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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank God for the RAIN! The weather's never felt this good in a loonngg while.

Slept through the morning and youtube-ed/youku-ed/DVD-ed throughout the afternoon - watching America's Next Top Model (Cycle 9), Prison Break Season 3 and 27 Dresses. The only thing i'm missing out? Popcorn.

Made sandwiches for brunch yet again. This time, its honey baked ham + cranberry jam on toast! Nooo, its not egg mayo baby. Haha, good guess though. =Pp

Met up with dar for dinner later in the evening. Dar felt like having TCC's pasta, so i suggested the outlet at T3! I rmb them having nice big comfy red sofas, warm lighting and all. Its also a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life as T3's, if you havent been there, is an extremely "quiet" place. Almost like a ghost-town.

So here we are, at TCC! Enjoy and savour the yummilicious pics! He Heh.

That's a Sea Asparagus Chowder soup in the picture! Its YUMMY! Would have been much better if it were creamier. Kinda reminded me of Indulge's Bistro's mushroom soup. Equally YUMMY too!

Poor baby didnt get to eat his Aglio Olio. They had the Salmon and Prawn Linguinne (cream based) but couldnt get it cooked aglio olio style as they had no olive oil and chili padi in the kitchen. What then do they use to drizzle on my salad greens? Hmmmm.

This is what happens when your food item's not available upon request. Your hair just grows on you. Muahahah.

After giving it much thought and consideration, dar decided to settle for their Club Sandwich while i tot i'd try their new Salmon Vacation! As you can see from the pictures above, all mains are served with salad greens and chips. These arent tortilla/nacho chips, they're acty papadum! Interesting.

The club sandwich was okie for me. I prefer sth more dense and flavourful. Like those with bacon, beef patties, and lots and lots of gooey cheese. Nv like tomatoes anyway. My Salmon Vacation tasted pretty good. It has double layers of cheddar and mozerella, smoked salmon, apple chunks, mushrooms and ONIONS! Yikes. Nv like them as well. The salmon & cheese, it can get quite nauseating after awhile.

My only gripe? The plate was far too SMALL. I had to dump my greens on dar's plate lest everything falls off the plate. Even so, things still got quite messy as small chunks of bread, mushrooms and cheese were flying off my plate in all directions. My table felt like a warzone. But it was quite comical. Haha. We had fun. =)

No desserts tonight. The last time i had their desserts, it didnt leave a lasting impression on me. We shared a cup of Lychee Jazz though. Its some sort of lychee flavoured soda served with mint leaves and a lychee. The mint leaves kinda masked out the lychee flavouring. Dar however thought otherwise. Haha.

Comnpared to the other Cafes, service at TCC really's one of the best. Especially when you have an Ah Beng waiter trying very hard to phrase his sentences in a very polite and professional way. Funny. He couldnt answer me, in fact, he was stumped, when i asked him what kinda mushrooms they used in their macaroni gratin. LOL. Poor Kid.

Oh, we had fries and a double chocolate frapp from T3's McDonald's too. Their frapp's pretty good. They add chocolate chunks for bite and the price is so so affordable!

Took a slow walk back to T2's carpark via the MRT shortcut. Its so much faster than taking the sky train. Haha.

BK in 2 more days. More pictures till i get back. Ciaoz for now!

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