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Friday, September 19, 2008

9 days since i last blogged! Only 9 days but i'm starting to feel like i've lost touch/about to lose touch with my blog.

School work's been tying me down lately. Its amazing how the workload keeps piling up at an ever increasing rate. Had to forgo sleep two nights ago to "pia" my report. The tutor who assigned this individual project's crazy. I bet she didnt analyze how much work her students had to do. Only 20% for so much tedious work and sleepless NIGHT. Plus it costs me $7.80 to print my report in color!!! Knowing me well enough, i didnt print it in color of course, it's so not worth it.

N i'm a really happy girl today because next week's RECESS WEEK! Plus, we're going to the Zoo at freaking 8.30am on monday as part of the requirement for our Services Marketing Project. And then, there's a very interesting field trip to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) scheduled a 3pm next tues! Come wednesday, its back to school for 2 project meetings and let's just say, dar's finally gonna ride me back from school with his brand new red hot duke. =D

Before u know it, we're off to Genting for a 3D2N holiday. How cool is that. A Holiday Gateaway. Just what i need most right now.

Anyway, here's some pictures and quick updates for the past few days/weeks.

A review on all-things-chocolatey by 8 Days.

Chocolates and Cakes, makes me smile and keeps me smiling for minutes. Still, the best chocolate's i've tried have got to be Neuhaus' Chocolates from Belgium. Royce prolly comes in second. Oh, how could i forget my beloved Roche's and Kinder Beuno's?

Chcolate Race Car.

Anyone knows what prevents it from melting and turning into a puddle of molten hot chocolate?

After having a strawberry shortcake from The Patissier, i'm starting to fall in love with shortcakes like totally. Still dont quite take to the taste of cream but the strawberries go so well together with the light vanilla sponge and crunchy biscuit base! What a treat~

Dim sum'ed with dar over at Chinatown for Dinner. Yes, apparently this place serves dimsum throughout the day.

Some of the dimsum we had:

Dimsum's supposed to be healthy but just take a look at how many fried items we ordered. Fried : Steamed, its almost like a 10:1 ratio

Seriously, this stall needs to work real bad on improving the quality and taste of its dimsum offerings. To make things even worse, all our dimsum items came cold. Basically, don't expect too much from this eatery. Afterall, its just a humble coffeestorehouse. Its not St.Regis for a reason.

Oh, check out my BagPage. Its part of an assignment for one of my modules. Its pretty fun to do acty. Many thanks to Malee esp. I didnt forget u girl! *winks*

Shall continue with my dining experiences at TCC and Sushi Tei maybe sometime tmr.

Sleep is what i need right now!

Peace out.
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