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Friday, August 22, 2008

SWOLLEN LIPS. I know it sounds really stoopid but i actually bruised my lower lip while attempting to give dar a peck. Apparently, his big hard head crashed into me at the wrong place, wrong time and wrong angle. It was painful. I swear my lips went numb for 3 minutes. Look carefully and you'll see a 1cm scar on my lower lip. I call it, a sweet gesture gone wrong. Phwah...

Have been really busy these past couple of days. So busy i hardly even have time for myself. You dont wana know the number of times SBS pissed me off. Yes, i seriously dislike public transportation but that's gonna change really soon. Yeah, soon. My appeal has finally, and i repeat, FINALLY, been processed. But whether its successful or not is yet another story altogether. And i just discovered that i have 5 U/E's to clear next sem. Plus Business Policy, it'l mean 6 modules to graduate for next semester. Blehh. Its gonna be my last semester and i'm thinking about taking up some interesting modules. Like learning French! Muahaha.

Anyway, here's a quick sum up of the week.

Yes, i had another cake from The Patissier. This time, its a Green Tea Bravarian - Smooth & Silky Green Tea Mousse with a Chocolate Layer, Rum-Soaked Raisins and Green Tea Sponge. Its pretty good! Redbeans would go so well with this dessert! Not in the picture but i also shared a Mandarin Chocolate with Claris, and a Jubilee with XH, just a few days back. Jubilee'S really pretty while the Mandarin Chocolate wasnt exactly to my liking. Reason being, it was far too rich and one mouthful's enough to make me feel as though a sore throat's on its way.

Moving on, last Saturday, Dar, Me and Kengy had lunch at Hong Lim. We had Popiah and Chicken Curry Noodles. The popiah's very traditional and consumers get to choose between 2 kinds of Chili. The normal or extra spicy chili for chili lovers. This one in the picture is extra spicy, chili-padi spicy in fact. Hence, the redness. Curry noodles, IMHO, were pretty alright... in fact, its my first time having chicken curry noodles! A spicy lunch, alas!

CUPCAKES for tea. Dined in at Paisley & Cream. We shared a Mango and Tiramisu flavoured cupcake. The mango was pretty tasty but latter was somehow lacking in flavor. Don't really fancy buttercream either. Give me real dark chocolate ganache anytime babe.

And on Sunday (yes i know its extremely outdated but i have to blog it eitherway else i'd feel unaccomplished), dar and i had hokkien mee for dinner over at Geylang Lor 29. Still as good as ever. Its burnt, packs wok hei flavour and i just love it la. Ordered Satay from next door. Kwuong's Satay, if i'm not wrong. We both liked it. 35cents a stick, that's rather rare these days.

On Tuesday, me and the girls (Yisi and Sze Hui) decided to indulge in some good food. Yu Qing and her French friend joined us too! So it was 5 of us, having yummy dimsum, at Jade Palace. We chalked up a total bill of $86. Pretty expensive but certainly worth every penny. At least i've found a dimsum restaurant that offers Custard Buns served with SALTED EGG YOLKS! I'm not a custard lover but pair it with salted egg yolk and it becomes a world of difference. Heh. In fact, all of us had classes at 3pm after that. Next time, no more such heavy lunches because after that, the sleep demon always wins.

I guess that kinda sums up almost everything.

I just had dinner over at Kampong Glam Cafe. Mee Soto! OMGawd you dont know how long i've been craving for this! It wasnt the best Mee Soto but oh well, its mee soto nonetheless.

I'm tired.

Nite Nite peeps.
11:59 PM

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