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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm a really happy princess today because baby's work schedule has been revised! From today onwards, he'l only have to work long hours only on alternate weekdays. Which means, on other alternate weekdays, he'l only have to report to work for less than half a day! Whee Wow Woah!

Arranged to meet dar at the bus stop opposite Sixth Avenue after psych tut, and after dar's work, at 4pm today. Oh, we played Crisis @ Sea today. If only psych lectures and exams were as entertaining and easy as tutorials.

Dar was LATE! Late by MORE THAN AN HOUR. I was so friggin pissed off. Dint even speak a word, nor make eye-contact to dar throughout the road journey. That was how MAD i was. I can be very domineering, impatient, noisy and have a low tolerance level. Dar on the other hand? He can be extremely generous, soft-hearted and naive. Dont you think character wise, we're so totally world's apart? Strange how oppposites actually attract. Perhaps different personalities make life more colorful and interesting. LOL

Anyway, i cheered up a little upon learning that we're gonna have donuts. Planned on having J.Co's actually but ended up having DBL Choc at Donut Factory instead. They seem to be getting even more generous with their chocolate! Its good, it certainly is GOOD but sths it makes me wonder whether i'm eating a donut, or chocolate.

Rode to suntec bcoz i wanted to have dinner at Tony Roma's. Have been craving for their ribs for the longest time ever! Sam owes me dessert from there too! Muahaha. Congrats on passing ur TP gal! Now we both have driving licenses! Yippie~

Surprise Surprise, we ended up at Aston's instead for dinner. I guess im not meant to eat at Tony's. Oh well...

Shared a basket of garlic bread. If i remember correctly, the garlic bread we had on our first visit tasted so much better than today's.

Mushroom soup! They come with dar's main course.

Same thing, not the best mushroom soup i've had.

Dar's main - Spicy Seafood Marinara.

It isnt nice at all. It doesnt even look appealing/appetizing. It looks as though not much effort was rendered into the preparation of this dish. The tomato gravy tasted like the straight out of the can bolognese sauce. N it was quite oily actually. I've never tried Ashton's pasta b4 (N i dont think i will ever try it again) but somehow, i've got this mentality that steakhouses like Aston's dont normally produce great tasting pastas. It doesnt just apply to steakhouses alone but also to other dont-specialize-in-pastas/italiancuisine-restaurants. Told dar repeated not to order the pasta but my advice obviously fell on deaf ears. N he so regretted it after that. LOL

Its okie, i still love you ma.

As for me, i ordered ieat's Superburger!

Its got fried onions, bacon, lettuces and a thick slab of beef steak patty slabbed between two hamburger buns. Pity the buns werent spread with garlic spread/butter. Would also have been better if the buns came toasted. The steak was done well-done. Medium rare is still my utmost personal preference. Strange the waitress didnt bother asking how i wanted my steak done n even stranger i didnt even notice that she hadnt asked me about it! BOO.

I felt that the addition of a sunny side-up plus a portobello mushroom would have transformed this burger into an even more tantalizing one. N then it will be Pam's and not ieat's Superburger anymore. Haha.

Overall, i wasnt very satisfied with my meal. My first visit to Aston's didnt leave me a lasting impression either. The good thing is prices here are extremely affordable and value for money. Which could probably explain why the queue is always there. Ive yet to try their chicken and fish items though. Perhaps i'l hop over to the outlet at my school to try it out someday. Prices are even lower there. Haha.

Check out these Meiji YanYan titbits! Got them for dar dar at the japanese titbit store. Its much nicer than the original YanYan. =)

Mom thinks i'm getting skinnier. Dar thinks so too. I wonder what's happening. Must be due to the absence of my dear makankaki over the last two weeks. Muahaha.
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