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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today's kind of a 2-of-everything day.

You'll understand what i mean by that statement in a while's time.

Anyway, dar rode down to Suntec, after his game of soccer, to meet me up for lunch after church service ended. Our lunch date was held at Suntec City's Donut Factory. Shared a Chocolate Hazelnut, a Coffee Roasted Almond and a Cookies & Cream, which is one of their newly launched flavours. In fact, the above 2 flavours, including Double Chocolate, are my all-time fave. Heh.

Strangely, i felt really full from all those donuts. Sadly, my b-e-a-utiful Sunday was ruined by one of their service crew.

Scenario 1: She refused to accept dar's donut order. For what reason i really dont know. Dar felt like slamming the signboard, which read "Only for a maximum purchase of 2 donuts...Takeaway...bla bla bla", right into her face.

Scenario 2: Ordered a Chocolate Hazelnut + a Cookies & Cream flavoured donut for dar and myself respectively. However, was told by HER that the Cookies & Cream werent ready and i'd have to wait. I then asked HER how long the waiting time would be and guess what, SHE actually had the guts to turn away from HER customer and not only refused to answer my question, but ignored me totally! HER other colleague overheard our conversation and was nice enuf to step in to answer my queries. Did i pose too hard a question that SHE couldnt even comprehand?


Scenario 3: Went back to the counter to check on the availability of the Cookies & Cream donuts as i'd already paid for them. SHE, being in-charge of the cashiering counters, saw me but refused to acknowledge my presence. It took me almost 5 minutes to get HER to attend to me. I should have thrown knives and forks at HER. Now why dint i think of that?

Even the store manager had to attend to me on HER behalf. He even served me the freaking donut! Now i really dont understand what the manager sees in HER. Donuts are meant to make people happy, putting HER there obviously defeats the purpose. SHE might have irritated the shit out of me and dar but hey, it aint stopping me from frequenting Donut Factory anytime soon as i'd LURVEE to make hell outta HER life should i order from HER the next time around. You shall see.

PS, The cookies and cream donut was really good. There's a white chocolate/cream center filling that oozes out uncontrollably. =P

-fast forward-

Dinner was at Bukit Timah's FC. Dar missed the pastas from MIEN.

The chef's a real joker. He always digs dar whenever dar request for his pasta to be done xxxxtra spicy. The previous time, he called dar a "bian tai", today, he said dar wouldnt be able to "pang sai" given his huge appetite for chili. LOL The way he said it was damn funny.

We had Apple Strudel for dessert! Was deciding between Mind Cafe's Brownies and Apple Strudels. Apples keep the doctor away, chocolates do not. Hence, the latter it was. However, i was quite disappointed with the look of my "mini" strudel. It looked pathetic. Apples and Cream sandwiched between two measly pastry puffs. What happened to the 3 layered apple strudels-->

They certainly looked more presentable and worth my every three dollars and eighty cents.

Not being satisfied, i tot i'd give Renaldo's a visit to see if they still sell their apple strudels in 3-layered slices. But NO, they dont do that anymore. Perhaps its meant to help save costs and all. But fret not strudel fans, you can still get to savour the 3-layered strudels by purchasing the entire footlong strudel!

So which strudel outlet offers the better tasting strudel?

Initially, both tasted pretty similar. However, towards the end, my vote goes to Ritz. Renaldo's strudels have got whipped cream between the puff pastries and you know i never like cream. However, that wasnt the reason for Ritz victory. Ritz won because their puff pastry had a nice buttery after taste, which is a shiok factor for me given how i'm a sucker for all things buttery and flakey.

2 donuts (for myself) in one afternoon and 2 strudels in one evening. Doesnt it sound like a 2-of-everything day?


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