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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Phew! Im happy to be back home at last. Something scary happened onboard bus 23 just this afternoon though. Apparently, the sudden-no-warning-E-brakes (in the middle of a traffic junction!) sent a plump lady slamming right straight into the front of the bus. What's more, the whole incident unfolded right before my eyes. I was standing by the exit door you see, getting ready to alight at the upcoming stop. My bet is she's going to sue the bus-driver and claim for damages.

Anyways, lets get back to some real stuff.

Guess where me and honey dined at yesterday?


Pretty obvious rite. Haha. For those who still have no-eye-deer, Its Billy Bombers of course!

I was having cravings for sushi and food from Crystal Jade actually but dar prefered BB, so BB it was.

We ordered our fave cookies and cream milkshake!

For starters, we shared 1/2 a dozen baked mussles. Its baked with butter and melted cheese! Thankfully the cheese didnt taste/smell like the ones from yellafellas. Which i tot smelled like vomit.

For mains, we had an Yin Yang Burger with bacon. Strange but the beef patty here tasted better than the one from marina square's outlet while the grilled chicken from marina square's tasted better than this one here! -_-!

I miss the burgers from Father Flanagen's though. Hmmm.

Did some shopping after lunch. This shop at Far East made me pay for a belt i did not damage. Apparently, it fell off its own hook, causing the gems and all on the buckle to smash into a million pieces. It wasnt my fault all right. The hook was already damaged and loose. Argued with her and demanded that she get her manager to the phone as i was so not willing to pay for something i didnt want. The manager was nice, claiming that it was an accident and hence, i neednt pay a single cent. What a day man. Dar didnt get to "see show" as he wasnt with me at that time.

Played car racing on the playstation at dar's place after that. Quite fun. N dar got scolded for stealing 3 roche's from his dad. Haha! N they bought a new 3 DOOR fridge! Which i think is absolutely ridiculous and funny because they hardly had ANYTHING even in their previous 2-door mini fridge! Looks like its now my job to help them stock up on food and utilize every square foot of their fridge to its maximum potential. Haha.

Dined at Chomp Chomp for dinner today. We had a very simple dinner + desserts.

and psychology aint as easy as i tot it wld be. All the foreign biology terms are freaking me out. Thankfully my group has a third year PMC (Pharmacy) student, who is really good with his explainations and theories. Im still considering whether i shld buy the psych textbook though. $50 isnt something i want to toy with as firstly, psych isnt my core module and secondly, i wouldnt be using/touching this book ever again after this sem.

Hmmm. Ive decided.

Not buying. Final.

Fast hor. I buy things/spend faster than that. Dar's nightmare. LOL
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