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Friday, June 20, 2008

CHOCOLATES, my bestest friend of late.

Be it chocolates from Mark's & Spencer's Chocolate cereals or chocolates from "healthy" granola bars, as long as they contain some amount of chocolate content, i'd still love you anyhow.

They cheer you up when you're feeling down, they sparkle and spice up your otherwise boring mid-day snacks and best of all, it takes away all my gastrict pain and supplies me with the energy i need to last me through the entire day!

Chocolates, what can i say, my bestest friend, always.

Anyway, to make up for "the unhealthy lifestyle", i made apple salad for dar, myself and the family!

Chopped red apples, nata de coco, corn and raisins mixed with Nestle's Cream. A simple recipe which "mama", an ex-colleague, taught me. In fact, you might want to consider adding some nuts, like pistachios for instance and perhaps other chopped fruits like honeydew/rock melon. Also, do chill it to allow the cream to set/thicken. =)

Also, a few days back, dar dropped by my place to help springclean my room. Only managed 1/8 of my room. Dar wasnt of much help either. Just look at what he did to my poor Tobie.

Stuffed into a box and placed atop a mini skateboard. How terrorized he must have been. LOL.

Made 2 trips down to Amoy for lunch too! On my first visit, i had the must-have sliced fish soup from Han Kee while on my second visit, i tot i'd give allnaturalkitchen a shot.

Original Chicken Wrap made with all natural ingredients. No preservatives or whatsoever. This must have been my healthiest meal ever.

I found it too bland for my liking. However, i quite enjoyed the side dips and the half eurasian stall owner looks pretty cute too. He Heh.

Caught Zohan at Downtown East before heading down to Bedok South for dinner yesterday. Its a super hilarious yet crappy show. I think i laughed pretty loudly, and unglamly. Muahaha, who cares.

And what's up with Doritos Nacho Cheese? They've been wiped off the shelves at Carrefour and everyone seems to be looking for it. Hmmm.

As for lunch today, we had some cheap hawker fare at Toa Payoh's Lor 2 FC. Was craving for my favourite Carrot Cake you see. Dar on the other hand thought he'd give this pasta stall a shot and so, ordered a seafood aglio.

The linguinne was far too soft for my liking. Overcooked i believe. The chopped tomatoes werent to my liking as well.

Grabbed some muffins from Bliss Haven too. They've received many reviews from floggers, magazines and even newspapers. Got the oreo flavoured muffin and received a free chocolate flavoured one too! There wasnt some sort of promotion so i really have no eye-deer why he gave me a free muffin.

Sad to say, i wasnt wow-ed by it at all. I kinda like the crust but the inside just didnt taste like the usual buttery muffins! It tasted very eggy, like that of those chinese egg kueh (i dont know what its called but it has a dialect name). It would be a delight if those muffins had oreo bits or chocolate oozing out from them. Else, why call it an oreo muffin right? Right?

Haha, you cannot snap me.

n i wana try making crepes! With mozerella cheese and shrooms, with chocolate and strawberries, with caramelized apples and vanilla bean ice-cream. Yes, Crepes, i want to make YOU!

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