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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First day back at school and i must say it went pretty well. Had my fave ma lai gao as usual and an orange mango juice which tasted sweeter than ever. Spotted one or two familiar faces, Mari's one of them, am pleasantly surprised that she's chosen to do another sem here instead of heading back home to Germany. Lovin' it in our sunny island, doesnt she? =)

Do bear with me dearies because what im going to show you below are overdued pictures pictures that are bound to get you salivating and your gastrict juices running. Don't say i didnt warn you~

With all the craze and hype surrounding the drama serial, The Little Nonya, how can one resist the urge to indulge in some peranakan food, or i shall i say, dessert? As me and dar had heavy dinner already, a bowl of chendol and durian pengyat was all we settled for from PeraMakan.


Durian Pengyat

The durian pengyat is oh-so-goood! Durian flesh is prevalent and they sure don't stinge on the amount of durian used here. As for the Chendol, it was just alright for me. I'd prefer the ice come in smaller shaved pieces, not chunks. Still, nothing beats a bowl of authentic chendol from the true blue Malacca itself.

Miguel Forbes has a list of the Top 20 Forbes Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings, i, on the other hand, have a top 20 list of must-have snacks/desserts. One of them, being the humble Apple Strudel! A FRUIT-based snack/dessert, how sinful can that be?

For no rhyme or reason, dar and i thought we'd drop by Renaldo's for some strudel. We always have room for dessert you know. Hah.

I've had disappointing experiences with apple strudels over my past few visits but this one was really good! The pastry layers were crisp, the cream wasnt very overwhelming and the apples were sweet! Everything blended perfectly.

I like my apple strudel not for its apples but for its crisp pastry. What about you?

Another snack which ranks on my top 20 list of must-have snacks/desserts would be the Kaya Toasts from Chin Mee Chin. Without a doubt, the best ever. Chin Mee Chin is housed along East Coast Road and unlike the other Kaya Toast joints in town, CMC chooses to retain its rustic old-school charm.

Served hot from the toaster, these buns are oh-so-goood with the melt in your mouth combination of butter and homemade kaya.

They do serve them with the conventional white bread slices too. Did i mention how much i love BUTTER? Even the store owner was surprised at how a girl like me didnt shun away from butter.

Their luncheon meat buns are not to be missed either.

Half-Boiled Eggs

A kaya toast best friend. Haha.

And how could i forget BROWNIES! Yes, Mind Cafe's Brownies are one of the better ones i've had. In fact, its the only one me and dar head to for our brownie fix.

Black & White Mind Cafe Brownies

Lastly, ICE-CREAM! Who doesnt love ice-cream? Me, dar and my family are loyal consumers of ice-cream from Tom's Palette but sometime back, we thought we'd give U.D.D.E.R.S a try.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice-Cream

Green-Tea Ice-Cream

Not the best but they sure have very good liquer ice-cream!

A chalkboard full of recommended ice-cream flavors from the public. Just cast your votes with the chalk over there.

And finally, a non-food picture.

Have you seen this girl ridding pillion on a 1098 on the streets during the christmas season? Think harder! Haha.

That's all i have for you today. We shall continue again when i'm done with my top 20 list of must-have desserts.

Peace Out!
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