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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Havent been blogging as ive been quite busy lately. Busy with what i also dont know. I think i need an organizer to help organize and prioritize my already messy life.

Did i mention that my timetable SUCKS?! Wednesdays ought to be my freeday but the stupid system allocated me a tutorial slot, for APB, on that day itself. Having to endure and go through the tormenting journey from the East to the West just for a 45mins-1hr tutorial class just so aint totally worth it.

Anyways, below is an over-dued entry for the 22nd right up to the 26th of January. Happy reading!

Stupid fucked up timetable. Grrr...

22nd January 2008, Tuesday

Shopped with dar at Far East today. Bought some accessories. Didnt manage to buy shoes as they dint have my size.

Tot we'd have grass jelly desserts from Golden Mile given that its been a really hot and humid afternoon.

Ahhh, so refreshing! One more bowl please!

24th January 2008, Thursday

Yisi drove me to school today. =)

Went for MA, payed attention for the first half of the lecture, but zonked off and browsed through online shopping sites instead for the second half. Terrible huh we two. LOL.

Walked all the way to ARTS to submit my forms. I got lost in the Psychology Dept. Haha. Oh well...

Clarke Quay with Yisi after that. Walked around Central and shared some calamari from Chippy's.

Cupcakes are pretty. I feel like getting some for myself. Just for the fun of it. =P

25th January 2008, Friday

Did a one day job with dar at Toa Payoh. They're practucally paying us for doing nothing. Haha

We had breakfast from Mac. I tot Toa Payoh's Mac did a really yummy Sausage Mcmuffin with egg compared to the other outlets. Lunch'ed at Toa Payoh Lor 7. We saw Chew Chor Meng. He looks FAT.

Caught RAMBO 4 with dar. I was forced to watch a free movie. Paid by him of course. Haha. Rambo's quite entertaining, abit gruesome at some, no, every part.

Had cake for snacks. I like the biscuit layer. The chocolate's really thick, rich and sinful. Nice.

Shared a pack of Ruffles, Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream, potato chips too. Rahhh, fattening shit.

Rode down to Bugis for some shopping. Saw two very nice tops at Bugis Street BUT, i didnt buy. BOO.

Sat down for a drink at Rockery before heading back home. Tired. Hmmmm

26th January 2008, Saturday

An appointment with Inouvi Cosmetics at 1pm this afternoon. The sales lady helped "paint" my eyes. Haha. I was the guinea pig for kengy you see. Got some lip gloss and eye shadow Dust from there too. You know, the colors all look so lovely but strangely, after buying, i hardly ever use them.

Lunched with baby at Far East. Tot of having Ramen but changed our minds as i wanted to try the new noodle shop next door.

I had a fried wanton noodle while dar had a fried chicken cutlet noodle set. The set comes with a bowl of wanton soup and a plate of veggies. We shared a honey lemon drink too.

I kinda like what we had today. The noodles aint the best but they sure tasted better than expected. Unlike the tasteless Pontian wanton mee noodles. Haha. That was terrible. Mine came served with 7 fried wantons. Its nice! Like duh. If something fried aint nice then God have mercy on them. At least the wantons over here aint as miserable and pathetically small as those from the Parklane Wanton noodle stalls too.

Didnt try Dar's but he said the fried chicken was nice. Hee Hee.

The best thing is everything here is cheap and affordable. Maybe slightly pricier than those from Hawker Centre's but comparable to those from foodcourts.

Did some shopping at Far East before heading to the Flea Market at the Youth Park. Im thinking maybe next time, i'l set up a stall and sell some of my clothes at really cheap prices. Its definitely a great way to help make some room for new clothes in my cupboard. Anybody keen to join me? Haha.

OOO, bought bangles from Diva. Then walked to Taka as dar wanted to read magazines. Bused down to PS after that as we felt like having Calamari from Chippy's. Dar bought fries from Mac too.

Buffet dinner at the hotel with dar and family. Dar ordered some skewed scallop linguinne from the ala-cart menu.

I dint really like it but the rest who sampled thought otherwise. Told you taste can be subjective.

Meanwhile, pictures!

Alright, time to get dressed and then its off to church! Yea, you must be wondering, "so late then go to church?" Haha, only lazy bummers who want to sleep in on a Sunday Morning like me will go for third service, which starts at 2.30pm. Say hi to me if you're at Suntec! hehe. Hope i can find parking too. =P
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