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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The family and i made a trip down to Ivy Singh's Farm for lunch today. Located deep inside Kranji, a highly inaccessible place it certainly is. It took us 45mins-1hr, via car, to get there. That's one long helluva ride.

A vibrantly lit place laid out with wooden tables and chairs to give one a country home-ly feel. The yellow green walls and colorful drapes on the ceiling sure is pleasing to the eyes.

Surprisingly, despite its inaccessible location, the eatery was still brimming with people! What then is so special about this place? Well, what you see on the farm is what you eat. Her crops (vegetables and fruits) are grown organically, with no addition of medicine, chemicals or whatsoever. Even the fertilizers are 100% organic!

The food items we ordered, down below, are all items from their weekend lunch menu. Do come early for lunch for food items once sold out will not be replenished. They will be simply striked off their chalkboard.

Aloe Vera + Lime drinks for one and all. Kengy, the b-day lady and GM had Fig Tea.

Its sweet and refreshing. I like it.

4-angle Leaves

Black Pepper Tofu with Minced Meat

Sweet Potato Leaves


Chicken Wings

Assam Fish

Everything's very tasty! It took them less than 10 minutes to serve us our rice and accompanying dishes. Service was no doubt prompt and efficient. Impressive.

A very simple and hearty affair. One cant help but feel extremely fat-free healthy.

Explored Ivy Singh's farm thereafter. It was pretty huge, but not very well-maintained. Could prolly be due to the lack of manpower and equipment. Did i mention that her house is extremely beautiful? Its situated in the farm itself and has a back porch that overlooks the lake. Aww, how i wished i lived in sucha house, but not in that area though. =P

Drove out to Eunos for a very very sinful and heaty feast.


They even had an air-conditioned dining area which i tot had a pub feel. With all that air-conditioning, imagine how that place must SMELL!

To cut the long story short, we had the Mao Shan Wang and Golden Phoenix.

Mao Shan Wang, $34

Creamy, Sweet and slightly bitter. Perfect for the sweet-toothed.

Golden Phoenix, $44

More bitter than sweet. The seeds are very small, hence, more flesh. A very good durian indeed. Durian lovers will appreciate this.

Tobie, my dog, LOVES durians. Dad gave him one piece of durian once and he polished it off in less than a min! Like owner like dog. Hahahah~

Trained down to meet dar for our movie session later in the evening. Dar got stuck in the lift! First time ever. LOL

Caught The Dark Knight, at The Grand Cathay, at 715pm. It was fully booked! Got tickets the day b4 hence managed to secure seats for the both of us. Munched on a large popcorn as we didnt have time for dinner.

The movie lasted 2 and a half hours. Its really entertaining, full of action and thrills. Certainly well-worth my $8. Haha. Next up, The Mummy! Gonna get tickets earlier this time around. And i hate it when the people beside you keep rocking their seats. How inconsiderate, BOO.

That kinda sums up my very lengthy post.

Tata for now!

With love, now and forever
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