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Friday, May 30, 2008

Caught it with Demi on a Wednesday, 2 days ago.

Do buy lotsa POPCORN to last you through this 2 and a half hour movie. May i suggest a SuperLarge? Hah.

The show may seem a little draggy but hey, i like it! Its all about LABELS FRIENDSHIP LOVE FASHION VOGUE NEWYORK CITY & LOTSA SEX . There's a little comedy too! Demi dint really like it. But i shall not generalize bcoz not all guys are like him. Heh.

Oh, he had this grilled chicken burger + egg from SuperDog at Downtown East. The egg looks really seductive. Too bad i wasnt in the mood for MEATS today.

In fact, after many visits to the newly renovated Downtown East, i must say that this is my first visit to their movie theatre (cathay)! Its freezing cold in there, much colder than Grand Cathay's Row P! N service at their ticketing counter seriously needs loads of improvement.

Alrightey, shall move on to tell you more about my night out with fatty today. Yes, he's finally booked outta camp, sadly, with an even flabbier tummy. LOL

We had dinner at Mr Bean's @ Prinsep Street. Ordered their dinner set which comes with a soup of the day, main course, dessert of the day and a drink. Its much cheaper than ordering just a main course from their ala cart menu.

Soup of the day was cream of mushroom. It was far too diluted for my liking. The soups came served with garlic bread too! They smelled good but tasted kinda sourish. Dint dare to eat further after suffering from a terrible bout of food poisoning yesterday. BOO.

As for the main course, i opted for thier grilled fish while dar had his usual seafood aglio. Pasta was the reason we came to Mr Bean's for dinner. After 5 days of hardship in camp, its best i give way to my fatty rite? Haha.

When dar's pasta was served, my mind went "Is that Hokkien Mee or Aglio Olio?!". It not only smelt like, but it also looked like Hokkien Mee! No joke okie. Reminded me of dar's home-cooked pasta, which was of course, a failed attempt. Muahaha. However, thnakfully. the "hokkien mee" didnt taste like hokkien mee. Haha. But still, dar reckons that the pastas tasted better during the days spent working here.

My grilled fish wasnt all that bad. Its dory fish btw. Kinda like the sauce used here. For some reason, it remind's me of my grandma's cooking.

Desserts were simply a small scoop of vanilla Bean Ice-cream. No condiments, syrup or what so ever. Naked. We scooped it into our rootbeer and there you have it, a rootbeer float!

Service was extremely SLOW. It took them 25 minutes to get our ice-cream. I must admit that i have very high expectations when it comes to service, much more than food. Because the quality of service can make or break a restaurant's/cafe's reputation.

N Whee Wow Woah, i have chocolates all the way from Japan! Many thanks to dar's mom. They're very good at making me grow side-ways.

Alrightey, guess i'd better end here else this entry's gonna turn into a 3000 word essay.

A WILD and WET Saturday awaits us tml. Narnia too! FYI, i borrowed demi's bike and cycled, under the hot blazing Sun, to get movie tickets from Downtown East. Now, my butt cheeks feel so sore. Thank God though i have no SUNBURNS !

More updates, coming up soon! Stay Tuned.
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