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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dislocated my thigh bone whilst sleeping. Had a little difficulty getting back to dreamland due to the wrong positioning of the bone. Up down left right backwards my leg went. After a minute or so, *CRACK*. A sense of painful satisfaction i felt. I suppose it went back to its rightful position, so back to ZZZ i went.

I think i need more calcium.

Anyway, met up with baby today at the Esplanade for a cookie tasting session at The Cookie Museum aka V Tea Room.

The victorian style interior.

You cant help but feel like a Prince/Princess. I told dar this is exactly what i want the interior of my walk-in-wardrobe to look like. With chandeliers, huge mirrors, comfy arm chairs, gold linings, velvet and all. =D

We were urshered to a 2-seater window seat, given menus with an outer leather jacket, and were showered with complimentary exceptionately good service all afternoon.

If he's the King then that makes me the Queen.

Tea was on the house. Chose one from their Zesty Fruit Tea selection. Prices here are sky-rocket high, one cup of tea can set u back by about $12-$25. Creepy~

Polynesian Paradise Tea - Romantic Pink Tisane with Luscious Strawberries, Kiwi, Apple Bits and Rose Bips.

Its very good! A sweet and Calming infusion which will uplift your spirits!

N rmb the last time i mentioned about how the sales lady fed me with a never-ending sample of cookies? This time, they fed us with a never-ending trolley load of cookies! I quite like the Chocolate Mint and D24 actually. American Breakfast (bacon and parmesan cheese with a hint of parsley) is still my all time fave!

The sales lady who attended to us was very friendly, polite and pretty professional. She was able to promote every flavour and highlight every ingredient that goes into every cookie. In fact, at some stages, i kinda felt she was reading off her memorized script. LOL. And I ate till the palms of my hand were smeared with, not cookie crumbs, but saliva! =P

N guess what we got for grandma?

Hae Bee Hiam cookies! Premium Hae Bee Hiam cookies okie. Haha. But still, nothing beats her home-made with love hae bee hiam. =)

N tat's me on my Hello Kitty Scooter! Muahah.

Rode off to have an early dinner at Lau Pa Sat. We shared Satay and a Spicy Pork Set from the Korean Stall. N there was this particular office lady fussing over the cleanliness of the trays. Ridiculous i say.

Rode off to Expo as my fren, whose dad owns a pastry production factory, kept promoting and insisting that i make a visit to the FoodHotelAsia fair. But discovered that it was only for trade partners upon arrival! BOO. Wasted trip man. -_-!

Tot of going to Pasir Ris Park for a chill but ended up rauding along Changi as dar lost his way! It was pretty enjoyable, with the beautiful sights of the planes, beach and sunset.

Thanks for the company!

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