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Thursday, June 5, 2008

N to continue from where we left of from last Saturday night's tenting.

Breakfast was at Old Town White Coffee the following morning.

As their name says it all, White Coffee is in fact one of their specialties.

For drinks, we ordered a cup of iced cold chocolate and a cup of white coffee infused with hazelnut. I must say both drinks were pretty good.

Dar had their Nasi Lemak Special, which comes simply with egg, anchovies, crackers and a fried chicken wing.

I dont exactly see how SPECIAL this actually can be, except maybe the egg came hard-boiled rather than fried.

As for yours truely, she had Kaya Toast.

Very traditional. But, not to my liking. It was far too bland already.

We shared French Toast too!

Surprise Surprise, there's peanut butter inside. Pity it didnt have the ooze factor. But i like how the sides and corners of the french toast were fried till uber crispyness.

Ordered eggs as well but it arrived while i was settling the bill. Hence, had no choice but to send it back. I dint get to see the egg but according to dar, he said it didnt look very appetizing bcoz the yolks (which i dislike) were broken.

Total bill amounted to $14, inclusive of GST. A little bit on the high side considering its only breakfast. Service aint very good either. It took them quite a while before they cleared our very small table and food items take ages to arrive.

But come to think of it, i'd certainly head back here for a cuppa. N maybe, to try their other items on the menu too!

Rode back to dar's place after that for a shower. Took a bus down to Suntec for Church service. Caught up with dar again after the service ended. I was like totally distracted during service. Two reasons. The air-conditioning was freezing cold and my stomach was growling like nobody's business. Izit me or is the weather getting colder these couple of days?

Anyway, we rode down to PS for some snacks. Yes, we were craving for Chippy's Calamari! Can you believe we actually rode all the way there just to lay our hands on a packet of spicy sotong rings? Bcoz after that snacking, we immediately rode off to Margaret Drive for dinner and that's when i spotted a Red Ducati (1098) on the road. Obviously my eyes were sharper than baby's. Haha!

N eversince then, he's been swooning over this red sexy devil. Yeah, its Hot, RED HOT. Apparently, dar found a seller and we went down, just 2 days ago, to view it. The sound of that engine. Awesome Adrenalin.

Right now, we just have to figure out how to get dar a loan. Hmmm.

Oh yes, dinner pictures.

Chicken rice from Xin Ji! Most people should have heard about this chicken rice stall. Chicken Rice lovers especially. After all, Margaret Drive FC is well-known for its Char Kway Teow, Claypot Chicken Rice, and Chicken Rice! Do expect a long wait though, but certainly not as long as the wait for CCK.

How i even said yes to eating this i really do not know. Did you know that the last time i consumed chicken rice was during my JC days, from the school canteen?! Gosh. N to think i still havent burned off my KFC chicken from last night too! Arghh, this is crazy, KFC and Chicken Rice on two consecutive nights. Dar thinks its a miracle. Haha.

N that's how our Sunday went. Easy, breezy and beautiful.

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