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Friday, December 21, 2007

A visit to Pu Tien for lunch today. We shared Fried Beehoon, Stir-Fried Meesua, Home-made beancurd, Duck wrapped in yam basket, and springrolls.

Both the meesua and beehoon were good. We all agreed the mee sua was better. In a sense that it wasnt as dry as the latter. Pu Tien's signature homemade beancurd was very well done! Ive not tasted such smooth beancurds for a very long time. The springrolls were recommended by the waitress. It was stuffed with fresh veggies and vermicili. Something different i suppose. But so-so only in my opinion. I could tell the waitress was quite pissed off when i said i dint want any springrolls after her persistant recommendation. Thumbs down to Lou Ya Pok service.

That's kengy! Haha

Shopped around town after that. MNG was having a christmas sale! Almost everything was going at half price. I bought a belt! =) Almost bought knickers from topshop as well. But dint in the end, oh well. Checked out La Senza too. I like La Senza! Haha. Everything at GUESS was pretty cheap too. But we dint get anything! haha

Dar's tired. Sat down for a while to rest our aching backs and feet.

Dinner together at Pizza Hut, PS. I dont really like pizza hut but i tot maybe we'd give it another shot tonight.

The Fatty.

Dar's rootbeer float.

We shared a meat galore crispy thin pizza, calamari and waffle fries! I've been craving for them eversince i had those yummy waffle fries from Breeks.

However, pizza huts' version paled in comparison! It was like so so lousy! It wasnt even crispy and worse of all, it was super potato-ish! Yikes! The calamari's serving portion was pathetic. I think there were only 8-10 pcs. If they were big calamari rings, its fine. But theirs were tiny, hard, and overfried. Dar raised it up to the store manager. haha

I think we would have been better off if we ta-baoed waffle fries from Carl's Jr and Calamari from Chippy's. LOL. But no complaints, pizza hut is after all a restaurant that specializes in nothing but PIZZA. The name already says it all. =P

I have to complain about the pizza too! I dont know why but i just dint really like it. Maybe it wasnt cheesy enough? I dont know man. I guess i'l just stick to Spagheddies next time.

Service was extremely slow! They didnt look short of staff to me though. The funny thing was this young waiter tot the customer wanted his BILL when he was actually requesting for FONDUE. HAHA! Does FONDUE sound like BILL? Maybe the DUE part if you say it really fast and softly.

I realise that ive been gorging myself with lots of food loaded with carbs, oil, and calories. Sometimes, i get really sick of food that i dont feel like eating for the next few days. Maybe not eat, but go on an all fruits + veggie -diet.

I need to DETOX.


Tobie's SO adorable! I told him to stay, n stay + sit he did! That's my cutesy tobie for you. =)

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