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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Aye, ive been spending money like nobody's business lately. Give me a credit card and i believe yours truely will end up in debt. I'd love to own a UOB's ladies card though. Hur.

CNY's coming real quick. Dar hasnt even started with his CNY spree. As for me, hur, all well prepared in advance. Ha Ha.

Anyway, me and dar had a very simple lunch at Golden Mile today. Dint want to crack my head too much over what and where to eat. We shared yummy garlic bread too. Dar reckons his tastes better. I have no comments.

Took a bus to Raffles City after that. Am considering getting mom a new handbag from Stage, the J.Lo retail store, for mother's day. We shall see...

Walked to Suntec City for more shopping. Intended to accompany dar to the career fair but one look at the crowd and you'll think twice about proceeding. Took a direct bus down to town instead. Shopped around Taka. I think FOX has nice denim skirts. Tried on 3 different pairs today. I liked the color and back pocket design of the first one but the front just dint appeal. As for the second pair, i liked the back design but pity the cutting didnt work out for me. The third pair had a nice shade of denim, it was also a perfect fit but i just didnt like the back pocket design! Terrible me. Aha, all 3 are still lovely beautiful skirts anyway.

Headed to Cathay for a free movie - American Gangster at The Grand Cathay. Its a super long 3 hour BORING show. Phwah.

Advertizing for Nike Dunks'. Ha Ha. Nike Dunks make hot collectibles.

Dinner at Shenton Way, CrabShack. We shared Calamari, Trellis Scallops, Soft shell crabs, fish and chips, crab baked rice and crab spaghetti.

Their spaghetti aint fantastic. The crab meat was the only ingredient that helped save this dish. Stick to their sides, baked rice and fish and chips. Definitely worth a try.

Prices here are cheap and affordable. No GST included in fact. However, as compared to my last 2 visits here, portion today seems to have shrunk a little. A word of advice, do come in long pants or jeans unless u want to feed your sweet blood to the mosquitos.

PS: I had more than 3 mosquito bites. Imagine the discomfort. =(

Ice-cream from our new found love for desserts. This time, an ultra sinful mix of chocolate & hersheys and skippy's peanut butter spread + loacker's wafer biscuits.

OOH, me and dar sampled Cold Rock's today as well. Its an Aussie brand that shares a similar concept to that of Ice-Cream Chefs. Their ice-cream, however, just CMI. It was soft and melted! Their peanut butter ice-cream didnt taste anything like peanut butter and the taste of milk was just too overpowering. Cold Rock's prices are extorbitantly high too. I'd rather pay for BNJ anytime.

and i bought my aunt a casual top from the bazaar at school too! He he.

Okay, that's all for today, work tomorrow, sleep well peeps, ta ta for now.
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