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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Have been quite busy lately, with i dono what. Interview with Loreal yesterday at 9am, a very ungodly hour indeed. I really hope i get the job. Its so much better than what the bank has to offer.

Anyway, i made SANDWICHES for lunch! The first combination consists of Honey Baked Ham + Sunny Side-Up + Tuna while the second combination consists of a Fried Omelette + Honey Baked Ham + Breakfast Ham + Melted Cheese, all slapped between 2 slices of toasted white bread. UMMM.

Dont you think they look so much more appetizing than Han's? LOL. N i promised dar i'd make him a steak sandwich, done medium rare, with portobello mushrooms and lots and lots of CHEESE. Heh.

Did i mention that Sat was dar's off day? I was really looking forward to it bcoz its been MONTHS since we last spent a weekend, much less a saturday, together. Had lunch with the family first at Harbour City Restaurant. We had dimsum, crabs, fish, roast chicken, and still more dimsum. Strangely, i felt that the dimsum tasted better on my first visit. Hmmm.

Headed down to town thereafter to meet dar. Did abit of shopping and snacking. Chocolate Cream Chip! No whip cream plz!

Rode off to Labrador Nature Reserve ard 6-ish in the evening for Si Min's 21st B-day Party. The dress code? Dresses for girls and collar shirts for guys. Definitely not what i expected, a bbq.

Check out the b-e-a-u-tiful place!

This, sits atop the swimming pool. COOL eh.

Its also air-conditioned. Desserts, chocolate fondue, tiramisu, cheesecake (comes with a white chocolate base) and mango sago, were placed there.

In case ur wondering, this place is called Labrador Villa. There's also a chapel, and a seafood restuarant on the second level. The seaview's breathtaking. Certainly a very nice place to chill and catch up with friends all night long. The buffet spread was pretty tasty too. There was spaghetti, cheesy lagsania, cereal prawns, and many more. They even had waiters/waitresses to serve drinks to the guests.

Left after the cake cutting session. It was what my aunt got last year - a tower of profiteroles from The Patissier. Photos are all with the b-day gal. Shall upload them soon. I believe dar enjoyed himself. Haha!

And the feasting continued. Dined at Cedele, Wheelock, after church at the Indoor Stadium, for a late lunch. We had pumpkin and some chicken vegetables soup, aglio olio, their big breakfast set, a chicken avacado sandwich, and cakes for dessert!

Bread is free flow from the bread counter with every order of soup. Their carrot cake is so darn GOOD. The other cake (some orange sponge tingy) wasnt that bad either. It was tangy, refreshing and light. The rest were all pretty average. I like the bread which came served with their breakfast set. Its called Sweet Bread. Looks really cute!

The airconditioning was extremely bad. Causing a little discomfort. Kinda brought back memories of my first dinner date, at Swensens, with dar. Their airconditioning was down too. I can rmb it so vividly. Haha!

N in view of Mother's Day, we had still more CAKES at my grandma's place. Got durian puffs from Goodwood Park too! So YUMMY! One is certainly not enough. That's for sure.

All these feasting? Its like a prelude to BK. I seriously hope i wont overeat over there. Which reminds me, i havent started packing yet.
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