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Friday, August 8, 2008

Ahhh, after 3-4 hours of baking and sweating it out in the kitchen, i finally get to relac one corner. As requested by Kengy, i got down to baking a 1kg Tiramisu for Uncle's pre-birthday celebration tomorrow evening. BUT, i over-beated the heavy cream, added a little too much Kahlua, and POOF, lumps started forming! ARGH! Somebody shoot me please.

An appointment tomorrow at Cali.Fitness, it appears that they are throwing some sort of National Day party cum Buffet. Am having second thoughts right now about attending it as i'm dreading the Fat Analyser Test. After all, the cakes i consumed during the week is enough to add on 1 or maybe 2kg, to my original weight. BOO.

Yes, i had an Empress Dowager - Smooth and Rich Strawberry Mousse cake with Raspberries on a crunchy Chocolate base.

This is good. Its soft, light and not overly-sweet. The chocolate base is simply fantastic. I could eat this for dessert everyday. I mean, the chocolate. Heh.

And this over here is their The Patissier's signature cake! Its called a Passionfruit Meringue and it comes with a generous dose of chopped passionfruit, strawberries and mango. Simply delish~

This is a Marquise - Hard and Dense Chocolate Cake with Rum Soaked Raisins, Almonds and Biscuits. Its really hard, and really dense. But sinfully tasty.

Had an Indulgence as well. Its basically a Milk Chocolate Praline Mousse Mud Cake with a crunchy Chocolate Base. Shared it with Claris. Crunchy Chocolate Bases are so delightfully addictive!

Just two days ago, the family also got to try whole cakes from The Patissier. Namely Chocolate Chewy Mellow (Rich Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake with Marshmellows, Nougats and Nuts) and Tiramisu. They were left-overs from filming. Apparently, they are filming Xin Hua Duo Duo Kai Part 2. N a Big Thank You to Claris who bought me muffins from Missy Muffin at Amoy. =)

Had dinner with dar at Chinatown just two nights ago. Had a Bratwurst with Bun from this stall located along Smith Street.

The bun wasnt grilled properly. Everything tasted pretty mediocore. Not something i'd eat again. BOO.

Also, i had dinner with my beloved aunt at Amoy FC yesternight. She had Tong Fatt's Chicken Rice while i had Lei Cha. Tot i'd go for something healthier you see. =P

In case ur wondering what Lei Cha actually is, its simply rice served with chopped vegetables (long beans, celery, green leafy veggies), bite-sized beancurd, anchovies and peanuts! You can choose between brown or white rice and every bowl comes served with green tea. The green tea's prepared using matcha powder, some herbs and hot boiling water. There are also several ways to eat this dish. You can choose to pour the entire bowl of green tea over your rice, or you can choose to have your rice dry, with the soup as a side. I prefere the latter.

I'm still crossing my fingers and secretly praying that my Tiramisu will turn out fine, no, more than FINE, tomorrow. I even baked Sponge Fingers today! Ahaha. And i have to glaze my strawberries, which will be used for cake decor, tomorrow morning.

Dear Lord, please please please remove the lumps from my heavy cream.
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