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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Its dar dar's off day today! N it also happens to be my last day of school for this semester! Exams will commence on the 29th and end on the 7th, after which, its THE VERY LONG HOLIDAYS till August 14! Sweet~

Dar picked me up from school after OM presentation at 2pm this afternoon. The presentation was pathetic, we only had 5 audiences! But boy am i glad to be finally done and over with OM. No more DSC modules pleazz.

Shared a footlong subway club from YIH's Subway. Its really cheap. Like after student discounts, we only had to pay $7 for a footlong sandwich! What a steal.

Satisfied my sweet tooth cravings with ice-cream from Tom's! We shared a large choco-banana and salted caramel. N i really dont know why Chronos (the owner) loves to ask us for food recommendations. Really strange. N then we'l start exchanging recommendations, talk abt ice-cream making machines, waffles! and yadayadayadah~

Pictures captured using my new camera phone! Some with Dar's new HP. Seriously, the quality sucks. Just take a look at that fatty...LOL

Had an early, like super early dinner at Golden Mile. I had some tomato based pasta with bacon and ham while dar had bacon aglio done extra spicy.

This time, it was REALLY REALLY spicy! Well, to me that is. The pastas i found to be mediocore. Dar reckons they've improved by a mile (maybe his wok has seasoned, LOL). Well, if u want really affordable pastas at hawker centre prices, den this is certainly one place, together with Mien and Pasta Manna, you'd wana patronize.

OH, we shared garlic bread too!

Their garlic bread is one of the bestest ive ever tasted. N to think its from a humble little stall unit tucked inside Golden Mile Food Centre!

N we shared sio bak (roasted pork) from one of the stalls there. Yes, this food item is so random. Sio Bak Aglio Olio? Could be worth a try. LOL

Rode to One Fullerton for a chill-out session. Window shopped around Marina Square. Decided to head for home shortly after as my heels were giving me blisters. Its one of my most fave pair of heels acty, but not after they sunk into MUD this morning. BOO.

V Tea Room's cookies are so-so nice! Especially the american breakfast flavoured ones!

Sorry! That was really random but they're really addictive and YUMMY!

Would so love to have cookies and cupcakes over tea at their victorian styled V Tea Room.

Even the place is YUM.

It makes u feel like a Prince/Princess too!

How do you rate the idea of Apple launching a FlatScreen iTV? Samsung has a sleek black flatscreen while Apple could have a sexy pure white one! It will operate like that of an iTouch, where TV channels, instead of pictures and mp3s, just "flip". Or it can be like Macbooks. With the touch of one button on your remote, every channel will spread/space out n u'l be able to see what shows r featured on every channel in just one setting. N the apple logo will glow too! LOL

Im so full of crap today and Apple is not launching an iTV, it was just a random idea by yours truely.

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