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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tobie’s incessant barking woke me up this morning. Sometimes, I wonder what’s he trying to say. Did I mention that flappy had muscle cramps on one of his back hind legs? It was quite a funny sight though. Haha.

Anyway, met up with dar at TM first as I wanted to buy the shoes I saw yesterday. Yes, I finally have new shoes for cny! Haha. Shoes are mine, and I believe, every girls best friend. What is to a girls best friend is to dar’s nightmare. –bleahz-

We had Onan Road’s Prawn mee for lunch.

Dar had two bowls! Haha. Even Uncle Kenny had two bowls when he came here. Goes to show how good it is.

Desserts at our new found love – ICE-CREAM CHEFS! I’ve been wanting to come here for the longest time ever, now I’m finally able to strike it off my ever-so-long food-list. He Heh.

Just take a while to ADMIRE our creation by the chef’s themselves.

It’s a mixture of their NUTELLA and NUTTY PEANUT BUTTER flavored ice-cream and Oreo cookies. They have interesting flavors like Kaya Loti, Milo Peng, Chocolate and Hersheys, and many more which I cant remember! For toppings/mix-ins, you can choose from the vast variety of loacker wafer biscuits, Gummy Bears, Peanuts, Oreo Cookies, Famous Amos, Cereals MnMs, Malteses, Mars and Snicker bars, marshmallows, Skippy’s peanutbutter, chocolate syrup and many many more.

In fact, they will mix the ice-cream and smashed toppings right in front and on the spot for you. Its done on a cold hard ice-slab. Reminds me of Teppenyaki. Except this is the cold version.

You guys should go try it. Its something different, that’s for sure. =)

After that delightful dessert, we rode off to NLB Bugis for a chill-out session. Sat by a corner reading books while dar read bike magazines. Rode to the VERY nearby YY Kafei Dian at Purvis Street for tea-break. I stressed on the word “VERY” because dar insisted on riding even though its only a less than 5 mins walk away from where we were. -_-!

After tea-break, we rode off to town immediately as the dark clouds seemed to signal an oncoming storm. Walked down the streets of Orchard doing nothing, people watch maybe. Grabbed some munchies/mini buns and mochi’s from the Japanese Bakery at Shaw. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE their soybean MOCHI’s! Was uber tempted to buy their sugar-coated donut stick balls but resisted temptation anyhow. =P

Thought of having dinner at CHOMP CHOMP but ended up having yong tau foo for dinner at the Bendemeer FC anyhow. You see, we got lost on the road while trying to navigate our way there. That’s why.

It was still pretty early, so suggested having some cheng tng for dessert at Simpang Bedok. I still prefer their hot version.

Spent some time chatting with baby at the void-deck before heading back home. Ive never seen him so upset, so demoralized before. Cheer up ok fatty? If you need to cry, my shoulders are always there for you to lean on. If you need to vent your anger and frustration, my fatty sio-bak thighs are always present. 2 “punching bags” somemore. He heh.

Lots of LOVE!

Signing out

11:17 PM

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