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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visited The Coffee Connoisseur yet again. N it seems like they've revised their menu, with the addition of many new items and the removal of old ones. I kinda miss their smoked salmon linguinne and beef panini sandwiches though.

Did i mention that prices have risen too? Its quite a substantial increase too!

In fact, nearly everything we ordered is something new from the menu. For drinks, we had one of their latest offerings.

It comes with a shot of matcha green tea, adzuki red beans, and latte. Personally, i kinda preferred their adzuki bean cooler to this. The latte sort of over-powered the taste of green tea. But the waitress was kind enough to provide me with a double shot of complimentary green tea upon learning about my complaint/feedback that it was tasteless and yadayadah~

Dar had his usual fare of seafood aglio.

This time, with the addition of extra pasta and smoked salmon. Total price? 27 freaking dollars. Wondering why its so expensive? I'l explain it later.

As for me, i had one of a Smoked Salmon Avo-Bayon sandwich - Citrusy smoked salmon draped with luscious avacado mash and topped with a thin layer of sabayon sauce, served between baked walnut rye bread.

I found the word "mash" to be quite disturbing. Haha

All in all, the bread was good, the smoked salmon was even better. I didnt like the avacado one bit. It got quite nauseating after a while. The sabayon sauce tasted a little wee bit like mango. Still, i'd prefer salmon to go with either cream cheese or wasabe mayo. A perfect combination altogether i'd say.

And how could a sweet-tooth like me leave without having desserts?

Strawberry Romantasia - Enchantingly sweet strawberry parfait with a tiara of fresh strawberries crowning layers of more strawberries. One of their new and latest dessert offerings in the menu.

There's strawberry sorbet, strawberry compote and chunks of crushed cookies inside too. Look at how pretty it is! Even the description makes you feel like a princess eating it. What with the words like " enchanting", "tiara" and "crown". Haha Kinda succumbed to temptation. How could anyone resist not ordering it?

And back to the "Why Dar's Seafood Aglio's so pricey" topic. Apparently, it costs $4 and $5 to add smoked salmon and spaghetti respectively. What i dont understand is how the addition of spaghetti can cost more than the addition of smoked salmon! In fact, one of the waitresses even informed us that the addition of spaghetti is equivalent to that of another portion altogether. But look at the picture, does the plate seem to be over-flowing with pasta? Eevn so, i found it unjustifiable to charge such a hefty sum for the addition of spaghetti which i felt was barely noticeable. Even a packet of italian spaghetti from the super-market cost less than that. If i'm not wrong, $3.95! And it can whip up more than 5 plates of Seafood Aglio Olio. At $27, i think i'd be better off having italian pasta from Da Paolo and Wild Rocket.

Obviously, knowing myself, i couldnt leave this matter lying and pretend that nothing has happened. Emailed my letter of complaint and apparently, one of them said they're currently investigating the matter and would get back to me shortly next week. I sure hope something is done.

Hopefully, i wouldnt be black-listed/end up being categorized inside their nasty customer list.

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