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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Today's entry's gonna be a L-O-N-G one. Especially with the copious amount of pictures. Hence, the splitting of today's entry into two different parts.



To celebrate our 21st Monthsary, dar and i decided to take a ride on Singapore's very own Ferris Wheel!

Many thanks to DAD who got us both these two Singapore Flyer tickets from his company. Apparently, staff get to purchase them at $16 each.

Grabbed a drink and some Cajun Fries from Popeyes. I got a Biscuit for myself. Yum Yum.

I love the aircon there. It feels really fresh and of course, COLD. Their toilets are even colder!

And the best part? We got the entire cabin all to OURSELVES! Privilaged and so damn blessed.

In fact, i kinda enjoyed myself on the ride. It took us exactly 30 minutes, which i tot felt like 15 minutes, to complete the entire circle. We snapped and snapped. Every corner, every view, every minute. The sea-view was quite spectacular though. Especially when one's surrounded by transparent glass walls. I wouldnt mind making that capsule my home. LOL.


Somebody reckons he's the King of the Cabin World today. Hahah.

The Sea View

Greener Pastures on the other side

Up Up and Away!

Having the entire cabin for ourselves was really amazing. You get to talk loudly, dance, run, scream, and laugh stupidly at your own free-will. Its like you own the whole damn thing. You dont have to fight for seats and there's also no one blocking your view too! Would i ride this again? YES! If someone's willing to pay for my ticket. =P

All in all, its certainly worth an experience.



After all that spinning around in the afternoon, we decided to pamper ouselves our tummies with some Japanese Cuisine.


Located at the ground floor of Liang Court, this Japnese Restaurant has been raved about by many and has also gained much popularity and publicity from the media. This is made evident from the masses of newspaper articles and magazine clippings plastered on their glass walls.

Warm and dim yellow lighting, accompanied with wooden furniture greets you upon entry. Its very inviting, very casual, and very modern japanese indeed. Its kinda chaotic, with people screaming their orders here and there, so dont come expecting to dine in quiet serenity.

Tampopo, which means Dandelion, is a restaurant that specializes in Ramen and the Black Pig. Hence, it was a bowl of Ramen for each of us.


Shabu Ramen


Kyushu Ramen

It was without a doubt one of the better, if not the best tasting Ramen we've ever had. From what we know, the soup is made by boiling pork bones for 2 entire days! Hence, the rich and wholesome body and flavour. The ramen noodles were springy. The boiled egg was YUM. It kinda gets me wondering how they managed to have a hard-boiled exterior and yet have the ability to keep the inside yolks semi-molten and runny. In fact, i would have asked for an extra egg if they hadnt run out of it so quickly! Oh well, at least it didnt make me feel like i was paying for an expensive bowl of instant maggie mee.

And the star of the night-->

Tokusen Loin (Ala-Cart)

This is extremely shiokerdoodelicious. The outer crust was fried to perfection yet retaining its tenderness on the inside. There are two types of Tonkatsu for you to choose from. One's the normal Katsu while the other is the Top grade Black Pig. The difference lies in the amount of fat content. The fattier, the better. Hence, the latter it was.

At $21.80, it sure is quite steep but certainly worth my every cent. Its so tender it melts in your mouth! Dar had the "i'm on cloud 9" expression written all over his face. Haha.

And many thanks to Nig who drove all the way down from home (East) to send me back to Tamp from Clarke Quay. It was pouring and cabs were unavailable so dar gave him a call. Dar loves his black pig so much it looks like we'l be giving him a dinner treat here someday.


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