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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have been awfully busy these past couple of days. Hence, the lack of entries and updates. My apologies!

Am also feeling extremely guilty from the over-consumption of cakes at The Patissier. But kinda made up for it with a 3 year California Fitness Platinum Membership. Did a Fat Analysis and they were very impressed with my Body Fat Mass BUT kept commenting about how skinny i was and that i needed to gain at least 8-10kg of muscles. Yes, i am very under-developed and underweight. BMI 17.2?! You gotta be kidding me right.

Anyway, i baked an orange chiffon cake, as requested by dar's mom, just last Wednesday. Decorated the surface of the cake with rather thinly sliced oranges. Dar's dad found it too sweet while his mom felt it could be sweeter. Though i didnt get to sample the cake, I sincerely believe its on the sweeter side (tried the batter you see). Not because of the addition of too much white sugar, but prolly due to the natural sweetness exuded by those big orangey Australian Navel Oranges. Eitherway, i received positive feedback from them both. The entire cake was also consumed within the day itself! Dar didnt even get to try my creation. Haha!

See picture 3 and 4 above? That's a Cocoa Napolean (Light Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone Cheese and a crunchy Praline Base) and a Double Chocolate Praline (Hazelnut flavoured Chocolate mousse with Praline on a crunchy Chocolate Base) respectively. Also had their signature PassionFruit Meringue, Chocolate Fudge, Fruit Tart, Earl Grey Cheese and a Tiramisu! All these consumed within 2 days! The Meringue's extremely GOOOD! Am also considering getting the DCP for dad's birthday. Hmmm.

And come Saturday, the family and i travelled via BUS to Tiong Bahru for Lunch. I never liked and possibly never will like travelling via public transport. The crowd, the squeeze, the endless travelling time, the sometimes cold yet humid airconditioning, the long waits, the drivers who "crawl" on the roads and the list just goes on and on and on.....

Talking about Tiong Bahru, we had lunch at a very Ol'School coffeeshop. Its located directly opposite the Food Centre/Mkt and also housed within the same coffeeshop as the Curry Rice stall. Nope, we didnt come for curry rice today (i'm not a huge fan of it either), duck rice was what we came for. I particularly like the soup though. The duck slices were also very skillfully and thinly sliced, with very minimal duck fats on the side. Also purchased some side dishes, namely pork chops, braised sio bak and fish, from the curry rice stall.

Before that, Uncle also brought us to a very traditional bakery located along Tiong Bahru as well. If i'm not wrong, its called Galicier. We had their Sugar Donuts, Ondeh Ondeh, Coconut Rolls, Tapioca Cakes and some Pastries. Very traditional indeed. I especially like the Coconut Rolls. Instead of the usual brown coconut, here, they use fresh white coconut. Sugar Donut was pretty good too. Always loved them with loads of Castor Sugar. Heh~

And then, for tea-break, we all shared Macarons (Violet, Rose, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Pistachio), Valrhona Chocolate Eclairs and a Grand Cru Royale Chocolate Cake from CentrePS. The Grand Cru Royale's one of their signature pieces but pricing wise is steeper than The Patissier. IMHO, i personally prefer The Patissier's, Dar reckons they both fare equally. -_-.

Caught The X-Files later in the evening. So Gorey!!! I was practically covering my eyes half the time! A little too much dialogue for my liking as well. The Dark Knight certainly is much much better.

Late dinner across the street. We all had Bak Kut Teh, Teochew style. Its pretty tasty! I havent tried Founders so i wouldnt be able to draw a comparision but according to dar and my aunt, they personally felt that tonight's version tasted pretty on par, if not better, than Founders! So why queue and torture your hungry tummies when you can simply head down the street to have some palatable Bak Kut Teh within minutes!

Alrightey, guess i better end my entry now lest you fall asleep. Shall keep you all updated on my cake consumption (still more to come) and also, my torturing but quite enjoyable sessions at California Fitness. Also, do pardon me for the poor quality pictures. These were taken with my lou ya pok HP camera. Cybershot is still enjoying its holiday in The States. Grrr..

Oh yes, Happy 22nd Monthsary Fatty! HeeHeeHee

Till then, Tata!
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