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Friday, February 22, 2008

With all the "aches" hitting me at one go, I've never felt more terrible than today. My body ache was exceptionally bad. It could perhaps be due to the bad posture from having to ride long distances. And im having morning insomia again. Try as i might, i just cant seem to be able to sleep past 7am. Which kinda accounts for the splitting headache ive been enduring for the past 2 days. Chocolates are also a definite no-no for now as my mouth is breaking out with ulcers. And yes, i am damn damn stress from school. Im such a problematic kid huh.

I was told by my dad, just a while ago, that i'l have to wash my own clothes, including my own DKNY (Di Ku Nei Yi) as mom's going for her surgery in 1-2 weeks time. I believe everything will go smoothly as God is with me, and for me. But first, i'l have to figure out how to start the washing machine. =X

Anyway, i had a craving for burgers today. Actually, it aint just today, ive been having "burger cravings" for the past 1 week or so. Weird huh. So met up with dar for lunch at Carls' Jr, Suntec City.

Shared a Portobello Mushroom Burger Set. We requested for criss-cut fries instead and also had our burger doubled up with an extra succulent juicy beef patty.

Dont you think the red-orange-amber yellow color combi resembles that of a REPSOL bike? Ha Ha. Yea! Im so in love with the Yamaha R6 FIAT bike. LOL. Alien face but the body and tail is damn HOT.

Its almost on par with BK's Mushroom Swiss, which used to be my all-time favourite burger during my early secondary school days. Except Carl's Jr's version had better tasting mushrooms and melted cheese! I love Mac's double cheeseburger too! Their beef patties are so so nice!

Tot of using the Tom Palette vouchers which mom passed to me the other day. Sms'ed Eunice to check if they had tau sa piah and pineapple tart flavoured ice-cream today. They didnt have TSP but they had my latter and it was very NICE of her to ask if we wanted it reserved. But i ended up with a cup of salted caramel and apple pie flavoured ice-cream instead! Ha Ha. Dar bought their new choco-mocha pie to try. They have chocolate oreo as well.

There's even a biscuit base too. Dar was full of praises for it. I, on the other hand, tot it could be better.

Eunice was being very very NICE today. She gave me a larger scoop of ice-cream! Ha Ha.

Walked to NLB thereafter and did some research for my psychology term paper.

Dinner at Maxwell FC as i was craving for teochew porridge. Ended up having fried fish soup instead as the teochew porridge stall ran out of porridge. -_-!

This bowl of fried fish soup is from the King's Fish Soup stall. Their main outlet is at Tanjong Pagar's FC. From the picture, its easy to see that they are very generous with their ingredients.

And some auntie tissue seller actually called dar "Xiao Jie"! Muahaha. This is not the first time either! Even the lor mee stall auntie, at Tiong Bahru FC, addressed him as "xiao jie", not once, but 2-3 times! Muahaha. Damn funny la. I look and look, left right up down centre, but cant see anything on him that resembles that of a "xiao jie". LOL.

Shoot, i think im gonna get a thrashing from him. =Pp

Dar had ham aglio olio from the pasta stall. It sucks, dont ever try it.

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