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Saturday, March 1, 2008

So baby went for his second job interview today and got the job right on the spot. Compared to the first interview, this was so much better, and easier. Do i get a treat for being your job-interview-skills trainer? HeHee.

Met dar at Cineleisure in the mid-afternoon. He was LATE by 35minutes! Got quite pissed off but resumed back to my happy self after buying a halter top + having my sweet treats.

Hell Yeah. We spent $21 ($19 after discount) on desserts and they were only for high-tea! HaHa. We are, no maybe I, am so C-R-A-Z-Y. Truth is, i LOVE desserts. I believe every girl loves her desserts. Desserts are a must-have for every meal and good desserts is what gets me coming back for more. Passion Fruit Meringue anyone?

Goodwood Park's currently having their Durian Delicacies Promotion at The Deli! Its only for a limtied period (1st March - 31st July) so hurry! They sell items which arent typically sold on normal days and also, during this promotional period, customers do not have to adhere to their minimum purchase policy. Which means you're allowed to buy one instead of the usual 10 durian puffs should u have a sudden craving for it.

GoodWood Park Hotel has always been known as a DURIAN specializer. Well, to me that is. This promotion, as well as mooncake festival, is something i will always keep a look out for. For today, we bought a Durian & Crunchy Hazelnut Tartlet, one slice of Durian Roll, a Durian Crepe and a Chocolate Rocher!

Savoured our sweet treats at Shaw's Mac. Thankfully, the smell of durian wasnt as over-whelming as i thought it would be. The durian takes quite a while to defrost though, dont be impatient like me cause these durian delicacies are at their best when eaten semi-cold. I found the crepe exceptionally good. Packed with a generous amount of real D24 durian. Awesome.

The chocolate rocher tingy wasnt to our liking. Filled with 80% cream and 20% cake, you know how much i hate custard and cream. Couldnt detect a slightest bit of rocher either. In fact, the outer chocolate layer's the only thing that helped redeem this dessert altogether.

Why didnt i buy their die-die-must-try signature durian puffs?! That's because i intend to make a purchase of 10-20 durian puffs on my next visit! I tell u, their durian puffs are so good 1, much less 10, is NEVER ENOUGH! With my other makan kaki dar, i fear 20's gonna be too little. LOL

Oh, we saw two ferraris - red and yellow - one behind the other in town today. The sound of the exhaust is so frigging HAUTE. Saw two Lamborghinis too. They're such an italian BEAUTY.

I felt quite productive today as well. Managed to complete my legal term paper whilst pigging out at Mac. Mac's a really bad place to study, the smell of fries and nuggets are just so distracting. Almost bought a box of nuggets to share but hey, no, i resisted as i wanted to have something good for dinner. Shokudo, the newly opened Japanese similar-to-Marche-concept restaurant at Raffles City was juts what i was hoping for.

BUT!!! The queue was frigging l-o-n-g! Seriously, i couldnt see any formation of a queue but there were tonnes and tonnes of people gathered/cramped outside the entrance! I believe easily more than 40 or so. Some guy told me i had to wait appx 45 mins just to get a table for 2. Terrible. Next time, reservations!

Rode off to Bedok Blk 85 for dinner instead. Had my favourite Chai Chee porridge. Dar too. I think despite the incident, the porridge's too good for dar to resist/ban. Haha. Yes we just so LOVE to ban hawkers.

Shared satay as well. Love Love Love the peanut gravy. Ummm.

Shared Sambal Stingray too! This took forever to arrive! Chose to purchase from this stall because their seafood comes served in a hot sizzling plate! He He.

After buying the stingray, dar kinda forbidded me from leaving the table as i'l always end up telling him that i feel that having this-and-that. Like how after ordering the porridge, i said i felt like having stingray and so, went to buy one, and when i came back, i said i felt like having satay too and similarly, left the table to make another order. And when i came back, i said i felt like having carrot cake and chicken wings because they smell so good! That's when dar thought enough was enough and hence made sure i never left my seat from then on. I felt so robbed of my freedom.

But it was an enjoyable dinner. In fact, given dar's working hours (mon-sun, 10am-8pm, sths later on weekends), i doubt i'd be able to see him for the next week, and the next, and maybe even the next week after tomorrow. This is so much worse than having a boyfriend who has to book in for army. Let's just hope he'l get an off day soon so we can pig out on dimsum, shokudo and durian puffs!

Ciaoz for now. Its back to more muggimadness.
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