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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Below's an overdued entry for Sunday, 6th April 2008. Enjoy!

Barely slept a wink last night. I've no idea why my mind was so damn awake despite me feeling extremely mentally drained. N im really surprised at how easy dar and i managed to lug ourselves off the bed at 9am in the morning! Got up and headed straight down to Suntec for Church & Breakkie. Tot of trying Mac's new Mcgriddles but ended up with buns from CJ, hashbrowns from BK and iced milo from Mac instead. Haha.

Grocery shopped at Carrefour. Purchased last minute items for the BBQ and had a coffee/tea break at the foodcourt. Got some real japanese scallops and escargots from Cold Storage, Bugis. After which, we rode straight down to Aunty Woon's place, DeRoyale at the thomson/Balestier area, to prep for tonight's event.

The satay man? =Pp

The lovely people

Dar made his specialty garlic bread spread too! The smell of garlic's so pungent! Yikes. Dar marinated the meats (pork, chicken and beef steak) while i washed, chopped, and wrapped bacon around the asparagus. We also did taiwan sausage + crabmeat sticks.

Other food items include Unagi (LOVE!), golden mushrooms, sweet potato, corn, chicken wings (marinated by aunty jo), flower crabs (deliciously sweet), tiger prawns and satay from Whampoa.

That's mozerella cheese atop the garlic bread in the picture. The hot-fave was the "asparagus wrapped with bacon" sticks, with dar's garlic bread trailing closely behind at number 2.

Halfway through the BBQ, we all headed straight to the AIR-CONDITIONED function room. Felt like heaven i tell u. Haha.

Check out the surprise!

The one in the center is my birthday "cake"! Its a chocolate tart from The Chocolate Factory at Robertson Quay. Its simply made of a crispy hazelnut base and dark chocolate cream. Basically, you can't go wrong with it.

Sexy Chocolatey Divine

And the 21 mini-cupcakes surrounding my birthday tart was specially ordered by Kengy from Cupcake Momma! I like the sparkling candles! They took me quite some time to blow out. LOL

N pressies! Just take a look at how BIG my b-day card is!

Birthday cards make a really sweet gift. Its where people take the effot to pen down their deepest/heartfelt wishes and blessings for you. Very meaningful i say.

N that's not all....

Dar popped up with his SURPRISE for me.

A total of 21 heart-shaped chocolate coated ice-cream from Tom's Palette! They actually took 2 weeks to trial and error this creation for me! Awww..so sweet right? N in case ur wondering, every heart contains a different ice-cream flavour. So far, we've eaten black sesame, butter pecan, salted caramel, strawberry, peanut butter, mixed berries, mango, chocolate stout, and blueberry cheesecake. I wonder what the remaining 12 hearts contain. Hmmmm..

Continued with the BBQ right after the cakes and ice-cream fiesta. Me and Uncle Kenny seemed to be the only ones feasting on the remaining crabs. I even got cut by its pincer! Dar reckons im gonna get some crab disease. -_-!

Saw lotsa of real live garden snails by the sink area. Splash them with butter, grill them over the pit, sprinkle alittle salt, and viola, fresh escaegots for you. Yikes.

Im so stuffed. Stuffed from last night's party. Stuffed with cakes and dessert mostly. I dread to think about food again.

N you never know how thankful i am to God for answering my prays. I was a little worried and disheartened when i saw streaks of lighting and dark threatening clouds hovering above the balestier area. I tot maybe God will let it rain now so there'l be no more rain left for later but i refused to accept that thought. I told God i will not take any of this rain-now-no-rain-later nonsense. It either rains or it doesnt rain and since you've promised a fine sunny weather, i dont see why these dark clouds ought to stay. Seriously, that's what i told him. I kept my Faith and He delivered His grace. That's my Daddy God for you~

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