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Friday, February 29, 2008

Today's a very SPECIAL day!

Its our 17th Monthsary on a leap day! A day you only get to celebrate once every 4 years. Hmmm.

Visited the NATAS Travel Fair today. Hong Kong and Bang Kok were two ideal holiday destinations we had in mind. They cost about $700++ and $400++, inclusive of airfare, air tax and hotel accomodation respectively. Didnt make any bookings as we thought we'd give it a little more consideration, especially so when dar's embarking on his first new full time job this coming week!

Dont know if aunt and uncle are keen on going to HK again too. I could be their tour guide again you know. Ha Ha. So it seems like a wait-and-see situation.

N we had a good, i mean really good-till-our-jaws-and-stomach-ached laugh at how i boo booed myself at the NATAS Fair. Well, you see, i having a mini friendly debate with dar whilst waiting in line until this guy, who manages the queue, asked:

"Hi, which country would you like to go to?"
Me: " Hong Kok"

Can anyone tell me where the fuck is Hong Kok?! Hong Kok! My god. I wanted to say Hong Kong and Bank Kok actually but i really have no idea how HONG KOK came outta my mouth instead. Even the guy couldnt help but laugh. Dar also! Anyone can laugh but YOU! LOL. Okie i admit, even i couldnt stop laughing at my stupidity.

Had donuts from Donut Factory for snacks. Its been a long time since i last laid hands on my favourite double-chocolate. See all that chocolate oozing out?

That's what makes me go crazy/high/googoogaga. LOL. And i hate it when the fudge stains the plate. So while others have finished their first, or are moving on to their second donut, i'l still be busy scraping the fudge off the plate with my fork. In fact, using the fork is way too civilized for me, a tongue licking job does a far more effective and efficient job anytime! Provided no one's looking! LOL. I feel terrible letting the chocolate go to waste like that. Ya, call me crazy but i juzt cant stand the sight it.

Early dinner at Aglio Olio, ChinaSquare Central. My first choice would have been dinner at Ricciotti, the italian restaurant, but since today's the expiry date for the usage of their redemption card, Aglio Olio it was. We cld have ignored the expiry date but dar thinks its a pity to not redeem the free food and let it go to waste like that. Ha Ha.

Shared Calarmari. One of my faves, alongside Chippy's too!

For mains, i had a mushroom aglio while dar had a seafood aglio. 5 chili (Extra Extra spicy) is no kick to him right now, but poor me cant even handle 2 chili, which is like NORMAL! I am so not a chili queen. Up till now, i still refuse to add chili to my noodles.

Rode off to NUS' Bukit Timah Law Campus for Temasek Hall's Dance Production.

Bought tixs in support of Kuan Lye. Yisi brought her ex-bf, haha, ne ne my dear JC mate was also there, and so was von, peilin and yuanfang too. The DP lasted appx 1 and a half hours. It got better towards the end. I think dar was bored. LOL.

But i wouldnt mind going for another dance production! I enjoyed the company, the music, the catching-up, yea, almost everything. Ha Ha. Thanks cute baby for being so patient as always. Luv Luv!
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