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Thursday, April 10, 2008

As of today, I am officially 21 years 0 months and 4 days old! Being 21 doesnt make me feel any different from being a 17, 18, 19, or even a 20 year old but the feeling of KNOWING that i'm a full-fledged 21 year old adult sure kicks some ass.

Dar reckons im still as childish as ever. How's a 21 year old supposed to act/behave? My baby fats obviously werent zapped away when the clock struck 12 3 days ago, 7th April 2008. If they were, i'd say they'd make the greatest bestest birthday gift in the entire universe. HurHurHur. I must be dreaming.

Anyway, i celebrated my 21st b-day with half the time spent in boring ol'campus attending OM lectures and MA tutorials. These 2 modules have got to be the WORST thing ever introduced on planet Earth.

Dar rode over to pick me up after his work/my class at 4-ish in the afternoon. N he dint even wish me a Happy Birthday! Muahaha. Tot we'd ride over to the nearby VivoCity for a movie as we really had no idea what we both wanted to do there and then. Ended up window shopping, with me trying on a very nice denim skirt from Zara, as the available movies didnt seem appealing enough. We grabbed snacks (OldChangKee, Korean Yakitori sticks and SoyaBean) and chilled out at Vivo's RoofTop.

For once, i felt great sitting down. My heels were killing me. I really did enjoy the long chat with dar too. N im still craving for yakitori sticks & J.Co's Donuts! Bye Bye Donut Factory! HaHaHa.

By evening time, we rode down to our dinner venue at Riverside Walk. Suggested having italian today as i was really sick from all the consumption of meats, japanese, french and seafood from the BBQ. Furthermore, italian cuisine is one of my most favourite, with Cantonese cuisine, Japanese and Pub-Grubs/Irish coming in second, third and fourth respectively.

Chilled out by the Clarke Quay River before walking down to Riciotti situated at the opposite side of the road.

An Arty Farty shot.

This huge dog appeared out of no where. So cute. LOL

Dinner time! Check out their dessert selection.

We shared a Grilled Parma Ham Panini Sandwich for appetizers. HaHa! Yes i know who eats a sandwich for appetizers! This is actually considered a main but who cares, i love my mozerella and parma ham. In fact, the mozerella used here is different from those sold in supermarkets. I dont know what kinda mozerella they used but i just know its damn good and goes extremely well with the ham and rucola leaves.

For mains, we both had the Spaghetti Gamberi pasta!

The accompanying condiments

Its simply spag tossed in chili, garlic and olive oil with tiger prawns for ingredients. It tasted a little bland and certainly didnt meet mine, nor dar's, expectations. Dar thinks TCC's aglio's better while i think Wild Rocket's beats them all handsdown. Pity Riciotti's version didnt quite hit the mark. =(

But the prawns were plentiful, succulent and crunchy. Um Um.

For desserts, we shared a Gianduja! Was fighting the urge to order profiteroles. Haha

Its basically gianduja chocolate, hazelnut and chocolate-chip gelato served with armaretti cookies, drizzled with armaretto sauce, decorated with chocolate crunch and topped with whipped cream. There gelatos are homemade and packed with flavour. The hazelnut's superb! Goes extremely well with their affagato. N i dont know what those armaretti armaretto thingys are but the cookies are YUM.

Shared a tiramisu as well. Who comes to an italian restaurant without ordering a tiramisu? Well, this certainly aint my first, nor second, nor third time having their tiramisu. Its pretty decent in my opinion. I've yet to try one that's got the ability to blow my tongue and mind away. LOL

N the birthday girl treated. How strange... LOL

Thanks to all once again for the sweet birthday wishes and pressies! You lovely people sure know how to make my day special! Love ya all~
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