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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Project meeting was cancelled at the very last minute as some couldnt make it. Looks like its going to be yet another sleepless night as we discuss, bicker and lull over our project proposal tonight on MSN.

Headed straight to Vivo City to meet up with dar. I wasnt late, he was too early. Bumped into Sutris and his GF on the same escalator. Bumped into him again at the Food Republic Foodcourt. LOL.

Dar and me had scissors curry rice for lunch. Im not a very curry-rice person but the fried egg on display looked far too tantalising for me to say no. The fried cutlet was sucky though. The sales lady from China wasnt any better. She kept whipping dish after dish onto my plate despite me not saying yes/no to them. And after that, she had to slowly put them back as i dint want any of those she took. Stupid.

Shopped around Vivo. The Zara Men's shirt didnt come in dar's size, hence, headed to the Marina Square outlet to get him his shirt. OOh, i got a top from Vivo too! He He. N i walked out of Candy Empire empty handed. Which is to dar's utter disbelief i suppose. =P

Went to Central first before Marina Square as i had a desire for pretty cupcakes. Got one from Paisley and Cream, the store me and Yisi first stepped foot into last week.

Ahhh, so pretty right? Its a chocolate cupcake, with a chocolate center. They have other flavours like strawberry, pistachio, tiramisu, cookies and cream, carrot cake, toblerone, kit kat and many more. I was told the toblerone n kitkat cupcakes contain a toblerone and kitkat in the middle! OO i love such novelty surprises.

N my BF is EVIL. He made me eat up the whole cupcake while he sipped his ice-lemon tea and sadistically watched me consume all the fatty calories. ......order already then tell me dont wana eat. EVIL EVIL BF. They added mint leaves into the drink. I tot it tasted weird.

I bought a cupcake for my bro too! Im sucha good sista aint i? Ha Ha. I know its kinda gay to give guys cupcakes but if i dint, then i wouldnt have an excuse to buy something pretty back home! he He.

Rode to Chinatown for dinner. Dar suggested Aglio Olio as we had vouchers. Oh, i had their mushroom and chicken soup and also shared garlic bread with herbs and mozerella! Simply ordered that because i so love MOZERELLA.

Each time i toast bread with mozerella, its always covered with a heapful of cheese until it spills over the edges and sides and even onto the toaster! Little wonder my grandma bans me from using it. Bleahz.

Dar requested for his pasta to be done extra extra spicy (5 chilis, 4 is the max there). Look at how much chili padi they use!

Wana know how spicy it is? Well, lets just say one strand of spaghetti is enough to kill. Desmond, dar's fren, thinks 10 chillis, which is extra extra extra extra extra extra extra spicy, shouldnt be a problem for him. He hasnt dined at Aglio before, hence, i shant blame him for his complacency but i'l certainly want to see him raise up the white flag that day. Ha Ha Ha!

Spinning around...

Dar extinguishing himself with lime jew. Haha.

Our last stop - Marina Square. Yeah, they have dar's shirt in the right size. Bought it for dar dar to wear for CNY. Hee. OO, my dress has arrived in the mail. Sadly, its a little too lose! OMG. Crap.. i might just send it for tailoring. Played on the swing b4 going home. dar had a magnum. FAT!

CNY fireworks tomorrow night. Anyone on for it? Haha. N i want to watch Jay Chou's Kong Fu Dunk too! Which reminds me, i havent watched 27 dresses! Cant wait to meet up with friends i havent met up with for the past few months or even years! N yes, am looking very forward to my CNY reunion dinner at Meritus Mandarin. =)

Great, I just popped 8 pieces of pineapple tarts into my mouth.
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