overslept. Dearie rode but I chose to sit in the car as I dint feel like wearing a helmet during such hot weathers. Had ytf for lunch at Kembangan.

This is a hakka ytf restaurant but instead of serving ytf with meat stuffings inside, this one serves it with fish stuffings instead. The fish stuffings are made with real fresh fish paste and its really tasty. The fish balls are handmade with fresh fish paste as well. Anything to do with fish is good here. Do check it out as and when you’re free. It’l be easier to get there via car/bike. Restaurant name is Goldhill Hakka Restaurant.

Went to Vivo City after that. Discovered a shop selling all things CHOCOLATE! Its called Chocolate factory.

Am gonna get their hazelnut spread one of these days. $34.90 for one medium sized bottle but can be used as a spread, for cooking, as a flavour for drinks etc. Yummy! Went back to forever 21 to see if they still sell my fave tube top but nooooo, its sold out for good. Saw a few nice clothings at MNG too. Hmmm.. Grandma looked bored after a while, so we went to Wang Jiao, a hk café at harbourfront for high tea. Had kaya toasts, soft boiled eggs, and iced yuan yang. Nice Nice. Taste quite similar to ya kun’s acty.

At around 6pm, uncle drove to commonwealth’s hawker centre (near NLB) for dinner. We shared 2 plates of fried char kway teow, 1 plate of grilled chicken chop and a super mega huge serving of claypot chicken rice. Queued for abt 30 mins for the char kway teow. Definitely worth the wait. It isn’t too oily and the flavour is there. Best of all, the uncle frying it provides excellent service. And he started frying char kway teow ever since he was a kid. Amazing.

The grilled chicken chop was not too bad. The chicken chop and sauce is nice but the sides (fries and corn) sorta ruined the whole dish. The fries werent fried till golden brown and the corn stuff looked way overdued.

Highlight of the night – Claypot Chicken Rice! Waited 40 mins for this.

Look at the portion of it! Look at how much chicken they gave us! Scary! Its obvious that they aren’t stingy when it comes to giving ingredients. The rice is nice and fragrant as well. Can smell and taste the burned charred claypot rice. Its my fave. The more chao tar, the better. Haha. Love the chopped taiwan sausages inside as well. The claypot chicken rice is so good we acty had no problems finishing it, despite having char kway teow, chicken chop and high tea a few hrs ago at vivo. But sadly, it still loses to Chinatown’s claypot chicken rice. Somehow, my uncle still cant manage to re-locate this stall ever since renovation works began at the hawker centre it was situated in. Its like a makan lost and found kinda thing, except that its still not found! BOO~

Overall, lunch was good, high tea was good, dinner was even better. Certainly a day well spent. Patrick said I should be a food critic. Haha. Job requirement is : Must be able to eat. LOL

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