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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm gonna so crash on my bed after i'm done with this entry. Try having classes and project meetings, back to back, from 9am to 7pm. My brain cells were burned out by mid-day. I swear i couldnt even process a single question during our Promotional Marketing Class. For once i pray that i'd fall sick. So i can at least get an MC, stay home, rest and sleep.

Its bizarre to learn that i'm actually consuming more food when i'm in campus. Before class, in-between breaks and after class. Its not that i'm extremely famished, it's just that my mouth's itching for a bite. Or again, it could be due to S.T.R.E.S.S.

Anyway, dar and me finally got down to having ice-cream from Tom's after more than a month of procrastination and what nots. Made a trip down specially last SATURDAY to try their new flavour of the month, Tiramisu.

That was written by my and fatty 1 Year 5 Months ago. Once on a piece of scrap paper now scanned, embedded, printed and plastered on the dining tables of Tom's Palette. Do keep your eyes peeled for them! Heh Heh.

I would give it a 4.6 out of 5 rating on my Shiok-o-Meter. The taste of the liquer was very distinct in the ice-cream. I didnt quite take to the Grapa though. N the funniest thing happened. Me and dar accidentally banged our heads so hard i suffered a blue-black on my right brow. Terrible!

After desserts, dar accompanied me to the nearby Food-For Thought for a seminar conducted my Le Cordon Bleu School. Yes, i so want to go to the one in London. Refreshments were specially prepared by Chef David of Food For Thought. His Stewed-Pork Sandwiches and Choux Puffs are so darn good.

Walked over to the flaoting stadium thereafter. Caught Korea's Fireworks' Display. I didnt find it spectacular. Pretty boring i'd say. Thank god those tickets were given free for they sure aint worth 18bucks.

And on SUNDAY night, dar and i had dinner at Tampopo yet again! I suggested Ma Maison at first but dar, being a very boring foodie, was quite against it and hence, Tampopo it was.

Nothing beats having a bowl of steaming hot ramen on a cold chilly sunday night.

After you have this, Ajisen Ramen's nothing but crap "fast-food". Totally incomparable.

Ordered two of these semi-hard-boiled eggs. I'm not a fan of egg-yolk but this is really yummy! Just look at how it oozes out!

Shared a Pork Loin Cutlet as well.

This is a must-have at Tampopo. Had their Top-Grade Pork Loin on our first visit, hence, went for the normal grade pork loin this time around. I must say both are still very good BUT i personally preferred the Top-Grade version. It contains more fats, which melts in your mouth. I always feel like i'm on cloud nine whenever i bite into it. Its called Top-Grade for a reason. Else, why the need to differentiate them.

Now that i've tried a really good piece of Tonkatsu, i really wonder whether i'd be bias/judgemental/able to find a restaurant that serves a much better tasting black pig. The hunt for the black pig ultimately begins NOW.

That's a start. Hahahah.
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