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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Started our day with breakfast in the hotel.

Cabbed down to ChaTuChak, a weekend market bazaar.

I believe there are more than a 1000 stalls cramped inside this huge area. From clothes, to food, to plants, to accessories, to furniture. You name it they have it.

There's so much variety, the stuff's really CHEAP, and you get to bargain! Its one of my fave places to shop actually. =)

Walked over to the Farmer's Market after more than 5 hours of non-stop walking, shopping and bargaining. Its really a shop-till-you-drop kinda situation as we dint even realise that lunch hour had passed!

Well, the Farmer's Market is basically one that sells fresh produce like fruits, vegetables and dried stuff. Slightly more upmarket but they certainly made it up in quality.

After much fruit feasting, we cabbed down to Amari Hotel for a tailor's visit. All that choosing off cloth, measurements and selection of designs took us 2 whole hours! Cabbed down to Chinatown thereafter for dinner.

First up, we had pig organ soup.

I like the soup, its got a white peppery bak-kut-teh taste. Also like the fact that they add SIO BAK. Which is a good thing bcoz i dont eat the other ingredients (liver, intestines and what not).

Longan for drinks. Its very good!

Next, we walked over to T&K Seafood Restaurant for dinner. We had to wait a while as we wanted to be seated in their air-conditioned area.

Ordered Prawn Cakes, Veggies, Crab Vermicilli, Steamed Fish, BBQ Jumbo Prawns and Grilled Sotong.

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE the Prawn Cakes. Its like a much bigger version of onion rings/calamari. But they taste so darn good! The fish broth had a sourish tangy flavour which i believe is a very common flavour in almost all Thai dishes. Both the sotongs and prawns were equally tasty, leaving behind a char-grilled smokey BBQ after-taste.

Had Cheng Tng for desserts at one of their roadside stalls. Compared to SG's, its a little bit on the sweeter side with slightly more ingredients. They served us complimentary cups of chinese tea too.

It didnt end there. We headed for our second round of Cheng Tng at another stall! The family preferred this over the former. I personally preferred the first one as it was much sweeter.

A short video clip of the streets of Chinatown in BangKok.

Cabbed back to the hotel in a.... TUK TUK!

OMGawd i love this. Its very seldom i get to enjoy the breeze without having to wear a helmet back in SG you know, you know? N the way they squeeze through traffic? An art, really. The taxi drivers do it so much better though. In fact, its one helluva rollar coaster ride. Takes alot of guts to drive like them.

My journey back to the hotel...

N yes, halfway through our journey on the Tuk Tuk, it rained! Not your slight drizzle but a oh-it-looks-like-its-gonna-flood kinda rain. They dint even have flaps to shield us from the lashing rain, it was freezing cold and my shorts were soaking wet. Terrible. But no doubt, a very memorable ride indeed. Haha.

N that kinda sums up day 2...

...to be continued
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