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Thursday, January 22, 2009

School is lifeless. The lessons are dry and the people there are nothing more than lifeless morons. The classroom is half empty/half full and i wonder whether anyone is ever done pretending. The lifeless crisis i'm experiencing right now sure is bringing out the dead in me.

Let's just get on to blogging about my love, food. Food is good, Food gives you energy, Food bonds people together, Tasty food lifts up your spirits, Beautiful food pictures brightens up ones' eyes (which reminds me, i ought to start saving for my DSLR), Food gets people talking, Food gets people travelling, Food gets people hunting for the cheapest deals, Food gets people queuein, Food is all around us and that is something we cannot deny.

Just a month back, dar and i had Pizza for dinner at Da Paolo's Pizza Bar.

Its one of the better places that serves great pizzas. That night, we shared a pepperoni with cracked egg pizza. Of course, with extra mozerella.

Their parma ham pizza and smoked salmon pizza are worth a try too.

Fresh baby spinach tossed in taleggio cream cheese dressing with shaved pieces of parma ham, sweet cherry tomatoes and croutons

One of my favourite salads from Da Paolo. It is now dar's favourite too. Haha. If you prefer something less cheesy and lighter on the palate, why not go for their mango, avacado and shrimp salad? Pretty appetizing too~

Rode off to Prive at Keppel Bay later in the night. Prive, one of my favourite chill-out places in Singapore. In fact, its not so hot and windier at night too!

Dar and me shared a slice of Chocolate Hazelnut Praline cake and as for drinks, we ordered a peanut butter milkshake and a cup of iced cold valrhona chocolate.

I love the cake! We both did. Pralines and Hazelnuts are easy to fall in love with.

Having tried the milkshake before, i opted for no jelly/jam as it only enhances its sweetness. And what we have is just a milkshake filled purely with sinful lashings of peanut butter. Peanut buttery goodness~ BUT, steeples does a meaner peanut butter milkshake. And cheaper too. Heah

I was quite disappointed with the valrhona chocolate. It was a little on the diluted side and was slightly bitter. I guess i'd still prefer my chocolate hot.

OOOH, i know this is extremely unrelated given that CNY is just round the corner but here are some pictures of the christmas tree i helped my aunt set up! We've been using this tree and its ornaments for god knows how many years! See those star lights? They are from Ikea. Love them.

And just recently, Dar and i made a trip down to Ice-Cream Gallery. Eunice's recommendation for their Durian Ice-Cream was what brought us there. I was quite skeptical initially as their durian ice-cream had no smell at all! How can a pungent-less durian be potent? But boy was i wrong, because their durian ice-cream was full bodied durian ice-cream. Go try it to know, much better than U.D.D.E.R.S in fact.

Prices at Ice-Cream Gallery are also relatively cheaper than other ice-cream joints. Scoops are bigger too! And did i mention how good their cookies and cream ice-cream were too? French Vanilla is used and tastes pretty similar to the very-nice vanilla ice-cream from Ikea! And yes yes, now i know where to get my red bean green tea ice-cream fix too.

YAY to Ice-Cream Gallery.

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