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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The mid-terms are finally over. OM was alright, i managed to do some last minute reading on the bus. Psych was a disaster. 60% of the questions looked so foreign. Forget about copying because 6 different versions of the test paper (same qsns but just in different order) were distributed. Meaning to say, the chances of you sitting next to (left and right) or sitting behind someone with the same test paper version is nearly 0%. MA was a greater nightmare. I was never good with accounting/finance in the first place. What a bummer...

Havent been getting much sleep lately. Have been running around to and fro back and forth from home and the hospital. Mom underwent a surgery for the removal of a cyst last friday at Gleneagles Hospital. She's recovering very quickly, being able to walk and consume solid food on the second day and the doctor might even discharge her a day earlier. This doctor, aka surgeon, was the same doctor who delivered me and my bro 21 and 20 years ago respectively. Looks like i might get him to deliver my kids in the future too. HaHa!

After having to take over my mom's duties, which includes taking care of the dogs, washing of clothes, and other day-to-day household chores, i now realise and value the importance of having my mom at home. Without her, me and my dad would still probably be cracking out heads over how to get the god-damn washing machine started. Well you see, on day 1, dad and i were standing in front of the washing machine, wondering why it wouldnt get started until we realised that the problem dint lie with the machine but US not closing the machine door properly. -_-! I applaud her for being able to single-handedly wash all of our clothes, take care of the dogs plus juggle her work at the same time. She is indeed my true role model.

Spent my entire day at the hospital on both fridays and saturdays. The food at the hospi foodcourt is terrible. My grandma couldnt stop complaining about her mee rebus. Haha! Dinner at the nearby Botanical Gardens. Average tasting but at least a hundred times better and tastier than those of this afternoon. Visited the Nursery at Gleneagles too! Babies are so adorable. Im hoping for TWINS! I've even thought about names for them. LOL.

On Saturday, me, kengy and uncle kenny walked over to Dempsey for lunch at Samy's. We had nasi briyani topped with chicken curry gravy, served with some dahl tingy, papadum, and greens.

Ordered masala chicken, butter chicken and fishhead curry. Papadum and briyani/plain white rice are free-flow.

I like the papadum and chicken curry very much. Had a Teh-Halia to digest the heavy lunch and ease the cramps away.

Periods suck! Because of that, i now have a HUGE fugly pimple on the tip of my nose. Its so HUGE and FUGLY i had to stick a small plaster to cover it.

And i'm surprised i didnt tear or develop a runny nose from consuming all those spicy stuff! It was spicy but endurable. Aint as bad as Aglio Olio's pastas. LOL

Took a very long stroll back to Gleneagles. I couldnt find Ben and Jerry's. Dempsey's indeed a very big area. Had tea-break with kengy at Delifrance before heading to the nearby Holland Village for dinner with Aunty Jo. We were contemplating between Crystal Jade La Mian XLB and Crystal Jade Restaurant but settled for the latter as aunt jo's craving for porridge superceeded/outweighed my cravings for redbean pancakes and XLBs. HaHa.

We shared seafood beehoon in thick gravy, drunken chicken wings and porridge. Everything's YUM. So so FULL too!

Shared a cab back thereafter. We're planning a BBQ, with me as the organizer, haha, at Aunty Woon's apartment too. Escargots! Yes a must have!

I still dont know how to celebrate my 21-st birthday. Is there really a need to? Its become a norm to ask how you would do so when you're turning 21 of age. Im kinda lazy to organize anything so anyone wants to volunteer do feel free to. LOL. Maybe getting car keys for an RX8 would be good.

Talking about cars, i havent seen dar dar for a very long time. Its one week actually, but it feels very long! Rah Rah Rah, i want to go shopping, do some baking and have desserts.

Feeling so Blue.
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