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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday was FUN. =)

Dar and me had lunch at the Tiong Bahru FC. Felt like having lor mee after seeing dar have his the day before. The lor mee here's not bad. i like the crispy bits and fried sharks fish. Heheh. There used to be a very nice lor mee stall, at marine parade, which me and my family patronized every Sunday after church. They're now lost-and-still-not-found. What a pity.

Attended class with dar. Its been quite sometime since i last had lessons, or even school. haha. Shiok, but the boredom is killing me. ARgH!

I just realised that i didnt have my donut fix last week. Or did i? Hmmm. Cant remember. Anyway, me and dar had waffles, from Waffle Cottage, for high-tea today! Their butter + bacon bits waffle is yummyyummyyummy! Bought one for Eunice (from Tom) to try as she's currently experimenting waffles. They loaned us an umbrella in exchange. Hahahah.

Walked to Bugis. Bought a box of chocolate hazelnut coated pocky sticks to share. Bumped into Simin and Jamie along the way. The funny thing was, the outfit Jamie wore today was exactly the same outfit i saw him wearing 4 days ago. Muahahah.

The new food basement at bugis has finally opened. Its like another PSmarketplace. And there's also a stall selling fresh fries with sauces! Just like The Fries Shack! Ze Ting go check it out! LOL.

Spent some time reading books and magazine at the library before heading to Ah Yat's Seafood Restaurant, at Shaw Towers, for dinner.


Check out the chubby cheeks! All thanks to dar's non-stop pinching. ArgH!

In view of dar's mom's b-day, his dad decided to give us all a dinner treat at Ah Yat's Seafood Restaurant. Their live seafood is really HUGE! Basically, we had stir-fried kailan, stir-fried garlic clams, scallops, butter + cheese baked lobsters, steamed fish, claypot stewed beef, and last but not least, my fave SALTED EGG YOLK crabs!

Everything was pretty fresh. The crabs, of course, were finger licking good. I was given the task, or privilage?, haha, to finish the salted egg yolk gravy. Of which i only picked out, and consumed, the salted egg yolk chunks. Else, i would have died of salt-overdose!

Total bill amounted to $168, after the 50% discount, which is only valid for all seafood items. Hence, try not to order veggies as they are freaking expensive. Dropped by Tom's (like the third time in one day! hahaha!) for ice-cream dessert. Dar was too full, hence, we shared a SMALL cup of chocolate fudge and hazelnut.

Come to think of it, ive been having prawns everyday since last friday. Be it tempuras, be it prawns from prawn mee, or BBQ prawns, all these prawns are starting to make my 4th finger itch like crazy. I suppose its some allergic reaction to seafood/prawns. BOO. But that doesnt stop me from having grandma's fried battered prawns tomorrow night! Dar's gonna love'it.

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